Development for a particular company can be measured with various determining factors, and one of them is the Automobile industry. India has taken a massive leap in this field, having few of the best automobile company.

The fast-paced lifestyle becomes a lot more easily when you have your vehicle with you. This leads to increased demands and technological advancements in this industry. Many companies have emerged to be the best brands amidst the stiff competition.

Indirectly, these companies have taken hold of lifestyle plus the growth of the nation, which concludes automobile companies to be one of the most important companies in India. Many factors like comfort, value for money or other technical specifications have made few companies edge over the others, making them the leading automobile brands in the nation. Most of these names go back long in the past, which shows how far and successfully they have set up their business in India. Here is the list of top 10 best automobile companies in India in 2019.

10. Force Motors Ltd.

Best Automobile Companies in India 2019

Part of Firodia Group of Companies, Force Motors is a completely vertically integrated company, self-capable of manufacturing and assembling parts on their own. The company is capable of producing a range of products like Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), Small Commercial Vehicles (SCV), Multi Utility Vehicles (MUV) and Agricultural Tractors. With a period of time, they have proved their products to be more durable and cost-effective. It employs nearly 8,500 employees.

9. Eicher Motors

Best Automobile Companies in India

They are one of the oldest commercial vehicle manufacturers in India. This 69 years old vehicle manufacturer has been a great name within the agricultural vehicle and other tractors. Eicher Motors is based in Gurgaon, India and has become one of the trusted vehicle brands in India. Eicher Motors also has an on-going business partnership with Volvo and looking perfect not to lose the glamour any soon. This automobile company owns the all-time favorite, bikes of Royal Enfield.

8. TVS Motor Company

Best Automobile Companies in India

TVS motor company is the third-largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India. This flagship company is also one of the largest automobile exporters for India with export to over 60 countries. This super stylish bike and other vehicle manufacturer have made the youth crazy and go gaga over their new launches. It has a production capacity of over 3 million units annually. It has a broad reach over customers from every corner of India making it one of the most preferred brands of India.

7. Hyundai

Best Automobile Companies in India

Hyundai Motor Company is an multinational automotive manufacturer. It is currently the second largest exporter from India, exporting to over more than 80 countries. The Hyundai variants of small are looked as a favourite all over the country with some special model names such as Hyundai Grand i10 in their showrooms. Also, they have made themselves India’s second largest car manufacturer. In the past decade, they have made themselves a leader in the car industry.

6. Ashok Leyland

Best Automobile Companies in India

Ashok Leyland was established just after one year of independence and from then till now, they are a common sight on roads. They are India’s second largest commercial vehicles manufacturer and have gained the fourth spot in largest bus manufacturing companies in the whole world. Their tough vehicles provide almost all the automotive in the military. Their other products are Buses, trucks and light vehicles for logistics. Also, it’s the world’s 12th largest truck manufacturer.

5. Bajaj Auto Ltd

Best Automobile Companies in India

Bajaj auto ltd is a global two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer. Its India’s 2nd largest and world’s sixth largest manufacturer of motorcycles. And in three-wheelers, its world’s 3rd largest. Auto-rickshaws, Bikes, Scooters and recently cars are some vehicles they manufacture. It gives jobs to over 9000 employees in India and around the world. Bajaj has always been famous for their scooters. Also with their huge market capitalisation, they have made themselves the 23rd largest publicly traded company. 47% of their exports go over to Africa where they have a huge following.

4. Hero Moto Corp.

Best Automobile Companies in India

Hero MotoCorp or formerly Hero Honda is a brand that most houses own. This automotive company is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and the world. Even after the breakage of the joint venture and Honda slipping out, Hero MotoCorps never felt the need to worry. They have grabbed the largest share of market everywhere in India with more than 46% in two-wheeler category.

3. Maruti Suzuki

Best Automobile Companies in India

Maruti Suzuki is a 56% owned subsidiary of Japanese automobile manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation. This automobile company has a huge share of more than half of the passenger car market. It has a production capacity of 1,700,000 units annually. It has cars in most categories such as SUV, hatchback or sedan. Maruti Suzuki has the largest dealership network, larger than most famous brands combined. Also, it has a huge employee base of more than 40,000. Maruti Suzuki 800 was their most first car which broke all records.

2. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

Best Automobile Companies in India

Mahindra & Mahindra are the largest tractor manufacturer in the world. Also, they happen to be one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the country. They have established themselves in more than hundred countries over six continents. Mahindra & Mahindra have an automobile in almost every category be it two-wheeler, SUVs, LUVs, and three-wheelers. They have stepped in the making of electric cars and have gained immense appreciation in this regard. They also manufacture heavy and light commercial vehicles like school buses or passenger buses. Their contribution agricultural automobile has made India progress much faster.

1. Tata Motors

Best Automobile Companies in India

Tata Motors is the largest automobile company with their footprints over 26 countries. It has a wide range of products such as military vehicles, buses, sports cars, construction equipments, passenger cars, trucks, etc. Tata Motors has gradually become the lifeline of the country with every glance of road includes a Tata product. Tata Indica has been counted as bestselling car in the past. They have around 60,000 workers with them. The world’s cheapest car, Tata Nano has been a great success with an overwhelming response. Recently, they bought the Land Rover from Fords in historic move.

the above listed names aren’t just brands but pride for the nation. These few companies with their gradual hardworking have brought India to the world’s stage. Thus choosing any one of them will lead you with quality products but no regret.


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