Early 60% of all high school graduates are enrolling in higher institutions of learning such as colleges and universities each year making a college degree to become an indispensable stepping stone to landing a rewarding future job.

When one focuses on choosing a major he or she should be aware that that decision will have a long-lasting effect on his or her future earnings. It’s very critical to choose a career that can pay your bills and sustain you economically considering the competitiveness of job market today.

It’s also worth noting that not all degrees offered in colleges or universities are similar and in most cases they differ when it comes to salary compensation. Some of the high paying major’s fall under STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) but that should not mean that you ignore other majors such as education, arts, humanities, or even social sciences since you can work your way up and you might be good at them than on STEM. Here are some of the highest paying majors in college in 2018.

10. Computer Engineering (CE)

Highest Paid Successful College Major

Early career pay $69,600 mid-career pay $113,000

Computer science is one of the best college majors one can indulge into as they are rewarded very well when it comes to paycheck. The field usually integrates electrical engineering and computer science knowledge to develop computer software and hardware. They usually train in electronic engineering, hardware and software design.

They usually integrate the latest innovations to develop new computer hardware and software applications and improve networks and communications systems in an organisation. For those in high school looking for entry into college and are interested in this field you need to be good at science subjects and maths.

9. Aeronautical Engineering

Highest Paid Successful College Major

Early career pay $63,000 mid-career pay $113,000

Aeronautical engineering was initially the term that was being used but as time has went by and flight technology keeps on changing with inclusion on operation in outer space. Aerospace engineering which is popular referred to as rocket science by astronautic branch is one of the college major that pays fat checks upon completion and successful graduation.

This field is primary concerned with application of scientific and technological methods to develop of spacecraft and aircraft. As a student wishing to pursue this course, you need to have passed well in subjects such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics among others. Upon entry into a college you can decide to take the course as a bachelors, an advanced diploma or at master’s level.

8. Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)

Highest Paid Successful College Major

Early career pay $68,100 mid-career pay $114,000

Engineers are very incredible people and it’s through them that the world has evolved and become a better place. Who would have though the world shall advance in technology from simple ideas would turn out to be giant profitable ideas that can revolutionise our lifestyles such as smart mobile phones. Electrical engineers create technologies while computer engineers solve problems related to hardware, software and network systems. Upon completion you’re qualified for career options such as business, computer hardware & software, photonics, biomedical engineering, robotics, nanoengineering , energy systems, among others.

7. Electronics & Communications Engineering

Highest Paid Successful College Major

Early career pay $68,000 mid-career pay $115,000

If you have a passion in repairing electronics, or developing electronic communication systems then majoring on electronic communication engineering is the best choice. In this course you will have a chance to utilize science and math’s and solve practical problems in the field of communications. Communication fields which you can indulge yourself in are mobile phone handsets and cellular networks, television, data transmission and security, radios, internet and digital broadcasting.

6. Nuclear Engineering

Highest Paid Successful College Major

Early career pay $68,500 mid-career pay $116,000

One of the highest paying college majors is nuclear engineering. Nuclear engineer’s primary work is to design the equipment and come up with the operating procedures that will be applied in nuclear power plants. They are usually entrusted with the responsibility of keeping the society safe by designing the safest way of handling and the best methods of nuclear waste disposal, troubleshooting problems in the nuclear equipment, monitor nuclear power among other responsibilities. For this in high school interested in this course they should concentrate on sciences subjects and mathematics. This job will require upon entry a bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering.

5. Computer Science (CS) & Engineering

Highest Paid Successful College Major

Early career pay $71,200 mid-career pay $116,000

One of the careers that is continuing to grow in a rapid pace is computer science & engineering. The professionals who undertake this college major usually have the responsibility of researching and coming up with new computer technologies so that they can be able to solve problems in many fields.in general they develop new technology, systems and generate computer based solutions. To qualify for this career you need to have a good background in math’s, physics and chemistry while at high school level.

4. Chemical Engineering

Highest Paid Successful College Major

Early career pay $69,800 mid-career pay $119,000

Being a chemical engineer you are accountable for the physical, chemical and biochemical processes and the infrastructure used to transform raw materials to products that can be used. They are also responsible for designing and testing new process plants and equipment, investigating and troubleshooting plant problems, improve existing ones, supervise plant operations, and assess safety of workers, compliance with regulations safeguarding the environment, scheduling and coordinating work.to qualify for this position you need to be good in math’s and sciences as a high school g

raduate and to be a chemical engineer you need to specialize in one of these majors chemical engineering, biochemical engineering or mechanical engineering.

3. Actuarial Science

Highest Paid Successful College Major

Early career pay $60,800 mid-career pay $119,000

One of the best college majors that is rewarded and has few entries meaning there is minimal competition is actuarial science. An actuary is a financial risk professional who is entrusted with the mandate of forecasting, evaluating, providing information, and planning future risks both expected and unexpected, using his familiarity and understanding of economic, commercial and trending market principles.

Most of their employers are banks, insurance companies and all other financial institutions. Other responsibilities accompanying their job description are production of reports, proposals, charts and statistical data, estimation of probability, explaining the data, among others. For a student looking to be an actuary you need strong skills in mathematics statistics and business subjects. To qualify for the job you need to have an undergraduate degree in mathematics, statistics, actuarial science or business related course.

2. Systems Engineering

Highest Paid Successful College Major

Early career pay $66,400 mid-career pay $121,000

This college major will see graduate entrusted with the role of planning, organising and engineering of a company systems infrastructure. It includes developing and application of hardware and software. These engineers some of their job description are managing and monitoring all the installed systems, install test and configure applicable system software’s, provide security and backup strategy, provide solutions to problems, among others. To qualify to be a system engineer you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or interrelated field.

1. Petroleum Engineering

Highest Paid Successful College Major

Early career pay $96,700 mid-career pay $172,000

Every country in the world need energy to grow economically and thus it’s no wonder that the current highest paying college major is petroleum engineering. In this major successful candidates will involve themselves with activities involving exploration, production and extractions of hydrocarbons thus oil or natural gas.

Petroleum engineers are categorised into drilling engineers, subsurface engineers, production engineers and reservoir engineers. You need either a petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering or chemical engineering bachelor’s degree in this position.

These above college majors have been analysed and emerged the highest paying after graduation.by knowing what you will earn after college, you can clearly see what the future holds for you. This should be a motivation to those high school students who are aspiring to join a college.


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