Riding bikes give an Adrenalin rush to individuals and make them obsessed with riding a powerful machine like all sorts of upgraded bikes available in the market at the present era. Over the century a number of bike manufacturing companies have come up with unique kinds of bikes which would fulfil all the demands of crazy bike riders.

These companies ensure that these bikes are assembled with the best quality of automobiles and furnished product before they are launched in the competitive market of automobiles. If we talk about the various kinds of bikes there are actually three kinds available in the market such as normal bikes, racing bikes, and bikes which are luxurious in nature. These top 10 Indian bike manufacturing companies 2019 listed below are the result of effective hard work of a number of automobile engineers.

10. Harley Davidson

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India 2019

This company is a USA based company with the same name and was opened in the year of 1903. They produce such bikes which instantly becomes popular among the young generations. They make sure that their bikes have a distinctive style which would rule the hearts of bike riders. With effective styling, they also give full attention to making classic and luxurious types of bike. One would like to buy a Fat Bob or a Road King to show it off to others as these are the best bikes under this brand. This company had been started in our country in the year 2010.

9. Mahindra

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

This company like its Indian name is one of the most popular bike manufacturing company in India. Their speciality is in creating bikes which possess standard and durable machine which makes it handier in the Indian market. This company of India was the first one to participate in the FIM Moto3TM Motorcycle Racing Championship. This company was the automobile market for a large amount of time and have gained a large amount of popularity in this field but it has started to produce bikes only from the year 2013. Though it is among the newest companies which produce bikes it produces absolutely Indian bikes and it has its roots in our own country. If given a chance, one cannot deny riding a Mahindra Gusto or a Mojo on the roads of India.

8. Suzuki

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

This is a Japanese company as its name suggests and has been ruling the automobile manufacturing company for a long time. It has gained success in the filed of four wheeler. But it also has gained a good name and fame in manufacturing two-wheeler bikes in this sector. They ensure their customers in delivering the best quality bikes with best features and outstanding performance. This company as its sub-company with the same name in our country which produces the best quality of sports bikes and racing bikes which the young generation flaunt as soon as they acquire them. In India, the models of these company which rules the market are Gizzer, Hayate, GSX and much more.

7. KTM

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

KTM company is best known for its racing bikes. There is actually no other companies in India which can produce as good two-wheeler racing bikes as this company. These bikes have a popular tagline, “Ready to Race” which proves its net worth in producing the best quality of racing bikes. The engineers of this company have always focused on producing bikes which gives the customers the feel of an adventurous ride with great performance. The outstanding performance of the engine of these bikes gives a big reason for bikers to flaunt such bikes and they r always taking part in racing competitions. Some of the best models of this company are MX, Freeride and much more.

6. Yamaha

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

This company which was a Japanese company was established with collaborating itself with India in the year 1985. It has come a long way and has made its own mark in the automobile manufacturing sector. It has become the most popular household name in case of purchasing bikes from this company by any Indian. These bikes are well known for its speed and performance. Some of the models of this manufacturing company which are usually purchased are VMAX, FZS-FI and much more.

5. TVS

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

This company is among the top 3 bike manufacturing company in the country. According to statistical data, TVS has an approx production of 3,2 million bikes every year and these bikes have become a benchmark of popularity and fame in the two-wheeler sector. This company has come a long way and it always produces bikes which meet the needs of the present demand and requirements of the customers, this company always keeps upgrading itself with time. They are one of the companies who manufactures all three types of bikes- normal ones, racing bikes as well as luxurious bikes too! One of the distinctive feature of these bikes that they possess highly shock absorbers which enhances their performance too. One may buy models such as TVS Phoenix 125 or an Apache and flaunt it all the way!

4. Bajaj

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

This is one of the oldest bike manufacturing company in India. This company use to produce bikes for the middle-class customers and eventually became a household name in this sector, They always made bikes which met the needs of the basic Indian customers. They use to produce scooters and later on bikes. Their journey from scooter makers to bike makers is a story of much interest. They are proud of being the third largest scooter or bike manufacturing company of India. Bajaj is incomplete without models such as Bajaj Discover, Avenger and much more.

3. Royal Enfield

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

Initially, this company was established only with the name Enfield Cycle Company. Later on, in the year 1890, the government allowed it to add the term ‘Royal’ to its company’s name. After 1890 this company has become one of the leading manufacturing company for two-wheelers in India. This company has been manufacturing such great performance enduring bikes that every Indian dream of acquiring a Royal Enfield bike once in their lifetime. The look, durability and their high performance altogether make them a popular brand among the Indian customers. Today’s youngsters flaunt all the way while riding a Cruiser or a Retro Street on the Indian roads.

2. Honda

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

This too is a Japanese company which has gained its popularity in the two-wheeler manufacturing sector. They have been producing two-wheelers since the year 1999 and have been growing in this sector since then. They had a unique design which was available at affordable prices in the markets of India which eventually made them the leaders in this sector. On one side they produce bikes for office goers and on the other hand, they are also expert in making racing bikes for young racers on road. They are passionate makers in producing bikes with environment-friendly materials. They are stylish and high in performance and caters to the needs of the Indian customers. Its top models such as Honda CD100, Livo, Dream and much more are produced by the company at reasonable prices.

1. Hero Motocorp

Best Bike Manufacturing Companies in India

Previously, this company was known as the Hero Honda Motors Limited. Later on, they changed the name as there was a split in their partnership. This company is the largest bike manufacturing company in the entire world. At some point in time, this company had gained so much of popularity in this sector that whenever an individual thought about buying a bike they would always think of purchasing a ‘Splendor’ and nothing else. They have always kept this popularity consistent even today. The scenario has not changed much today. Even if bikers dream of purchasing the most stylish bikes but their first bike is usually purchased from this company as they sell out the best two-wheelers in the whole country. Whether its a Passion or Glamour one might purchase such bikes for their stability and durability.

These were the top 10 bike manufacturing companies of India which have shown consistent performances and made their places on this list with its high performance and stylish outlook. One should always chalk out his priorities and requirements before purchasing a two-wheeler which might help him in purchasing the best model under the best company which would suit his requirements fully.


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