For aspiring fashion designers, picking the right school is of paramount importance to beginning their journey towards actualising their dreams. Choosing a college to do medicine or a law school is undeniably easy. This is because these professions have been around for decades.

Choosing a school to learn design is a whole different matter. This is a list of the top twelve schools in fashion and design worldwide. It provides a comprehensive close-up and thus helps one choose the school they’d want to study in. the list uses annual tuition, student and alumni feedback, quality of the school and famous and well-placed alumni as the criteria. Annual tuition is used to gauge a school’s rank as it relates to the cost of living in that area. Schools that have managed to produce successful fashion designers as well as placing their students in important fashion houses are highly recommended. Here are the top 12 best fashion designing colleges in the world for 2019.

1. Central Saint Martins

Best Fashion Designing Colleges 2019

Central Saint Martins is considered the MIT in Fashion College and the thousands upon thousands of applications that it receives each year are anything to go by. Closeted in the heart of London, the University of the Arts London affiliate offers programs in fashion, textile, and jewelry design. The school has a modest number of talented students, 1200 to be precise who are from all over the globe. Armed with a dedicated teaching staff and world-class facilities, the school has amazing reviews from the students and alumni.

The school’s tuition is $15,000 per year for UK and European students and $25,000 per year for international ones. Given the superb training and mentorship – the price is more than worth it. With recognized alumni such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane and Paul Smith, Central Saints have major bragging rights.

2. London College of Fashion

Best Fashion Designing College

The London College of Fashion is another school that is part of the University of the Arts, London. It has a wide variety of fashion courses, aside from the obvious fashion design. They include: fashion marketing, fashion journalism, buying and merchandising, fashion curation and criticism, programs in beauty, cosmetic science, and courses on accessories and footwear.

The London College of Fashion is the only school in Britain to specialise in the aforementioned industries. There are more than 2,547 students who pay $15,000 per year for European students and $25,000 each year for international students. Perhaps the most recognisable alumni from this school are Jimmy Choo – noted luxury shoe designer. The other alumni are Jonathan Anderson, Anushka Khanna, and Rosenthal Tee.

3. Parson School of Design

Best Fashion Designing College

The third school is the Parson’s School of Design. Located in Manhattan, US’ fashion capital, the school has had one of the highest enrolment rates; 44% and is the first design school in the U.S. to have an overseas campus. It was the first school in the United States to offer programs in advertising, fashion design, interior design and graphic design. Offering 13 undergraduate programs, the school is considered one of the most prestigious arts and design school in the world.

Parson’s has a total of 127 full-time faculty members and 1,056 part-time members. For every nine students, there is one faculty member. According to the Business of Fashion (BoF), an industry authority, Parson’s is a prestigious school. Unfortunately, it received low scores from students who stated that the school neglects to teach practical knowledge and focuses rather on textbook concepts.

4. Kingston University

Best Fashion Designing College

The Old Smoke is heavily represented as far as fashion and design schools are concerned. Located in Kingston, upon the Thames, is Kingston University. The school focuses on fashion and design’s evolution and how design is influenced by cultural, social, and historical studies. The school has links with powerful brands in fashion ensuring that excelling students will be placed in these businesses upon completion of their degree. Such brands include Calvin Klein, Club Monaco, Alexander McQueen, Joseph Kane etc. Notable alumni include Felipe Oliveira Baptista and Carry Franklin.

5. Fashion Institute of Technology

Best Fashion Designing College

The next fashion school is Fashion Institute of Technology which is situated in Manhattan. Founded in 1944, the school has been preparing its students for the fashion world ever since. According to the BoF survey, the Fashion Institute of Technology is one of the best fashion schools in the world. The school also has high approval ratings from the students and alumni alike. The most recognizable names include: Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Carolina Herrera.

6. Bunka Fashion College

Best Fashion Designing College

Bunka Fashion College in Japan is the best fashion and design school in the Asian continent. Offering programs in fashion creation and technology, fashion design, marketing, accessories and textiles, Bunka is known for its avant-garde designs as well as its emphasis on fashion marketing and technology courses. For one to enroll in this school, one must be fluent in Japan. Tuition fees ranges from $12,000 to $14,400 per year.

7. Royal College of Art

Best Fashion Designing College

The Royal College of Art is based in London and has six campuses. The school has considerably small enrolment numbers compared to other schools and has higher tuition fees (42,000). The school guarantees that its students will be well placed in fashion houses like Prada, Givenchy, Burberry and Louis Vuitton. Notable names are: Ossie Clark, Philip Treacy, and Zandra Rhodes.

8. Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing

Best Fashion Designing College

Based in Florence, Italy, Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing, is ranked ninth-best fashion school for graduate programs by BoF. It has superb facilities (according to survey respondents). The school, however, needs to improve on their placement rate, according to the students who lament that they need more help from the school. Nevertheless, the school helps its students launch their projects after graduation.

9. University of Westminster

Best Fashion Designing College

The University of Westminster is ranked as one of the highest schools in terms of overall experience. Students are very satisfied with the school as surveys show. The school is extremely selective, hence the low acceptance rate of 9%. However, as far as overall value is concerned, this school is among the top five according to BoF.

10. Drexel University

Best Fashion Designing College

Coming in at the tenth place is Drexel University in the United States. Widely regarded as one of the top fashion schools, Drexel includes a period of studying at the London College of Fashion. The students give good feedback in the BoF survey and credited the school for its exemplary teaching staff.

11. Instituto Marangoni

Best Fashion Designing College

The Instituto Marangoni has three campuses; the main one being in Milan, Spain. The other two campuses are in Paris and London. The school offers programs in fashion design, fashion buying, brand management, fashion business and fashion promotion. Home to 2,000 students (across all three students), the school’s tuition fees ranges from $17,670 to $24,550. It has a 90% placement rate. The school boasts of alumni such as Domenico Dolce and Franco Moschino.


Best Fashion Designing College

ESMOD is one of the best international fashion, design and business school in the world located in the city of Paris France and can also be found in 21 other countries in the world. Tuition in this school is $13,200 per year. In France, this is the oldest and the first fashion school to have been established and it was here the mannequin and the tape measure was invented. Notable alumni include: Nina Garcia and Thierry Mugler.

The above are the best fashion and design colleges we have on the world. They have produced some of the best renowned fashion designers in the world who control the world of fashion with their multimillion design business. If you’re looking to join a reputable institution that will totally give you the skills you need to be the best in the industry then here is a list to start off your career journey.


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