If you have Arachnophobia I don’t blame you nor can I laugh at you, because these eight legged critters possess a pair of venomous fangs that can send you straight to your maker in a matter of hours or even minutes and before you get there you will have experienced agonising pain hence they deserve a place in the human psyche.

We can’t go out there killing spiders since they are important in the ecosystem and play a role as biological control agents which minimise the populations of rodents, insects and other animals in the world there are over 40,000 species of spiders and only a fraction of them are dangerous but the real danger is these spiders irrespective of where you are in the planet spiders are everywhere and you cannot differentiate which is more of a pet and which is an assassin. Here is a list of the top 10 most deadly and dangerous spiders in the world.

10. Yellow Sac Spider (black footed spider)

Most Dangerous Spiders 2019

Scientifically this spider is known as Cheiracanthium inclusum & Cheiracanthium mildei. usually it grows to a length of about 0.25 to 0.5 inches for both females and males. These spiders there normal diet is inclusive of eggs, insects and other spiders as well but they can also be cannibalistic eating their own eggs.in most cases you will find these spiders in bushes, trees, at the junction of a wall, gardens, leaf piles and in wood piles. During the day the yellow sac spider is in its silken tube or sac since it only active at night.

These spiders do not weave webs hence their name. If this spider bites you with its fangs your skin will turn up red, the area will swell and possibly itch. Its venom is cytotoxic which tells you possibly it breaks down your cells and is also neurotoxic meaning it’s lethal to the nerves. Normally victims will develop nausea, fever, and muscle cramps. These spiders are found in the United States.

9. Fringed Ornamental Tarantula (ornate tiger spider)

Most Dangerous Spider

This endemic to Sri Lanka forest scientifically the spider is known as Poecilotheria ornate, and its legspan is about 10 inches in length. This arboreal tarantula is greenish yellow in its dorsal surface and live in tree holes where they make their thick funnel webs. They love consuming insects and other small animals and usually paralyze them using their venom. When bitten by an ornate tiger spider you may experience agonizing pain and muscle cramping and worse a coma. They are found in India in large numbers.

8. Chinese Bird Tarantula

Most Dangerous Spider

Mostly found in china and Vietnam forests the Chinese bird spiders are one of the world’s venomous spiders with a capacity to deliver not just painful but even a dangerous bite. Although it is referred to as bird tarantula birds are not part of its daily meal but what sounds delicious to it are insects such as cockroaches’, crickets and small rodents. These tarantulas live in burrows and since they don’t like to encounter their aggressor they are referred to as defensive spiders because in many occasions they retreat.

Although humans are not part of their diet these aggressive spiders will most likely attack a human especially when provoked and since they have tools like speed and large fangs they are the reason why they appear in the list of top 10 most dangerous spiders in the world. A small dosage of its venom contains neurotransmitter blockers compounds and neurotoxins that attack the nervous system severely and if left untreated death could occur.

7. Mouse Spider

Most Dangerous Spider

Most of the species of mouse spider can be found in mainland Australia and Chile. They are usually found in the coastal and even drier habitats such as forest and semi-arid shrub land. There are 11 known species of mouse spider and they are of the genus Missulena. Their name is not derived from the fact that they consume mice but it’s from their soft furry abdomens and they are fast as mice and they usually range from 1 centimetrer to 3 centimeters.

Mouse spiders live in silk lined burrows with trap doors and these burrow provide refuge from predators and high temperatures. Armed with huge fangs and venom when they sense vibrations of a prey they usually lunge to bite and grab and unfortunately if your foot becomes a victim the mouse spider is deadly as Sydney funnel web spider and you can be treated using funnel-web’s anti-venom.

6. Brown and Chilean Recluse (Loxosceles)

Most Dangerous Spider

These spiders belong to the loxosceles family and more often you will find them in warm climates in nearly every part of the world. They are also known by other names such as the violin spiders, reapers or fiddle backs. These six eyed spiders are not the kind of spiders you spray with bug killer since they have been recorded to be somehow immune and doing this will make them more aggressive and please note they are highly venomous.

They might have small fangs but if they bite you and deliver their venom mostly likely your tissue will be destroyed to an extent you might be forced to amputate. They also cause kidney failure, deep open sore, or a condition called Loxoscelism and worse death might occur even after an anti-venom is given to the victim.

5. Redback Spider

Most Dangerous Spider

One of the most horrific spiders you can have an encounter with is redback spider. They have made a name for themselves in Australia and globally with its cousin the black widow spider. Both of them belong to Latrodectus family although the redback spider is more toxic. To recognize this spider look at its abdomen which is round and has a striking red markings. If you happen to be a victim of its bite definitely you have been injected with a lethal toxin that may cause a respiratory failure, nausea, coma, abdominal cramps, headaches, muscle shakes and sweating.

4. Black Widow Spider

Most Dangerous Spider

We have heard of the famous black widow spider through references in films and songs and you might have heard a female spider which eats its mate after sex. This spider is none other than the Back Window Spider. It’s identified by the brilliant red hourglass shaped mark on the its abdomen and its colored as well. You will find this spider in many temperate regions in the world where they thrive best.

This spider is much feared due to venom which causes latrodectism and it’s 15 times much stronger than rattlesnake’s venom. When a human is the victim side effects such as cerebral paralysis, nausea, headaches, muscle spasms can be some of the side effects. Just take caution when you encounter one since its non-aggressive unless provoked.

3. Sydney Funnel-web spider

Most Dangerous Spider

Scientifically known as the Atrax Robustus this is one of the most deadly spiders in the world. It has one unique characteristics that makes it even more dangerous than many spiders since nearly all spiders avoid confrontation with their aggressors but Sydney-funnel-web spider will charge and attack its aggressor with numerous bites while clinging on the victim. It’s mostly found in Australia.

This spider what makes it so dangerous is its physical features that are well designed for the job. Its large killer venomous needle sharp and strong fangs when they bite they make sure they deliver an overdose of the venom to the victim body. The venom is known as atracotoxin which is severely painful, can cause vomiting, muscle spasms, nausea and even worse death especially to children. Take caution as its fangs can penetrate even a leather made shoe.

2. Six-eyed Sand Spider

Most Dangerous Spider

This spider is known as scientifically as Sicarius which means murder and I can verify to you this desert spider is an assassin. It’s the second most venomous spider in the planet and extremely powerful than Recluse species. Normally you will find it buried under the sand waiting for the right time when its prey will approach by and just pounce. Its venom is cytotoxin which is both hemolytic and necrotic.

This means when it bites you your blood will start clotting and blood vessels will leak hence you will be bleeding through the skin nose ears mouth and destruction of your fresh. This is enough threat to tell you please take off since in a few hours you might die and considering there isn’t a direct anti-venom take caution.

1. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Most Dangerous Spider

I don’t mean to scare you but if a spider derives its name from a Greek name meaning murderess ( Phoneutria) then you should get scared. This spider has even written its name as the iconic king of spiders in the Guinness Book of World Records by being the most venomous spider in the world. This spider is not the type that will retreat no it charges to its aggressor and will inject 1.07 mg of powerful neurotoxin in one bite which is more powerful than that of black window and very potent to that of the most dangerous snake.

Its venom when it gets in the blood stream will result to asphyxiation, respiratory paralysis, loss of muscle control and most likely death. Another very unpleasant side effects for men is that if it bites a man he will get an erection which is lasting hours or days and its painful before death or impotence

There is no doubt that these are the most dangerous spiders known to man today. There aggressive nature and the fact that they live among us makes them very dangerous as statistics have revealed they have actually killed humans if an anti-venom is not administered in time.


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