In any field, getting into a good school is vital. Although it is primarily the student’s effort that sets him/her apart and is responsible for his/her success, the college that one goes is important as it shapes up his/her future career.

A good college not only imparts knowledge and has good facilities, but it also provides mentorship and helps its students get placed into reputable companies. The following list uses admission standards, costs, educational programs, staff qualifications, and placement rate and student satisfaction. Normally good architectural schools have extremely high admission standards so only the most gifted students can enroll. A good architectural school is very expensive as the training given there is presumably the finest. Following are the top 12 best architecture colleges in the world in 2019.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Best Architecture Colleges 2019

The top architectural school is Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Located in Massachusetts, this is undisputedly the best school in architecture. The QS rankings place the school in the top position for three years straight. The school has a history of commissioning buildings, with the students and faculty sometimes designing them. The school is one of the hardest to get into, not just in the United States but also in the world. The school boasts several noted architects: Christopher Alexander, Christopher Charles Benninger, William Welles Bosworth and Ogden Codman Jr..

2. University College London, Bartlett School of Architecture

Best Architecture College

The next school is University College London, Bartlett School of Architecture. It is based in London and is internationally renowned for award-winning innovative research. With an exemplary teaching staff, superb facilities, it is quite clear why the school fared in second place in the QS ranking.

3. Delft University of Technology

Best Architecture College

The third school in this list is Delft University of Technology which is based in Netherlands. The oldest and largest Dutch university, Delft is considered one of the best universities for engineering and technology in the world. QS Ranking System placed this school third behind MIT and Bartlett. With 11,709 undergraduates, this university has high admission standards.

4. University of California Berkeley (UCB)

Best Architecture College

The next university, according to QS Ranking is University of California Berkeley (UCB). The university offers programs in architecture and landscape architecture. Students from this school have expressed nothing but the utmost satisfaction with the school’s standards. The school also has high admission standards and even higher tuition costs. Students learn problem-solving, strategizing, and critical thinking skills which are essential in this field.

5. Harvard University

Best Architecture College

The prestigious Harvard University comes in at the fifth position. One of the oldest and finest institutions in the world, the well-known Ivy League has an excellent architecture program. Many alumni from this school have gone on to become recognised architects with their own firms while others have joined reputable firms.

6. National University of Singapore

Best Architecture College

One of the oldest and most reputable learning institutions in the planet, this university’s architecture course has been lauded by experts in the field as being one of the best in the world. The QS ranked it at number six while the Time’s Higher Education World University Rankings places it at number 24. The acceptance rate is at 16%; a low figure given the number of people who want to study architecture.

7. ETH Zurich

Best Architecture College

The next school on the list is Switzerland’s ETH Zurich. With a great academic staff, the school offers programs in architecture, urban planning, urban design and landscape architecture. The school has an acceptance rate of 27% – a relatively low rate for a school of such prestige.

8. Tsinghua University

Best Architecture College

The QS Ranking System placed Tsinghua University’s Architecture department, based in China at number eight. The school is the first in China to offer an accredited Master’s program to international students. The standard learning language in the program. The acceptance rate is extremely low (0.15) attesting to the school’s desirability.

9. University of Cambridge

Best Architecture College

The University of Cambridge has a very good Architecture program. Its acceptance rate is 21% and its tuition fee for domestic students is $11,350. The school has been praised by its students for its good facilities and exemplary staff.

10. University of Tokyo

Best Architecture College

With an acceptance rate of 34.2%, this university has had to beat off numerous applicants with a stick. Its architectural department is the tenth-best in the world, according to QS ranking. The school offers an interdisciplinary design research connecting engineering and architecture.

11. University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Best Architecture College

The school has a considerably low acceptance rate compared to schools in the west. It has been recognized by major ranking systems of being the eleventh-best architectural school department in the world. The school has great funding, and great staff; all of which the students love.

12. Columbia University

Best Architecture College

In conclusion, Columbia University rounds up all the schools in this list. While being an Ivy League, with an incredibly low acceptance rate of 6%, the school’s Architecture department tails the others in the QS Rankings. Despite this, the school is respected and recognized and is the fourth best architectural department in the U.S. after Havard, Cornell and Yale.

These are schools which are regularly lauded as one of the leading architecture schools in the world today. There graduates are recruited by world class organisations since they have the best skills, knowledge and experience needed for an architectural career. If your considering to have a career in architecture, then here is top 12 world class architectural schools for you.


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