Horses are a versatile animal which are used for racing, driving, trading and much more. An animal of elegance mostly known for their speed. Horse racing has been one of the oldest and popular sport which needs a strong muscular horse for racing.

There are different kinds of breed of horses and each have their own speciality. Some has speed and some has intelligence. However, a well bred horse comes for a price which is not affordable by all. The price of a horse is determined on their age, height, speed and strength. Here is a list that shows the top ten most expensive horse breeds in the world in 2019.

10. Clydesdale

Most Expensive Horse Breeds 2019

Clydesdale is a popular breed of horses which have very strong muscles. They can be easily trained. They usually have a small height but are good racers. These breeds are specifically known for their gracefulness and smartness. A normal Clydesdale has a price range of $2,00- $5,000. A well trained Clydesdale can cost more as they are more in demand in the market.

9. Shetland Pony

Most Expensive Horse Breed

These breeds have a deceiving look. They are extremely beautiful breeds and look innocent but are famous for their bad temperament. They are often in high demand for beginners who want to start horse riding. They can be a bit risky to ride given they have a bad temperament most days so it is advised to have a professional tame them. It is hard to train these breeds so a well-trained horse is quite expensive making Shetland Pony the most expensive breed of horses in 2019.

8. Appaloosa

Most Expensive Horse Breed

The third most expensive breed of horses is the Appaloosa. These breeds have a strong leg making them exceptional runners. They also have sharp brain which makes them a fast learner . These well-mannered horses have an average price of more than $5,550. The price of a well-trained horse is much more but these horses need a low maintenance which makes up for the price at which they are bought.

7. Friesian

Most Expensive Horse Breed

Friesian are one of the oldest breeds used in wars. They are known for their high intelligence. These breeds can be easily distinguished from their color and grace. They have a strong leg for which they are used mainly for driving. These horses are well mannered and have an acute keenness. They are a popular choice for all horse lovers and are sold for a price as high as $38,500.

6. Thoroughbred

Most Expensive Horse Breed

Thoroughbred horses grow up to a height of 157-173 cm on an average. This breed is known for their exceptional speed. They are a popular choice of breed for horse racing because they have small legs which help them to stride faster. They are very east to tame and can be well trained for racing. They are always in high demand for racers which makes them the most expensive horse breed in 2019.

5. Morgan

Most Expensive Horse Breed

Known for versatility, Morgan is a breed of horses which have very strong legs and can be trained to perform any task. They can be used for riding, driving, pulling weights around and also jumping. They are a beauty to behold with deep impressive eyes. These horses have a standard height of 57 to 62 inches. Morgan are an expensive breed who are usually sold at a price within the price range of $2000 to $6,500, making them the most expensive horse breed in 2019.

4. Dutch Warmblood

Most Expensive Horse Breed

Dutch Warmblood are magnificent horses which grow up to an average height of 61.2 inches. This breed of horses is mainly trained to be good jumpers and can be trained for fancy shows. Dutch Warmbloods are usually found having different shades of brown and black, bay being a common shade. They are also an expensive breed. The price is usually $7,000-$9,500 but it can also escalate up to $75,000 depending on the nature and age of the horse.

3. Gypsy Vanner

Most Expensive Horse Breed

Gypsy Vanner is the one breed which produces magnificent beasts which are friendly in nature and a beauty in true sense. They are exceptional jumpers and can jump up to a height of four feet effortlessly. The starting price for these horses are normally around $8000 making the third most expensive breed.

2. Paint Horse

Most Expensive Horse Breed

Paint Horse can be easily distinguished from their patterns which are mostly spots of black or brown and white. These are a hybrid breed produced from thoroughbreds or quarter horses. They have a strong muscle for which they are used for both riding and driving. They are also seen in barrel racing for their speed and versatility. Paint Horses are a popular breed which are always in demand for their strength which makes them the second most expensive horse breed.

1. Arabian Horse

Most Expensive Horse Breed

Arabian horses originated in the Arabian Peninsula region and is considered as one of the oldest breeds. These horses grow up to a height of 1.4-1.6 m on an average. This breed is known for their speed. The normal speed is around 40 to 48 kilometers per hour for which they are a favourable choice of breed for horse racing. They were used in wars in the early 90s and for trade purposes. A well trained horse is usually sold for more than $20,000.

The list above shows the top ten most expensive breeds of horses in 2019. These enormous beasts often are seen as a status symbol and an asset for their owners. They are often highly over riced and not many can afford them. The price that you pay for these horses are quite high but once you buy one, it is worth every penny. A well trained horse can do wonders. Be it strength, speed or beauty these breeds have it all and deliver much more than any average horse breed.


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