Many of us dread for animals such as lions, tigers, cheetah’s, jaguars among others that have sharp claws and gnashing teeth because we normally see them as the kings of the jungle. In the animal kingdom there numerous ferocious creatures both small and large that are downright lethal. More often humans are unable to differentiate between furry cuteness and pure destruction since some animals are quite small and very innocuous looking yet and can make you hold your breath here is the list of top 10 deadliest animals in the world in 2019 that can swiftly end your days here on the planet earth.

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10. Deathstalker Scorpion

Most Deadliest Animals 2019

Mostly found across North Africa and Middle East the death stalker is one of the most dangerous species in the scorpion family that you don’t want to encounter. This scorpion holds a record of being responsible for 80% of all deaths related to scorpion in North Africa and Middle East. What makes it so dangerous is the venom that it delivers since is a mixture of neurotoxins which have the capacity to kill an most cases adults survive the venom although the bite is very painful you will wish you just died.

For children unfortunately they don’t survive the venom and when one is bitten one develops fever, coma, convulsions, and finally paralysis beforehand they drown in their own fluids as their lungs fill up. When bitten seek medical assistance as soon as possible or else you will be on your way to your maker.

9. Great White Shark

Most Deadliest Animals

Am assuming you have watched the movie “jaws” if you haven’t you should since it has brought about the picture of how deadly a white shark is. The great white shark is one of the huge animals since it measures around 22 feet and 6.5 meters in length, weighs about 2000kg, can accelerate at a speed of 56km/h and is equipped with 3000 sharp teeth. The animal mostly is found in all major oceans of on the planet.

The man eater attacks everything that is moving even boats, surfboards, and flotsam and since humans are too bony they are not a favorite meal although the smell of blood will lead to more attacks. The great white shark has the highest registered number of unprovoked attacks on humans although they rarely occur but when the do victims are left with horrific lifetime marks or worse death.

8. Cape Buffalo

Most Deadliest Animals 2019

One of the most deadly animals to have an encounter with is the Cape buffalo or else called the African buffalo. It’s very aggressive animal found in the African grasslands and causes more deaths than any other large animal. The Cape buffalo when wounded or threatened they become the incarnation of their nickname “window maker”, “The Black Death”.

While they are nor venomous like deathstalker scorpion they have an asset the deathstalker scorpion does not which is 1900 pounds of weight, two big sharp horns and charge at speeds of up to 40 mph. They even attack a moving vehicle and pray to your maker the cape buffaloes don’t charge at you when they are in hundred’s since the stampede can be the end of you.

7. Grizzly Bear

Most Deadliest Animals

Unlike the other small black bears the Grizzly bear species is larger and more aggressive than its cousins. Although its numbers is declining due ecological changes and threats by humans the few that have remained are very dangerous. Most of the attacks from the bear occur when they are surprised at a very close range, when they are protecting their territory or offspring. Although attacks by these bears are rare when they occur their bite will reap off your bones. They are found in parts of Asia, North America and parts of Canada. When you encounter with one of these Grizzly bears don’t play dead or act passive just fight and take off.

6. Box Jellyfish

Most Deadliest Animals

There is several species of box jellyfish but I can tell you all these are quite dangerous. The most dangerous and venomous marine creature in the planet is sea wasp box jellyfish which looks innocently beautiful. They are equipped with about 60 tentacles which are 16 feet long and the 5000 nematocysts that are responsible for injecting venom in the victim.

The most dangerous thing about this marine creature it’s the facts that it blends with the color of the water since its transparent making it difficult to site. Its toxin usually attack the critical parts such as the nervous system, skin cells and the heart. When you encounter one and you get a sting you can apply some vinegar, alcohol, urine but seek medical assistance as quick as possible before the patient experiences shock and heart attack.

5. Black Mamba

Most Deadliest Animals

You might think king Cobra or boom slang is the most deadly snake in the world but the Black Mamba is worse than the two. What makes black mamba the most dangerous snake in the world without a doubt is its speed. It’s the quickest and most fastest snake in the world so it’s very hard to escape an attack. The snake usually bites repeatedly delivering cardio toxins and neurotoxins that can kill a victim in a matter of minutes if an anti-venom treatment is not administered fast. The snake is more often found in Africa in savanna and rocky.

4. African Elephant

Most Deadliest Animals

African elephants are one of the most dangerous animals to encounter with one on one. They have documented to kill 500 people every year in India and Africa. Elephants are huge animals and weigh tons of pounds and if threatened they can use their legs and trunks and crush you or other animals. They usually love to visit people farms and eat out vegetables. And since they are the largest animals on the planet they are capable of dishing out some serious damage.

3. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Most Deadliest Animals

The name came as a result of the spider behavior to wander the jungle floor at night. Its normally found in the tropical south America and some other species also found in central America. It has been named by the Guinness Book of the World Record as the most venomous spider on the planet and if you’re a victim of an attack please seek medical assistance as soon as possible. The worst thing about these spiders is that they live close to human habitat such as houses, clothing, boxes and boxes.

2. Saltwater Crocodile

Most Deadliest Animals

This is the largest living reptile in the world. You might think alligators are scaring but their cousins the fear some saltwater crocodiles is one of deadliest creatures in the face of the earth. These reptiles are known to be very aggressive in nature and their powerful bite can easily crush a deer’s skull. Another characteristics of the fearsome predator is that it camouflages itself for long periods in the mad and under water and attacks its victims unexpectedly swallowing them as a whole or large pieces.

They are often found in lagoons, swamps, rivers, deltas, lakes regardless whether salty or fresh water Africa, America and Asia these predators weighing more than a ton have been killing more than 800 people annually and since they are excellent swimmers and apply “ death roll” tactic to kill a prey it’s very hard to escape or survive.

1. Mosquito

Most Deadliest Animals

The most dangerous of them all and yet the smallest that has that innocuous look is the mosquito especially the Anopheles, Culex and Aedes species. What makes a mosquito so dangerous and far more deadly than any other creature in the planet is its ability to act as a vector for many disease causing viruses and parasites such as elephantiasis, west Nile virus, yellow fever, malaria, chikungunya, encephalitis, dengue fever and most recent zika virus. They usually kill two to three million people every year by infecting people with malaria alone making them the deadliest animals on the planet.

In conclusion another dangerous animal in the planet though not listed here is you and I and generally humans. Humans have been known to kill animal’s eve to the point of extinction and moreover we are known to kill each other in thousands in wars, crimes, terrorism acts and conflicts. We are the deadliest threat to all other animal species and even to the environment itself since we are causing global warming. Let’s be a peaceful species and love one another as a species.


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