The animal kingdom has some of the most peculiar creatures on earth. There are also adorable creatures such as dolphins and koala bears. Most of the animals kept as pet also look good for example the dogs and cats. Gold fish are and rabbits are also kept as pets as well. Animals are divided into five categories.

There are reptiles which include the crocodiles and the snakes, the amphibians which include frogs, tadpoles, mammals which include the human beings and lastly we have the birds, insects and the fish. There are so many animals on earth but here are some of the least endowed in terms of looks, rather, the ugliest animals on earth.

10. Proboscis Monkey

Ugliest Animals On The Earth 2019

This type of monkey has an overly large nose that stands out most out of all other facial features it has. The nose is thought to be an aid in calling its partner to mate. The male proboscis monkey is mainly the one with the bigger nose of the two. This monkey uses its nose to make sounds that attract the females to come and mate. When born, this monkey usually has a blue face but as it grows older the face changes to a light brown shade and the nose protrudes.

9. Vampire Bat

Ugliest Animals On The Earth

This creature is feared not only for its looks but also for the danger it causes to humans. The animal just like its name looks as scary as a vampire. The vampire bat has overly large ears and a wrinkly nose. The deadly mammal preys on other mammal’s blood just like a vampire. At night the bats go in search of animals such as cows and pigs and then they suckle their blood. They also prey on human beings as well; being caught in the company of these creatures would be an unfortunate encounter.

8. Monk Fish

Ugliest Animals On The Earth

The monk fish is one of the ugliest creatures in the deep waters. The animal has a wide mouth and at most times it swallows the prey in whole. The top skin of this creature looks like stone hence one would never suspect that it is a fish. Most fish fall prey to this fish because they lack around wondering what the creature is and then get swallowed by the monk fish. This animal has a huge head and very sharp teeth. The sight of it opening its mouth is disgusting

7. Naked mole rat

Ugliest Animals On The Earth

The naked mole rat is an ugly creature. It has no fur on it, just the naked skin which looks pale pink. This mole has long teeth which look like those of a vampire. They use the teeth to dig through underground. The naked moles live in groups just like the bees do and they have a queen who handles the responsibility of reproduction in the colony. Looking at the creature at close range would terrify any person especially if one has never seen a furless rat.

6. Soft Shell turtle

Ugliest Animals On The Earth

This is a turtle like no other. The creature could send you into shock if you have never seen it before. The animal has a soft back unlike other hard shelled turtles. This animal was discovered in Cambodia and scientists are still conducting tests and research on the animal as it is from a very rare kind. The animal has a small head and a wide flat like large body. The turtle is grayish in color with some dark brown areas. The animal is one of the least attractive on earth.

5. Star nosed mole

Ugliest Animals On The Earth

The star nosed mole is one of the most peculiar creatures in the entire world. It has an unusual nose with tentacles sticking out of it. The animal cannot see well hence it makes up for this with the smelling sense. The tentacles are 22 in number. They are very sensitive and they help the mole evade trouble when need be and also make the creature more aware to its surroundings. Though the feature is ugly, it helps the animal survive.

4. Celestial eye gold fish

Ugliest Animals On The Earth

This fish has large eyes that completely overshadow the rest of its body. They eyeballs pop out of their sockets just like in the animated characters only this time it is reality. The strange animal is one of the most peculiar types of fish. The protruding eyes are thought to help the fish see well while navigating the waters. Though the celestial eye gold fish, it is not the best type to keep as a pet because it would surely terrify people at home so it is best to stick to attractive gold fish.

3. Aye aye

Ugliest Animals On The Earth

This creature is a primate found in Madagascar. The Aye Aye is really ugly. It has thin bony hands that resemble that of a witch character in animated movies. The bony hands help them hold on to trees and capture their prey. The creature is not harmful to human beings but the sight of this animal could hurt your eyes. The animal is an endangered species in Madagascar. Most locals there view the animal as an evil omen.

2. Roti Island snake turtle

Ugliest Animals On The Earth

The Roti Island snake turtle is a mysterious creature. It looks like a turtle but the head looks like that of a snake. The slithery and slimy look of the head makes the creature look detestable. The skin of the neck looks like it has rough bumps on it. This creature would give even the bravest person chills of fear up there spine. They are mostly found in Indonesia at a place called Roti. They are an endangered species because they are rare.

1. Blob fish

Ugliest Animals On The Earth

The blobby looking slimy creature is one that would make anyone feel sick in there stomach. The animal has been voted worldwide as the ugliest animal on the entire planet. The animal does not have many muscles and it moves very slowly. This slimy creature is so peculiar. The skin is said to be lighter that water therefore it is able to float through the water. These types of fish live deep into the ocean so it would be unlikely to find the peculiar creature. They are found mostly in the South of the Pacific Ocean.

These are some of the most unsightly animals in the world. Some are of a rare species and studies are still underway to get more information on their adaptations and how their unusual body parts function. Most of them are kept in animal orphanages but some are running round in indigenous forests and others in the large water bodies.


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