Many sectors of the US economy pay quite well such as the health sector, manufacturing sector, social services sector among others. In today’s economic times the job one has determines his or her ability to pay the bills whether in a comfortable way or in a struggling way. It’s no secret that the world has evolved in relation to technology and with such evolution the tech sector is becoming one of the best paying sector in the country.

In fact among the top 50 best careers that are paying quite high, tech jobs have really dominated the list. The list below has some of the highest paying jobs in the tech sector in 2019 but they require years of schooling, a lot of training, a lot of experience, and proven record of success.

10. Analytics Manager

Highest Paid Successful IT Job 2019

Median base salary: $106,000

Analytics is a field co related with statistics and is a developing field within the information technology industry. Analytics managers are responsible for the formation, designing, application and supporting the data analysis solution mechanism.

They usually coordinate the analytics tasks for their respective companies as well as creating operative strategies to assemble data, analyse the data, research and implement desirable analytics solutions for their products or qualify for this field you need to have a post-secondary education in areas of mathematics, business, statistics and moreover have an extensive experience in data analysis and statistical analysis.

9. Product Manager

Highest Paid Successful IT Job

Median base salary: $107,000

This is the person who defines a product vision to the development and implementation team and ensures the end product meets the user needs. His role is similar to that of a brand manager. He is often seen as the CEO of the product as he is the person who clearly states the approach, roadmap and features of that product.

He usually analyses the demographics, market competition and how the products aligns itself with the company objectives and brand. The position may also have some additional responsibilities such as projecting, marketing, and profit and loss analysis.

8. Data Architect

Highest Paid Successful IT Job

Median base salary: $113,000

A data architect is the person responsible for the creation of blueprints for data management systems. He or she designs, creates, deploys and manages an organisational data architecture which allow employees to access information they require.

Data architects outline the mode of storing data, consumption, integration and management by diverse data entities and IT systems. Some other responsibilities include identification and evaluation of current data management technologies, research of new opportunities for data acquisition, develop data models meant for database structures, integration of technical functionality and creation of inventory of data required for the implementation of architecture.

7. Data Scientist

Highest Paid Successful IT Job

Median base salary: $115,000

It’s one of the high ranking positions and in the recent years this job has become a superhot job. Professionals in this field play the role of running the systems that are used to store data and find the insights. They usually use their professional skills in math, programming and statistics to clean and organise unstructured and structured data. Other job roles that they usually undertake is extraction of data both from internal and external sources, cleaning of data, invent new algorithms and come up with data driven solutions to most challenges

6. Systems Architect

Highest Paid Successful IT Job

Median base salary: $116,920

The position job description requires the holder to develop or design, apply and maintain computer systems and networks for companies. This job involves development and implementation of policies and procedures that makes sure the installed systems support the business objectives and goals and meets the needs of the end user.

Other responsibilities are development of prototypes, user guides, perform a cost analysis, troubleshooting and diagnosis, oversee system backup management among qualify for this position you need to a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other related field of information and technology

5. Applications Development Manager

Highest Paid Successful IT Job

Median base salary: $120,000

The person behind this position performs the work of planning, supervision and coordination of all actions related crafting, development, and application of companies’ information systems and software. They are also entrusted with the responsibility of supporting, maintaining, evaluating and upgrading existing applications and systems. They also set and implement policies and procedures. The desirable education level for such position is a related master’s degree with an average of 5-10 years’ experience.

4. Solutions Architect

Highest Paid Successful IT Job

Median base salary: $120,000

This is the 21st century or rather a modern term for an IT consultant or system analyst. The holder of this position is entrusted with the role of converting requirements into the architecture and design and come up with a byproduct which is a solution to the problem. Usually he or she plays the role of a consultant in the development of any software within the business that will be required to meet the user needs. This position requires the holder to have skills in business as well as technical ones.

3. IT Manager

Highest Paid Successful IT Job

Median base salary: $120,000

The person holding this position has a mandate to oversee the organisation computer infrastructure and other related areas. He is the overall leader in the department of information and technology and oversees the staff that are in the departments of network technology, software development and IT security.

They also play the role of an adviser to the company on the best IT solutions to apply for development of the business and has a mandate to ensure all IT related projects are completed on time and within the stipulated budget. The entry education level requirement for this position is a bachelor’s degree in a field related to IT, a master’s degree will also be a requirement and close to 7 years’ experience will be required by many employers.

2. Software Architect

Highest Paid Successful IT Job

Median base salary: $128,250

This job requires the holder to be a software expert who has the skills of making and developing initial software designs, stipulates technical standards of the product, ensures feasibility, functionality and its compatibility with the existing systems.

Other responsibilities accompanying this position is communicate all concepts to developers, provide technical guidance, and subdivide tasks among other responsibilities. The job requires a bachelor’s degree in IT related field and an advanced degree in areas of specialty.

1. Software Development Manager

Highest Paid Successful IT Job

Median base salary: $132,000

The highest paid job position in the information and technology field is software development manager position. The holder of this position has the responsibility to oversee a team of developers, manage and provide strategic management direction to a project related to software from the design stage to the completion stage.

Some of the requirements to this position are a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering, a master’s degree in relevant field may be required and some 5-10 years of experience.

Information and technology being a field that is evolving everyday there is a good chance that in the near future the industry might be one of the highest paying beating the health sector and other higher ranking industries. These above jobs will require you to have some experience and in addition to your bachelor’s degree a masters will also be an added advantage if you’re looking for an entry point.


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