When it comes to pets, dogs have always been number one. People have started trusting dogs more than their fellow humans, the reason being that a dog is unexceptionally faithful, loyal and would never make you cry.

It is truly said that “A dog can destroy your shoes but would never break your heart”. That is the reason dogs are the choice of almost 73% people when it comes to pets. There are various breeds of Dogs to choose from; some are utterly expensive but yes worth it. So, here are the top 10 pet dog breeds in the world in 2018.

10. Beagle

Best Pet Dog Breed

The most popular beagle everyone knows is “Snoopy” from the comic strip “peanuts”. A beagle has very soft features, floppy ears and is very adorable. They are very friendly and have a very powerful nose. That is why they are known as scent hounds. They were bred due to their amazing power of smell and hunting. Mostly, they are used in airports and they work are great sniffers, which help them detect any illegal thing, even in a crowded airport. The U.S Department uses beagles to detect illegal food products being brought to Los Angeles Airport.

9. Poodle

Best Pet Dog Breed

The Poodle has been the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for 20 years. Poodles are very loyal and very friendly and are very fancy looking dogs. They are very intelligent and were used in the circus in older days. The fur that poodles have is perfect for displaying it in shows. The hair used to serve an important function by protecting the important organs from cold water while swimming. The poodle has been bred with other dogs, resulting in one breed known as the Goldendoodle.

8. German Shepherd

Best Pet Dog Breed

The German shepherd can be trained to do anything, which is the reason why it is among the top 10 best pet dog breeds in the United States. They work as assistants in police forces and work excellently as search and rescue dogs. They are also used in airports to sniff illegal things. They are amazing guard dogs, very loyal and intelligent. It has got very pointed teeth for an intruder, making them very good watchdogs. The German shepherd is one of the favorite companion dogs for many people.

7. Bulldog

Best Pet Dog Breed

One must have seen the Indian telecom advertisement “Vodafone” in which a bulldog appears many times and is the most loyal friend of the kid shown in the advertisement. A bulldog is unique when it comes to looks. They are very friendly and lazy. The forefathers of bulldog were used in a very dangerous sport known as bull baiting, but the bulldogs we have now are not dangerous as their forefathers. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures, lazy and are overweight. However, even having these downfalls, it is one of the best breeds loved by many people, mostly due to their looks.

6. Labrador retriever

Best Pet Dog Breed

Incredibly loyal, friendly and great for families, the Labrador is the most popular breed of dog in the world. The breed was used as working dogs and is great companions. A Labrador loves water because it originated in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, where they used to help fishermen. Nowadays they are used as hunting dogs, search dogs and helping dogs for the disabled. They are very loving and caring in nature, hence the best and the most owned breed in the United States.

5. Papillon

Best Pet Dog Breed

The name Papillon was given to this breed due to their graceful fur and raised ears. It was also called as the continental toy Spaniel. They have puppy eyes and are extremely cute. They are very active, work as a great companion and are the smartest when it comes to toy dog breeds. It has got a lifespan of 13-15 years and is found in various colors such as white, golden, black, brown etc. It has been nicknamed as the butterfly dog due to its ears.

4. Shetland Sheepdog

Best Pet Dog Breed

Spitz shepherds and rough collies were interbred to create this unique breed, Shetland sheepdog. They are very playful and energetic, obedient and are great for working in farms. They have a very furry body and are loved by many people in the world. They are also very lively and intelligent. It has a lifespan of 12-13 years. They are found is various colors such as sable, merle, white, black, blue merle etc.

3. Doberman Pinscher

Best Pet Dog Breed

It was first bred by a German tax collector named Karl Friedrich Dobermann for his protection. They used to be very aggressive and suspicious. Modern-day Doberman is very less aggressive and are very good family dogs. The breed is very loyal, intelligent, fearless, alert, energetic and highly confident. They are found in various colors such as white, black, blue, red, rust etc. It has a lifespan of 9-12 years.

2. Golden Retriever

Best Pet Dog Breed

The breed is very furry and is great for kids. It was first bred in Scotland. They are very gorgeous, extremely friendly, obedient, loyal and do great a good job as service dogs. It is the fifth most popular dog breed by registrations worldwide. They have a lifespan of 10-12 years and are found in various colors such as golden, dark golden, cream and light golden. The dog is very susceptible to certain ailments and thus should be taken for regular check-ups to a veterinarian. They shed their coats twice a year and need a regular session of grooming.

1. Border Collie

Best Pet Dog Breed

They are the most intelligent pet dog breeds in the world. They were originally known as the “Scotch sheep dog” and hail from the high land border of England. They are used in intelligence bureaus for solving many problems. They are also used for leading the herd of sheep in Anglo- Scottish border. They have a lifespan of 10-17 years and are found in various colors such as blue, black, white, sable, chocolate etc. The leading causes of their death are cancer and cerebrovascular afflictions. They need people who can play with them hence making them one of the most energetic dog breeds in the world.

Dogs are the most preferred pets in the whole world. They are very loyal, friendly and can easily mingle with anyone if a little love is shown. Also, they are very protective of their masters and have a great sense of affection towards them. Any intruder who tries to cause any harm to their master will be having bite marks from dogs.


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