Forget startups and SMEs; university education is the most expensive investment you can make at a young age. Research shows the universities in the United States are the most expensive, but most rewarding.

Such hefty fees are due to the simple fact that most American universities are research based, with college tuition picking the tab. It takes thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars to fund research, and nobody does this better than Harvard and crew. The most popular universities in the world of 2019 attract students from all over the world, and admission is purely by merit, and those are why almost every other popular university is from the United States, and have been highlighted on this list.

10. Cambridge University

Most Popular Universities 2019Research facility and institution founded in 1209 is the fourth oldest among the oldest standing universities as it is the second oldest English speaking university world. An urban university it is located in Cambridge, the United Kingdom it covers a land mass of up to 366,444 square meters round. The university has a journalism docket which has the world’s oldest publishing house and the second largest university press in the world.

The institution has been largely linked with technology companies as well as operation a total of 8 scientific and cultural museums. The university is ranked among the best and popular universities in the world. Cambridge University has educated its alumni’s making great names known widely including lawyers, scientists, mathematicians, writers and politicians too.

9. University of Oxford

Most Popular UniversitiesThe world’s oldest university founded in the year 1096 is the second oldest university in continuous operation. As it was first founded it had not accumulated as many students as they expected for most of the English students had gone to Paris where they were then banned from learning there making transfers to the University of Oxford. Being a campus in the city it has a variety of education sectors, therefore, lacking a central campus as its buildings are situated in England.

Oxford University is the home of the most prestigious and oldest scholarship program in the world Rhodes scholarship. The university of Oxford operates on the world’s largest university press as well as the world’s largest university museum. It has educated many alumni’s 28 being prime ministers of England.

8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Most Popular UniversitiesFounded in 1861 MIT is mainly focused on technology, applied science and engineering. The private institution covers a land area of up to 168 acres land area is mostly known for its research in economics, physical sciences, linguists and engineering. The institute has around 11 thousand students, 6,807 students being post graduates as 4,512 students are undergraduates. MIT also has a journalism docket though it isn’t well known The Tech magazine gets to fill everyone up with the latest technology they can write about. The university grows under culture influence which gets to produce well-known alumnis out to the world.

7. Stanford University

Most Popular UniversitiesFounded in 1855 by Jane and Leland Stanford in memory of their son who died of typhoid the 8,180-acre land university is situated in the United States of America. The institution is a suburban one as it a non-denomination institution as well as a co-educational one too. Admitting its first bunch of students 125 years ago, the Cardinal suffered financial instability after the death of their founder but still stood still despite the situation then. Through the years the learning institution has become one of the top most fundraising institutions in the country well known by other institutions.

6. University of California, Berkeley

Most Popular UniversitiesThe urban institute founded in the year 1868 is one of the oldest institutes in the research sector. The private university offers of up to 350 undergraduate programs. The 1,232-acre land has produced alumni’s who have won up to 92 Nobel prizes. University of California, Berkeley is considered to be one of the universities with wide reputations. It is positioned third as one of the academic rankings of world studies.

5. Princeton University

Most Popular UniversitiesFounded in 1746 the institution has around 8,088 students becoming the fourth chartered institution of higher learning. Princeton University offers graduate and under graduate programs such as engineering, humanities, social and natural sciences. The suburban campus covering over 500 acres has the largest endowment per student in recent years. As it gets to be more popular the university has got to graduate huge names in the country with the likes of 2 former US presidents.

4. Yale University

Most Popular UniversitiesFounded in the year 1901 situated in the United States of America Yale university is the third oldest institute of higher education that stands to operate continuously. The urban college amasses of 1,015 acres round its area having 6,859 post graduates and 5,453 undergraduates in its campus. The campus is the second largest of the educational institutions and one of the third largest library volumes in the United States. The institution has graduated notable alumni names including 5 United States presidents and 19 US Supreme Court justices.

3. California Institute of Technology

Most Popular UniversitiesEstablished in the year 1891 California Institute of Technology is among of the Universities which is partially devoted to technical art as well as applied sciences. Having 1,261 post graduates and 979 undergraduates the university has had a history of jokes and pranks but the students are got to be protected by a university protection code. The institute’s alumni’s have had to win up to around 34 Nobel prizes having a total of 112 faculty members being elected by the United States National Academies. The institute has been known to have its graduates getting Ph.D.’s ever the years.

2. Columbia University

Most Popular UniversitiesColumbia University is the oldest college in the state of New York and the fifth chartered institution of higher learning in the United States. Founded 263 years ago Colombia University has had 19,532 post graduates and 8,410 undergraduates and has had affiliations with other institutions. Columbia University has graduated over 20 currently working billionaires, five founding fathers of the United States and nine justices of the United States justice of the Supreme Court among many others.

1. Harvard University

Most Popular Universities

Established in 1636 Harvard university is one of the oldest learning institutions as its history influences wealth making it one of the most prestigious universities. Harvard University in a private institution located in the United States of America having land mass area coverage of about 210 acres. A large institution it is as it has had over 14,500 post graduates as well as 6,700 undergraduates through its curriculum system.

The Harvard Crimson as people would call it has the largest private and academic library systems. The attendance cost at the institution is high but the university offers good learning environments operating cultural and scientific museums. Harvard University is also well known for its alumni’s making large names other nations with people such as former US president Barack Obama alongside his wife Michelle Obama.

College professors are paid considerably well in this university, with the highest paid professor earning nine figures monthly. American universities have produced people that changed the world for the better, including internet and technology billionaires. The richest people in the world will trace their education back to one of the popular universities, and their popularity increases with every new billionaire alumni out there. Its every person’s dream to earn a call up to one of the ten listed universities as investing in a Harvard degree pays for itself in the long run, handsomely!


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