Trucks have played a significant role in the upliftment of the civil and other organizations. The fact couldn’t be denied that the organizations can accomplish most of the tasks reliably and without doing much. When it comes to trucks, nothing matters more than their size or the carrying capacity. With respect to the increase in their demands, rise in technology, and due to large-scale projects, the size of trucks is becoming more and larger. In the year 2019, we saw a lot of trucks with huge size and the ones that can be utilized in a number of projects. The thing is large size trucks often impose a limit on the time and overall efforts that are required to accomplish a task. This is one of the leading reasons why largest trucks are demanded a lot.

Many organizations all over the world have started preferring size. Although they might be a bit costly than the general size trucks, they bring a very large number of benefits in the long run. In the present time, there are many trucks which are capable to carry materials more than the weight of 50 elephants. Also, they can easily be operated without doing much. Well, you might have no idea about the top 10 largest trucks 2019. If so, here is a list reflecting them along with very useful information.

10. Caterpillar 794 C

Caterpillar 794 C Top Popular Largest Trucks 2019

This is one of the largest trucks that are widely used at construction and other sites. One of the best things about this truck is its design which is widely regarded as safe. Also, it is known to be one of those trucks which can be operated easily. The overall length of this truck is around 50 feet. Other dimensions include 26 feet height and 32 feet width. It has been powered by a 3500bhp engine which makes it capable to carry around 290 metric tons. It is one of the best trucks for off-roaring too.

9. Komatsu 930 E

Komatsu 930 E

This is another giant truck in our list that has a very large size. One of the best things about this truck is its 16-cylinder turbo diesel engine which makes it capable to carry around 292 metric tons of loads. The overall height of this truck is 24 feet and it is around 51 feet long. The engine is capable to generate a power of 2700bhp.

8. Hitachi EH5000AC-3

Hitachi EH5000AC-3

It is another monster truck in our list which has finds its applications are various sites due to its massive capacity and features. This truck is known to be one of the best options available to carry any form of material from one place to another. This truck is capable to carry around 296 metric tons of loads. It is around 51 feet long and 28 feet wide. In terms of water holding capacity, it can be put equal to the amount of water contained in around 1000 bathtubs.

7. Caterpillar 795F AC

Caterpillar 795F AC

This is another largest yet powerful truck which is good enough to be trusted for any form of projects. It is around 50 feet tall and is having a payload capacity of around 314 metric tons. This is exactly what that makes this truck counted in the top 10 largest trucks 2019. The 49 feet length and 21 feet width along with a 3440bhp engine adds more to its ability and popularity.

6. Belaz 75601

Belaz 75601

This is a revolutionary truck that has known to provide reliability in most of the projects in which it has ever used. One of the best things about Belaz 75601 is its ability to work in almost every climatic condition. The 3800bhp engine makes this truck capable to attain a top speed of 64Km/hr. It has found its applications in construction sites, industrial areas and mainly for carrying small rocks. It is around 15 meters long and 8 meter tall.

5. Terex MT 5500 AC

Terex MT 5500 AC

This is the truck which is generally used in large volume mining. The gross weight of this truck is around 600 tons. It has been equipped with one of the very powerful engines which make it capable to attain a top speed of 70KM/hr even when it is fully loaded. The best thing about this truck after size is the aluminum coating on most of its parts. It doesn’t just make them strong but also make sure they remain safe in different working conditions.

4. Komatsu 960E-2

Komatsu 960E-2

This is another largest truck in our list. There are certain good things about this truck due to which it has been widely preferred. The fact is it has been designed to be engaged in almost every construction work. In addition to this, it is smooth to drive and is capable to take loaded upto 326 metric tons. The 52 feet length and 31 feet width make this truck absorb 3 lanes while it runs on a road.

3. Liebherr T284

Liebherr T284

The German manufacturer Liebherr has also attracted the attention of so many construction and other companies who are in desperate need of large size and powerful trucks. This is actually the largest truck the manufacturer has ever made. There are several reasons for its success. The engine is capable to provide a torque of 3969bhp and it can easily handle a payload of 363 metric tons. This truck is large but drivers can always make sure of a smooth experience.

2. Komatsu 980E-4

Komatsu 980E-4

Komatsu 980E-4 is a powerful truck and is capable to provide a torque of more than 3500bhp through its powerful engine. It has been designed to work in almost every condition. The good thing is its ability to carry a payload of around 370 metric tons. Many users often put it equal to Godzilla in terms of its power and ability to perform the tasks.

1. Belaz 75710

Belaz 75710 Top Famous Largest Trucks 2019

The Belaz 75710 is the largest truck in our list. It has a total length of 67.50 feet and is 32 feet wide. It is one of the trucks with highly powerful engine in the world. The same can produce a power of around 11000bhp which makes it capable to carry a payload of 450 metric tons. This truck has been a part of world largest construction and other projects till date. The users have a very smooth experience of using it.

So this is all about top 10 largest trucks 2019. All these trucks have their own specialization and they are known to be a true performer in their tasks. The manufacturers have felt the need of largest machines on the sites and it is because of this reason all these trucks have become a reality. Probably they are among the best mechanical inventions till date.


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