If you’re looking for a career in USA as a high school graduate that you can pursue after graduating in school and earn lots of money within your first year of entry then consider minimising your research and concentrate on engineering field as a focal point.

Engineers draw on highly specialised practical information to formulate, build, advance and sustain some of humanity’s most essential systems, structures, progresses and materials, ranging from armaments systems, transportation infrastructures to biomolecule invention. Engineering is globally considered as one of the most lucrative and high in demand career that not only has an impact on the society but also its professionals do get a salary exceeding even $100K. Here is a list of the highest paying engineering jobs in 2019 as per the sources such as the National Society of Professional Engineers, US News & World Report, universities and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

10. Mining & Geological Engineers $100,970

Highest Paid Successful Engineering Jobs in USA 2019In the United States of America being a mining and Geological engineer can earn you a fat paycheck. The career involves designing a mine for safe and effectual removal of precious minerals and how to get the most out of the deposits for manufacturing and utilities. They are also required to prepare reports for managers and miners as well as engineers. Mining and geological engineers in most cases just specialise in one particular mineral or metal.

They also design and develop the best transportation of minerals from the mining area to the processing factory and as the engineer you have to provide solutions to all problems associated with environmental pollution, sustainability and land reclamation. As a student aspiring for this position you need to concentrate your studies on subject’s such as mathematics, and science. You will also be required to have a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering and Master’s degree programs in mining and geological engineering.

9. Engineering Professors $102,000

Highest Paid Successful Engineering Jobs in USAAn engineering professor responsibility is to install education and knowledge to students on the application of physical laws and principles of engineering so that students can be able to improve and advance machines, materials instruments, processes and services. They prepare course materials and other materials such as assignments and notes. They usually lecture undergraduate students who are taking subjects such as electrical, chemical, hydraulics, robotics, and mechanics among others. At the end of every academic semester they take the responsibility of supervising students exams and evaluate on students’ performance.

8. Chemical Engineers $103,590

Highest Paid Successful Engineering Jobs in USA

They are the people who design and come up with the processes that yield a diverse range of products. They apply the principles of science and math’s to solve problems related to production and usage of chemicals and other products such as drugs and fuel among many others. They also come up with the best process and infrastructure for large scale manufacturing, plot, and test the best production methods, and coordinate and oversee facility operations. These professionals in the USA work in industries such as energy, food and drinks, plastics, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, water treatment among many others.

7. Nuclear Engineers $104,630

Highest Paid Successful Engineering Jobs in USAOne of the best jobs in United States that has plenty of room for advancement is nuclear engineering. Nuclear engineer’s job description revolves around researching and development of the process, and systems used to spring benefits from nuclear energy.in general they harness the energy released from nuclear reactions. These people are entrusted with designing, administration and decommissioning nuclear power stations. You can as well be designing new systems, maintain old ones, improve productivity and overall sustainability of nuclear power plant. You require a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering and a lot of experience in the field.

6. Sales Engineers $104,660

Highest Paid Successful Engineering Jobs in USAThough the job pays quite well, the job is quite difficult since the income of the sales engineer depends largely on the success of completion of sales. A sales engineer sells complex scientific and technological products or services to individual clients or businesses. A better understanding of the product you’re selling in relation to parts and functions is required. Other roles entrusted on the sales engineer are to research and develop new products, working closely with the sales team, modify and plan products to suit customer needs and respond, respond to proposals for specific customer requirements among other requirements.

5. Aerospace Engineers $107,700

Highest Paid Successful Engineering Jobs in USAAn Aerospace engineer role is to design, research, develop, maintain and tests aircrafts, and space crafts, satellites and missiles. You will be assigned the mandate of ensuring there is a probability of 100% flight safety, use advanced technology to improve fuel efficiency, supervise the assembling of engines and other equipment’s, assess flight test programs, investigate aircraft accidents, project management role, modifying design to improve safety, and providing technical and regulatory advice to clients and teams among other roles. To qualify for this position you need a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or other fields of engineering such as software, mechanical, electrical or a space related course.

4. Computer Hardware Engineers $110,650

Highest Paid Successful Engineering Jobs in USAA computer hardware engineer normally take research, schemes, develops and take up test on the equipment’s such as routers, circuit boards, chips among others. After analysis of equipment they usually develop new ones or improve on it. They act as the primary problem solvers on issues related to the hardware system of a computer. They also supervise the manufacturing process of computer hardware and updates computers with new equipment’s and conduct a test analysis.to qualify for this job you need to have better understanding of math’s and science subjects and bachelors in computer engineering.

3. Airline Pilots & Flight Engineers $131,760

Highest Paid Successful Engineering Jobs in USA

Pilots we can refer to them in a general term as the drivers of airplanes or professionals who fly airplanes and helicopters and in addition they are the ones responsible for starting engines, pilot airplanes to transport mail, passengers while following the regulations and procedures given to them by flight instructors. The flight engineer usually works from the ground or on board of a plane. Flight engineers on the other hand are responsible for monitoring and operating systems, making repairs, assisting in communication since the pilots depend on the computerised system of a plane which can be handled only by a flight engineer.

2. Architectural & Engineering Managers $138,720

Highest Paid Successful Engineering Jobs in USABeing and architectural and engineering manager in USA means it’s your responsibility to direct plan and coordinate the research and development team who are mandated to develop products, processes and improve on existing products. This job requires you to have a bachelor’s of engineering degree, an architecture degree, masters of engineering management, or masters of technology management.

1. Petroleum Engineers $147,520

Highest Paid Successful Engineering Jobs in USA

Petroleum engineering is the job where professionals deal with issues of extraction, exploration and production of natural gas and oil. Energy is one of the key component of our lives, our economies and also the determinant of the sustainability of the future generations. For a sustainable future and the ability of the future generations to enjoy the resources we are enjoying today there is a requirement of balance between how much is extracted , how efficient its being used, preservation of the environment, and how affordable it is.

These above jobs are the best paid in the USA and from the article you can see that SMERP subjects have dominated the list. If you are a student ad looking for a better paying job and your good in the requirements specified don’t hesitate to take any of the above degree.


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