Dogs are known to be one of the friendliest animals of all thus the phrase dogs are man’s best friend. There are many species of dogs you just have to choose one that suits your needs and personality.

You can get a dog for protection purposes or get one just because you love dogs and need it around the house to give you company, you may also opt to buy the kids a pet to play around with. When buying a dog you want to ensure that you are well informed about the different species available. There are some dogs that are absolutely charming they just are more likely to steal your attention at first look. Here are ten of the most beautiful dogs breeds in 2019.

10. Chow Chow

Most Beautiful Dogs Breeds 2019

This is a great breed from the Northern part of Africa. The dog resemble the lion because of the similarity in their mane. The chow chow breed has a lot of fur on its neck specifically. The thickness of its fur around the neck is what makes it look like it has a lion’s mane. The breed comes in different colors. We have the red chow chow, the cream breed, the blue and cinnamon breed as well. Although the chow chow breed is known for its looks, the breed is also good at hunting and protecting.

9. Miniature Schnauzer

Most Beautiful Dogs Breed

The breed is from Germany. This kind of breed has got a double coat of fur hence the thick appearance of the fur. The Miniature Schanuzer is loved in Europe and the United States. The dog is known to be very playful and loyal. The dog can weigh up to seven kilograms and can grow about 12 to 14 inches in height. To ensure that you keep the dog looking healthy it is advisable to comb its fur every day to ensure it remains soft and healthy. Dog training for this breed is very effective as they listen to instructions with ease,

8. Icelandic Sheep Dog

Most Beautiful Dogs Breed

This has to be one of the prettiest breed of dogs. They are popular in Iceland and are known to help the locals herd their sheep and lambs. This makes them really good for protection. The dogs have a thick coat of fur that helps to keep them warm at all times. The dogs have varying colors. There are the golden ones, tan and red ones. The Icelandic Sheep Dogs are very social and they form ties very fast. One can say that they value family a lot.

7. Bernese Mountain Dog

Most Beautiful Dogs Breed

The Bernese Mountain breed is from Switzerland. These are also known as the Mountain dogs of Switzerland. They have a beautiful multi-colored fur coat which is thick. Most of them are black and white while some have a touch of brown on them. This breed of dogs is very loyal and they do a great job at protecting too. Bernese mountain dogs are heavy and they weigh up to fifty kilograms. They measure 24-26 inches in height. They are also known to be very intelligent hence they are good for training.

6. Alaskan Malamute

Most Beautiful Dogs Breed

This is one of the oldest breed of dogs in the whole world. The Alaskan Malamute breed is pretty strong. Many families have this breed. They come in different colors. Some are grey, some grey and white, some black and white while some are red and white. They look like wolfs because of the thick fur and their grey undertone in the color of their fur. This is a wonderful pet as it has the ability to get along with other pets and they also like children.

5. Akita Inu

Most Beautiful Dogs Breed

The breed is from Japan. You can also find American Akitas as well. The Japanese kind come in varying colors including white, brindle, fawn, sesame and red but the American kind can be found in every dog color available. They are very heavy, weighing from 34 kilograms up to 54 kilograms. These are very loyal dogs and they value family. The Akita Inu breed is very playful but even so they are protectors hence they get very weary of strange faces.

4. Beagle

Most Beautiful Dogs Breed

The Beagle breed is beautiful with long ears and a multi colored fur. They resemble the miniature foxhound. Beagles are a much loved breed in the United States. They are not very heavy as compared to some of the other breeds but they have an average weight of 11kgs. They come in different colors including red, lemon or white but with a signature brown shade on their fur. They love family and also like to play a lot. The Beagle breed is also known for being good at hunting and with good training the dog can be good at doing tricks.

3. Golden Retriever

Most Beautiful Dogs Breed

The Golden Retriever is such an adorable dog. The dog is a favorite around the world. A lot of people have this breed in their homes. The dog is kind and friendly. The fur coat is soft and beautiful. As the name suggests the color of the dog is varying shades of gold. The dog is quite heavy; it weighs about 35 kilograms on the average. This type of breed is very intelligent and so they respond very well to training. They are a great choice if you are looking to have a family pet.

2. Siberian Husky

Most Beautiful Dogs Breed

This breed greatly resembles the appearance of a wolf. They are known to be very friendly and loyal. The coat of this dog is very thick. What makes the breed stand out even more is their eyes which are unique. They would make a very good home pet as they are good at receiving instructions and they also are very playful. They are relatively heavy weighing from 22- 24 kilograms on maturing. The Siberian Husky breed loves to get involved in sporting activities as well.

1. Pomeranian

Most Beautiful Dogs Breed

This cute and adorable breed is very popular. They are also known as poms, they do not really weigh a lot nor are they that tall. On average they are about 3kgs heavy on maturing and about seven to twelve inches in height. Because of this, it is very easy to carry them around. They can be found in many colors including chocolate, ivory, red, lavender, red, orange and sable. They are great with other pets. They are playful and very loving.

There is a lot that goes into taking care of a dog but as long as you got the perfect breed, learning how to take care of the dog should not be a hard thing to do. Trips to the veterinarian will also help to keep your dog or dogs in good health condition. Make sure to get the best dog food for your breed and make sure the dog is well fed at all times.


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