Dogs may be tagged as the Man’s Best Companion, but sometimes they cost a lot, and that’s okay because they are very understanding and sometimes can be better than humans when it comes to being a source of constant support. Every dog breed has its own characteristics, right from their behavioural pattern to their daily needs as well as the number in which they are found in a particular region. So here are the top 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world in 2019.

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10. Chow Chow

Most Expensive Dog Breeds 2019

Costing around $1000-$2000, Chow chows are one of the most expensive dog breeds. They are purebred and belong originally to China. They do not require too much of exercise on a daily basis and do not require constant attention, which is why people who are usually busy or have to stay away in the day due to work. They are fluffy little dogs which are high maintenance because they have a beautiful rich coat which does demand close attention to make sure it does not matte. Thus, these dogs are expensive while buying as well as when it comes to their grooming and nurturing.

9. Irish Wolfhound

Most Expensive Dog Breed

Originally from Ireland, Irish Wolfhounds are large dogs but contrary to their size, they are very friendly and patient dogs who are good with kids and strangers alike. This dog breed grows to be as tall as 2 feet and weight about 120-180 pounds. Irish Wolfhounds used to move around with packs with hunting as their primary motive until they were domesticated and they now live with families like nothing short of a family member itself. However, Irish Wolfhounds do better in cold regions as they have a pretty thick coat.

8. Akita

Most Expensive Dog Breed

Known to be from the high mountainous regions in north Japan, Akitas cost around $2000 and are mostly working dogs. Originally known to be guarding dogs for the nobles in olden times, they have settled very well with large and loving families. Although large in size, they are very composed and friendly and aren’t easily aggravated. They have a thick coat and therefore are better off in cold regions but they are often imported to United States of America and other countries because of their docile and adorable nature- it is for this reason that they have a very high cost.

7. Azawakh

Most Expensive Dog Breed

A very rare dog breed, Azawakhs are known to be a guardian breed which was formerly known to be a hunting dog. They are tall and very thin and can go up to speeds of 64km/hr which is a proof of the highly energetic breed that they are. Originally from Africa, they have a very attentive but affectionate behaviour and are very protective. With a very thing coat, they hardly need any maintenance and also do not false sick easily, as long as they are provided with good nutrition in the beginning.

6. Rottweiler

Most Expensive Dog Breed

This fierce breed can cost from $2000 to $8000 but have been domesticated for how alert and strong, but obedient that they are to their owners instructions as they were formally used to herd cattle. This purebred dog is also known to be very intelligent but do require exercise regularly even if it is in an apartment. Rottweilers have a small coat so they do not require enough maintenance and also do not shed a lot. They do great as a watchdog and a companion at the same time!

5. Saluki

Most Expensive Dog Breed

Saluki, or the Persian Greyhound is a fast dog that is known to have originated in the Middle East. They have long legs that makes them fit for running and can reach over 65 km/hr as an adult. Salukis are quiet but intelligent dogs and need enough exercise everyday because that is one thing they enjoy the most. This elegant dog breed hates staying in an enclosed area but are shy and suspicious when encountered with strangers. However, on seeing another dog they are always ready for a good chase.

4. Samoyed

Most Expensive Dog Breed

Samoyeds are originally from Siberia and have a beautiful white coat that calls for constant grooming and attention because they also shed often. Despite their big look, they are extremely gentle and very enthusiastic at all times. With these dogs, there can never be a dull moment because of their loving eyes and fluffy body. Samoyeds are very social and love to go out, especially in winters, the season where they do best. It is because of this that they hate being left alone and demand attention at all times.

3. Pharaoh Hound

Most Expensive Dog Breed

Although named as Pharaoh Hound, this breed isn’t from Egypt, but from Malta, and it is their royal and noble look that gave it the name. It was formerly used for hunting rabbits but is a very affectionate and friendly dog when it comes to being a companion. They usually have a very good health and are also easy to groom because they have a short coat which does not shed, either. Moreover, they are very intelligent dogs and are a perfect breed to keep at your home.

2. Tibetan Mastiff

Most Expensive Dog Breed

As its name goes, Tibetan Mastiffs are from Tibet as well as China and have a very thick rich coat which is why they have zero toleration for hot weather, although they are sometimes imported and have been sold for as high as $2 Million. Although they are very huge dogs, they are equally affectionate with their families as well as fellow dogs as they are very playful and gentle. Their thick coat is what gives them the majestic look, but it also requires high maintenance at all times.

1. Lowchens

Most Expensive Dog Breed

Costing from $5000 to $8000, Lowchens are known to be the most expensive dog breed. Originally from Germany, the name actually means ‘Little Lion,’ for their hair which sometimes looks like a mane because otherwise they are very sweet and adjusting. Although they look like many other small dogs, it is actually a very rare breed. They are highly gentle and tender and are also very easy to train. However, they do require exercising at least once a day because they are very active and playful.

They are not only expensive while buying but also when it comes to their maintenance because all breeds have their respective needs. These dogs might cost their owner a fortune but their friendly manner of behaving or usefulness when it comes to security and guarding justifies it all. As long as you love dogs and understand their emotions the way they do ours, this dog and human relationship built on nothing but trust and love will definitely last for years and years to come. So which one among these is your favorite?


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