Gone are the day’s people would walk into offices carrying their resumes and cover letters. Today the most common way a job seeker can uncover an employment opportunity is through using online resources. There are hundreds of job boards some generic and niche, others staffing corporate sites, social networks and many more all providing plenty of listing.

Search engines will give you so many options when you search for a job opportunity and the results can be very overwhelming. To ease your work we have decided to create a list of the top 10 generally considered as the best job sites in the world in 2019. These have been evaluated by experts and given awards for their super easy usability and the number of employers who have placed there trust on them.

1. Glassdoor.com

Best Job Sites 2019

The best overall job site on earth is Glassdoor.com. This site is simple to use, and makes job hunting more enjoyable and more efficient than any of its competitors. If you’re looking for a job this is the best place to start off as it boasts a large database of jobs, the site has the newest jobs posted every day, you can search jobs without an account, free to sign up, has thousands of reviews about the employer, and not forgetting they have a mobile app too. In addition, the site saves your searches for future purposes. And also allows employers to easily identify job candidates and market their companies to job seekers who might be interested in being part of their workforce.

2. Indeed.com

Best Job Site

The second best job site on earth which garners overwhelmingly praise from recruiters, job seekers, experts and other critics is Indeed. Its ranked number one in the category of most comprehensive job site. Employers here are allowed to post jobs for free which in return has seen many employers post jobs at indeed than any other job site. The site usually consolidates listings from many job boards at one place and you can be able to search for a job that is in your locality or globally.

3. Linkedin.com

Best Job Site

From a job posting stand point this site on our top 10 job sites might not be very great in terms of the number of jobs as compared to Glassdoor or Indeed but considering that networking is such a critical component of job hunting, it would be unreasonable not to include it in our list of the best job sites. Many employers usually consider LinkedIn as part of their hiring process and having an account with the social site might improve your chances of securing a job.

4. Careerbuilder.com

Best Job Site

This is another job search website and among the best in the world which has been in existence for the last 20 years helping millions of people find a job and thousands of employers find the right human resource for their business. The site has around 3 million jobs posted every month and registers around 24 million job applications per month. The site provides job listings directly from employers, offers some career advice to job seekers and also you have an opportunity to post your resume. It’s also a good place for those who might be seeking international jobs.

5. simply hired.com

Best Job Sites

This search engine is among the world’s best job sites for job seekers. Apart from the regular search simply hired allows you to personalise your search and refine it by giving you an option of searching keywords, the site is user friendly and the jobs in simply hired site are not duplicated no wonder the number is less compared to indeed and Glassdoor. The site also has better features than indeed as it offers more filtering options such as company revenues, dog friendly, eco-friendly and many others.in addition you can be able to estimate the salary of different careers in this website

6. Dice.com

Best Job Site

Do you have some knowledge in the following area math, technology, engineering and science? And you are looking for a job? then your first destination should be at Dice since this is the leading site for tech jobs, health care, financial services and energy. Many international giant companies such as HP, Dell Deloitte post their job opening here. When you register you can be able to upload a resume, track jobs, store your cover letters, and access salary information. the site also offers registered users career advice and there is much more.

7. Idealist.org

Best Job Site

This is the best site to check out for volunteer ship deals, internships and jobs as well for those who would like to work in the nonprofit sector. The site has over 120,000 organisations looking for interns and volunteers and also providing job opportunities. Users can be able to see an organisation mission and objective which is useful in matching ones needs and objectives and also the contacts of such an organisation for networking purposes.

8. Monster.com

Best Job Site

This is a site that has lived on to its name “monster” since if you are looking for a job in Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Pacific Rim then here is the place to be and not forgetting its huge number of job listing. The site also provides job seekers with a chance to review company profiles, get a career advice through their resources, upload a resume and get information on salary

9. US.jobs

Best Job Site

Job seekers who might be visiting the US.jobs to look for employment should be aware that it has a database of more than 1 million jobs that are not duplicated and they are from verified employers. For those who are looking for government jobs this is the site to visit. The US.jobs is a partnership between National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) and Direct Employers Association. For veterans here is the place to be as it has a job bank for them.

10. TheLadders

Best Job Sites 2019

This site has focused on the job openings that avail themselves for professionals and the upper level executives who might be looking at positions in the management suite. The site has registered over 200,000 employers, and lists over 3 million jobs every year and has a success rate of employment at 1 million. The site has premium tools for a better job search, has personalised insights to improve one’s career and it’s just the right place for advancing professional careers.

After reading the list of the top 10 best job sites in the world you might consider registering yourself with one site but don’t limit yourself to just one job website since every job website lists job from only particulars companies hence you might miss out on what really is yours. Try out every website and see which among them best works for you.


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