Nearly every country the cost of living has risen up and the worst thing about it is that even the unemployment rate has doubled due to factors such as high population or excess entry of graduates in job market which where there is limited job vacancies.

Australia is not an exemption to these problems irrespective of having a better GDP than many countries in the world. As a student, parent or a job seeker I can assume you have ever wondered what job pays better in this country.

The tax office in the country has released jobs that pay high and from the statistics in the list there is a big discrepancy between salaries of females and male working on the same job. When you look at what a male neurosurgeon who is paid $577,674 a year and a female neurosurgeon gets $323,682 a year you will realise that there is a big gender pay gap of almost 40% salary difference. Here is a list of the data released by ATO’s annual Taxation reveling the top 10 highest paid jobs in Australia in 2018 state based on the average taxable income.

10. Gastroenterologist $415,192

Highest Paid Successful Jobs in Australia

This is one of the jobs that is ranking high in the pay scale in Australia. This is a physician who has specialised in diagnosing and treating patients who have gastrointestinal problems. They are trained with special skills to provide solutions to gastrointestinal ailments.

They are also involved in the research and interpretation of results of the problem in the digestive get to this positon one is required to complete a normal bachelor’s degree in medicine, then complete a residency and for full recognition as a gastroenterologists an advanced degree in the speciality is a requirement.

9. Vascular surgeon $417,524

Highest Paid Successful Jobs in Australia

These are the only specialists in the medicine field who are trained in the speciality of blood vessels and can perform their responsibility using surgical and nonsurgical techniques in treating vascular diseases. Their primary responsibility is to handle issues regarding the network of blood vessels thus veins and arteries.

This job requires you to have a bachelor’s degree in medicine, then 5 years training in residency general surgery, after passing your exams you will take another 2 years training in special vascular surgery. You will also require certification to become fully qualified.

8. Urologist $433,792

Highest Paid Successful Jobs in Australia

An urologist is a medical doctor or rather a physician who has specialised knowledge and skills in treating diseases involving the urinary tract of females and males as well as ensures the male reproductive organs are healthy. Some of the diseases they treat affect penis, external genitalia, prostate kidneys, bladder, among other organs.

Urologists can also perform surgery but they have to have the relevant knowledge required thus special qualify for this position you need a bachelor’s degree from a medical school, complete a residency program which will take 5 years,

7. Orthopedic surgeon $439,629

Highest Paid Successful Jobs in Australia

Also known as orthopaedic surgeon is a special surgeon who uses both surgical and non-surgical methods to treat ailments and injuries of musculoskeletal system. They use their training to treat a number of conditions that normally affect the body joints, muscles, nerves, tendons, nerves among others. This position requires a bachelor’s of medicine degree, medical license and board certification in orthopedic surgery.

6. Otorhinolaryngologist $445,939

Highest Paid Successful Jobs in Australia

Have you ever wondered when you get an infection or an ailment in your ears nose and throat which kind of doctor is most preferable to consult? The answer to your question is an otolaryngologists also refereed as ENT specialists. These doctors also treat problems related to the structures of the head and the neck, larynx, mouth among others. This career requires you to obtain a bachelor’s degree in medicine, 5 years residency, a license and a certification.

5. Gynaecologist; Obstetrician $446,507

Highest Paid Successful Jobs in Australia

Also referred to as OB/GYN is a medical specialists who provides medical treatment to women in conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth, and in general female reproductive system. They usually treat other illnesses such as menopause, breast cancer hormonal imbalances among other jobs. This speciality usually conglomerates medicine and surgery. This job requires a doctor degree in medicine, obtain license of practice, and take another 4 years of speciality.

4. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon $448,530

Highest Paid Successful Jobs in Australia

Some of the best paid doctors in the world are specialists of plastic and reconstructive surgeons. There work revolves mainly on altering various parts of the human body to correct malformed features. Specialities within this field comprises of body contouring, microsurgery, tissue transfers, laser surgery among qualify for this job you need a bachelor of medical ,complete a residency requirement, be certified.

3. Cardiologist $453,253

Highest Paid Successful Jobs in Australia

Cardiologists are physicians who have specialised in solving the problems involving the heart, veins and arteries in general the entire cardiovascular system. Other responsibilities within this job are sensitisation of heart health to the general public, performing invasive procedures, among others. To qualify for this job you need a bachelor’s degree in medicine, complete a residency, obtain certification and complete a special training in cardiology.

2. Ophthalmologist $552,947

Highest Paid Successful Jobs in Australia

One of the best well compensated job is Ophthalmologist. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors or specialists whose work involves diagnosing, treating and providing prevention information of diseases of the eyes and visual system. The difference between ophthalmologists and other eye specialists such as opticians and optometrists is that they are able to provide eye medical care and perform surgery. A degree in general medicine is required, a certification and also specialist training in ophthalmology.

1. Neurosurgeon $577,674

Highest Paid Successful Jobs in Australia

The highest paid job in the country is Neurosurgeon. Neurosurgery is a speciality that deals with defections or conditions that affects the brain, peripheral nerves and spinal cord. Neurosurgeons work is to conduct diagnosis, evaluation, surgical treatment of the brain, peripheral nerves and spinal qualify for this position you require a medical degree, 5-7 year neurosurgical residency, and a license of practice.

In Australia even though there is a problem of gender equity based on salaries these professionals jobs really pay quite high amount of salary. As a woman don’t be discouraged to venture your career in these fields just because they don’t offer the same amount of money as the male counter parts.


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