Who doesn’t want to make a lot of money and become rich? In fact the surveys that have been conducted worldwide relating to careers reveal that 7 out of 10 people or rather 80 % of the people consider salary compensation a top priority when choosing the careers they want to venture into.

There so many careers today with a full spectrum of subspecialties and require different training in each occupation. When choosing a career a lot of considerations influence the choices people make excluding salary such as passion, interest, talent and even family business. It’s important to note that t high salary demands higher education, and a lot of skills in the field but it’s also influenced by the demand of skills and the competition in the job market. Salary being one of the measures used to choose a career, well take a look at the fields that reward people with the highest salaries in 2019.

10. Chief Executives Mean annual pay $180,700

Highest Paid Successful Careers 2019Chief executives officer is the most senior person in an organisation or a leader in any administration who devises strategies and policies and is the overall manager in an organisation. He or she is entrusted with the role of making sure the company or organisation meets its objectives and goals. Usually they are found in many organisations including public and private corporations, NGO, and even on the government.

They are entrusted with the responsibility of development, creating, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of a company. Normally they report to the board of directors on the progress of the entity and miles that the entity has reached in relation to its mission. They are also called “president” or chief “executive”.

9. Psychiatrists Mean annual pay: $182,700

Highest Paid Successful CareerA health specialist who works in psychiatry is usually refereed as a psychiatrist. This is the branch of medicine that where the specialist is able to diagnose, treat and prevent emotional, behavioral and mental disorders.

They are quite different from other mental health professionals such as counselors and Psychologists since they are medically qualified to prescribe medication and make conclusions and evaluations of patients symptoms whether is a physical illness, a mental illness or just psychiatric. Although the professional requirements to qualify to be a psychiatrists differ one condition is to get a medical degree, then professional training in psychiatric resident.

8. Family and General Practitioners Mean annual pay: $186,320

Highest Paid Successful CareerThese are very vital health care workers in the society. They are physicians who make a diagnosis to general population , helps in the prevention of illnesses and injuries, prescribes and administers treatment, therapy, medication and other medical care prescribing and administering treatment, medication, vaccination, therapy and other medical care.

They as well indulge in other activities such as monitoring of patient progress or responses to treatments, provide health and wellness advice to patients and general population, can also deliver babies, and refer patients to other healthcare practitioners. To qualify for this position you require to have a medical degree, family medicine residency, and other license’s specific to the country of origin.

7. Physicians and Surgeons Mean annual pay: $189,760

Highest Paid Successful CareerPhysicians and surgeons are two careers that pay highly. Physicians are medical practitioners whose professional role is to promote, maintain and restore the health status of a patient through diagnosing, application of treatment of diseases and injury and examine other physical and mental impairments. They also take the role of counselling patients on the best lifestyle practices such as diet, hygiene and preventative healthcare.

Surgeons on the other hand are entrusted with the role of operating patients and treat injuries related to fracture of bones, diseases such as deformities among others. These careers require you to have a medical degree, and depending on one’s choice of speciality you require 4-7 years for specialisation purpose in order to qualify.

6. General Internists Mean annual pay: $190,530

Highest Paid Successful CareerAn internist also known as a general internist is a doctor who has specialised in the diagnosis of diseases and non-surgical treatments of adults. He or she can also serve in the category of a primary care physician or a consultant to other medical professionals. They do also conduct research and training.to qualify for this career when you’re in high school you need to be good in biology, chemistry and mathematics, also 7 years at medical school taking your bachelors and special sturdy and training,

5. Orthodontists Mean annual pay: $201,030

Highest Paid Successful CareerOrthodontists is a medical specialist who has graduated from a dentistry degree and undergone through a special training in dental school. His or her work involves diagnosis, prevention, improving the appearance and corrects teeth and jaws that are abnormally arranged. They usually use treatment methods such as removal of teeth, brace and other methods.

4. Obstetricians and Gynecologists Mean annual pay: $214,750

Highest Paid Successful CareerObstetricians and gynecologists (OB-GYNs) is one of the physician specialists who is entrusted with provision of medical and surgical care to women and has professional expertise in areas of preventative care, childbirth, family planning, pregnancy, and reproductive health. They can as well serve in the capacity of consultants to other physicians. They usually work in hospitals or clinical setting, and as trainers in universities.

3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Mean annual pay: $219,600

Highest Paid Successful CareerOral & Maxillofacial surgeons (OMS) are professionals’ specialists who are involved in surgical procedures, treatment of injuries and diseases of hard and soft tissues of oral and maxillofacial region. These regions are face, mouth, jaw and skull as well as associated structures. They have also the knowledge on how to administer anesthesia. To qualify for this career you need four years at the dentist school and an additional four years of surgical training.

2. Surgeons Mean annual pay: $240,440

Highest Paid Successful CareerIn the field of medicine a doctor who performs operations is usually referred to as a surgeon. They usually fall under many categories such as physicians, dentists, Otorhinolaryngology, Neurological, cardiac, podiatrists among others. They usually operate patients and treat injuries such as broken bones, diseases, deformities, review tests, give preventative information, recommend mode of treatment among other duties.

1. Anesthesiologists Mean annual pay: $246,320

Highest Paid Successful Career

This is the career that will get you paid the highest amount of salary in many countries in the world. The anesthesiologist’s primary role is to administer drugs (anesthetics) of pain relief to patients who are undergoing surgery. This helps the surgeon mandated to conduct the operation to complete his painful procedure without discomforting the patient. They also do work in areas such as labor wards, intensive care unit among other areas in a hospital set up.

These are the best and highest paid careers that any student who is about to enroll in college should aim at if his main objective is earning high salary. Take note that these careers demand very skilled professionals and you need to work very hard to get in these positions.


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