There are millions of species of fauna in the universe and its difficult to understand them all. Though zoology has defined various factors to categorize animals. One of those factors is the speed with which the animals move or perform their daily movements. Obviously, there are different types of animals who can be easily categorized based on their speed of running, walking or crawling. Locomotion and movement are one the necessary factor to survive for animals so as to find shelter, food and to move away from several kinds of dangers too. But since all the animals cannot run, there are some animals who are too slow and lazy in showing their movement too.

The movements of these slowest animals depend upon various factors such as their environment, surroundings, feeding habits and even on other predators present around them. This list of top ten slowest animals would help you with some astonishing facts about the animals who survive on this planet despite being too slow and lazy.

10. Manatee

Slowest Animals in The World 2019

Manatees are also referred to as sea cows which are one of the most adorable marine animals. These are mostly found in Indian oceans and Carribean and Amazon seas. Manatees spend most of their time in eating and resting without any threat in the marine. This ultimately leads to their lazy and slow lifestyle. The average weight of the manatees is 590 kg’s and their size may reach up to 13 feet i.e. 4 meters long.

9. Gila Monster

Slowest Animals in The World

Lizards are already considered to be slow and lazy. But, Gila monsters are the slowest lizards known to zoologists. Gila monsters are found mostly in southeastern America. They are the only poisonous lizard’s species present in the United States. They have a maximum movement of 667cm per second. Gila monsters do not search food because they have a very low diet of about 1/3rd of their weight and also store fats in their body. The weight of Gila Monsters varies from 350 grams to 700 grams only.

8. Koala

Slowest Animals in The World

These Australian koala bears are one of the cutest animals which are categorized as marsupials. They move only 447 centimeters in a second. They have a natural similarity to that of the sloths, as they also choose to spend most of their time on high trees. Their personal favorites are the eucalyptus trees. They are considered to be very fast climbers with their strong limbs and wide tail.

7. American Woodcock

Slowest Animals in The World

The slowest bird American Woodcock is a small shorebird. These birds unlike others are very slow and have a speed of only 222 centimeters per second. With this speed, no wonder they are categorized as the slowest bird on the planet.

6. Loris

Slowest Animals in The World

Loris is considered to be one of the most hideous and weird creatures. They have human alike long hands with eyes similar to tennis ball size and shape. They can move at a speed of 55.5 centimeters per second. Loris mostly lives in the dark and can easily climb the trees with their human-like hands. They have a thing for trees and likes to be on high trees only. They have an excellent night vision and can also move around two kilometers in an hour.

5. Giant Tortoise

Slowest Animals in The World

As we are dealing with slowest animals, Tortoise has to be amongst top ten. Tortoise has a long history of being slow and lazy with lots of stories about their being slow too. The giant tortoise is the slowest reptile on the planet Earth. The reason for this reptile to move 76 centimeters per second is its thick legs and heavy shell. The size of these tortoises is quite large, with their weight being 300 kilograms. Giant Tortoises have a lifespan of nearly 100 years.

4. Starfish

Slowest Animals in The World

One of the most astounding species of fishes is starfish. They are well known for their special shape and size of a star but fewer people are aware of the fact that they are also amongst the animals which are too slow in their movements. Starfish move about 0.02 miles in an hour but since they survive in a water habitat, therefore they easily utilize the ocean currents for speedy movements inside the ocean. A total number of 2000 species of starfish are available in the world, but none of them are capable of moving fast.

3. Garden Snail

Slowest Animals in The World

Also referred to as the terrestrial mollusk, the garden snail has a speed of 1.3 centimeters per second which means they would cover a kilometer in twenty-one hours. They wriggle on their path and also leaves a wet trail behind as they move ahead. These land snails have shells which are their home too. Thy breed in monsoons and hibernate in winters.

2. Three-toed Sloth

Slowest Animals in The World

This animal with furs is one of the slowest animals in the entire world. The meaning of the name of this animal ‘Sloth’ itself is being lazy. The three-toed Sloths can move only 0.003 miles in an hour. This speed per hour of the Sloth ultimately means that it is unable to move even 100 feet per day. Sloth spends most of their time high on the trees and being lazy in nature they do not go come down that often. They mostly feed leaves and hence have slow motions to conserve energy.

1. Seahorse

Slowest Animals in The World

This marine animal is one example of the weird sense of naming that the scientists have used to name them. Though seahorse has s slight look alike to horses they surely are not as fast as the land horses. These marine’s fishes ‘Seahorses’ move at a speed of just 0.04 centimeters per second. They swim in an erect posture. There are in total fifty-four species of seahorse present in the aquatic life and are mostly found in tropical waters.

This list surely contains some amazingly slowest animal species. Animals have always amazed us with their weird appearances or acts. But these slowest animals are strange as well as bewildering in the way they survive in this flora fauna world. Some other slow animals include banana slug and many more.


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