The gap between women and men exists in every industry. This is sad, indeed very sad, considering women have been fighting for decades for them to be treated in equal measures as men and their rights to be recognised.

Women in western world may have won their battle with the likes of Hillary Clinton showing the whole world that a woman can also be a world leader but the poor developing nations women have no voice and this can be signaled by the few women who hold powerful positions as leaders.

Women are not lesser beings and in fact they can yield better results than their male counter parts if given the chance. The saddest thing about gender wage gap is that you will find a woman is paid 20% less of what a man is earning. However all hope isn’t lost since there are careers that attract high salaries for women in 2019.

10. Civil Engineer

Best Paying Jobs For Women 2019As a woman choosing a career in engineering might be a good choice since the jobs pay high salary and there is minimal salary gap. Civil engineers are the custodians of our environment. They create, improve, and preserve our environment. Civil engineers fall under two categories that is contracting and consulting engineers. What consultant engineer does is to work on the designs while the contracting engineer implements the designs.

These engineers make plans on the office, design the final output, and supervise the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure and the structures. To qualify to be a civil engineer you require a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or related field and you will take home around $1300 weekly and $67,000 on yearly basis.

9. Purchasing managers

Best Paying Jobs For WomenA purchasing manager usually plan, give orders, controls and oversee the buying of products either for use in the organisation or for reselling purposes. They usually evaluate suppliers in terms of quality and reliability, interview suppliers and pay site visits, review product quality, analyze prize quotations, negotiate, monitor and evaluate contracts on behalf of the organisation, and manage the purchasing team .

To qualify for this position you are required to have a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting or purchasing and supplies, and a master’s degree in fields such as economics would be desirable. You will earn around $1300 on weekly basis or $ 67,000 on yearly basis.

8. Human resources manager

Best Paying Jobs For WomenOne of the best jobs for a woman is being the human resource manager. When holding this position, you will be responsible for overseeing the recruitment and interview of suitable company employees, plan, conduct employee training programs, have a role in structuring employees payroll and benefits as well. Being a human resource manager you will be required to have the skills of solving conflicts and disputes. This job usually pays around $1300 on a weekly basis and $68,000 yearly.

7. Physical therapists

Best Paying Jobs For WomenBeing a physical therapist can be fun and a rewarding job. It needs a woman’s heart since women are known to have that motherly love hence it’s a good choice career for a woman. These professionals there major job is to assist patients to manage pain and their illnesses and help them with their mobility. To be able to qualify for this position you need to have a bachelor’s degree and a DPT degree meaning doctor of physical therapy and in addition have a license. Usually these doctors make an average of $1300 on weekly basis and $68,000 on yearly basis.

6. Software developer

Best Paying Jobs For WomenBeing a software developer can be a very rewarding career to a woman. Your work is to design, create, test and develop new computer programs and applications for mobile devices. You can also be entrusted with the duty of maintain a company software and upgrading it as well. For you to qualify for this position you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering and in addition some creativity skills are needed. You will stand to make at least $1400 weekly salary and $75,000 yearly salary.

5. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Best Paying Jobs For WomenThese are also referred as information technology managers, chief information officer, chief technology officer and there job description is to devise, monitor, coordinate, implement, evaluate all computer related projects. in general they oversee the duties of information securities analysts, computer systems analysts and other IT professionals are done efficiently.

They are also entitled to determine an organisation computer needs in reaction to software or hardware and make recommendations to the qualify for this position you need a bachelors for information science technology, having an MBA may be an added advantage and some relevant experience since this job is a managerial job. You will be entitled to make around 1500 on weekly basis and $80000 on yearly basis as a woman.

4. CEO

Best Paying Jobs For WomenThis job solely depends on the type of organisation one is in but the primary work for a CEO in many organisations is to plan, monitor, coordinate and oversee organisation operations .they are usually responsible of making major decisions for the benefit of the company and in many cases they are held accountable for the success of failure of the organisation.

As a CEO you may find work both in private sector and public sector. To hold such a position you are required to have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree as well depending on the organisation and some experience. You will be entitled to a salary of around $1500 weekly and $82000 yearly.

3. Lawyers

Best Paying Jobs For WomenOne of the best fields a woman can choose to pursue a career on is a law. Becoming a lawyer can give you an edge over other careers since you can decide to start your own firm and be your own boss. Lawyers represent clients from various backgrounds such as individuals, businesses, government, non-governmental organisations on court or serve as law advisors on various legal issues or disputes.

Some of the law fields that are paying high nowadays is intellectual property, immigration lawyers, regulatory compliance and contract negotiation, intellectual property among be a full qualified lawyer you really need to be patient and committed since you will need 7 years in school earning a bachelor’s degree and 3 more years in law school and that not the end you have to keep up with the current news and advance your know how. Lawyers earn around $1600 a week and $83,000 a year.

2. Nurse practitioner

Best Paying Jobs For WomenHealth care is one of the industry that has accommodated women and rewarded them with high salaries without much discrepancies. Nurses are among the professionals who receive fat pay checks and considering the field is not that competitive I would urge ladies to consider this career. Normally nurses work independently or in cooperation with physicians and provide specialty or primary HealthCare.

Nurses do treat patients, administer medication, monitor and evaluate a patient condition, give care to a patient, be there emotionally to the family and the patient, and in addition provide guidance and information to the public on how to prevent diseases, and nutritional qualify to be a nurse practitioner you need a bachelor’s degree in nursing, pass Licensing examination to obtain a license of practice. To advance to a higher position you need a master’s degree or a post graduate diploma in the field. Female nurse do make around $1700 weekly and $87,000 yearly.

1. Pharmacist

Best Paying Jobs For Women

Pharmacists usually have a good salary but it’s dependent on the experience one has and also the geographic location one is in. There work is to manage medication, advise patients, dispense medication and even give vaccinations to patients who have received a prescription from the relevant specialist doctor.

Pharmacists can also conduct drug trials, help in the development of new drugs and advice on safety regulations most pharmacists you will find them in drug store pharmacies and grocery but there also found in clinics and hospitals. To qualify to be a pharmacist you need a doctor of pharmacy degree then get a licensed and pass your exams well. Females get around $1900 a week and in a year around $98,000.

As you can see one thing is clear STEM careers (science, technology, engineering, and math) have dominated the list. This is to say that if you’re a lady who wishes to earn more money in a field that it’s not that competitive then go for STEM. In addition I can urge everyone to treat women with respect and promote gender equality and empowerment of women.


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