Students globally are advised by their teachers back in high school that every career is good and I don’t want to differ with their advice. But when we compare and contrast the salaries of different careers I bet if you’re given a second chance to rewind and retake a career of your choice you would go for another option. The average salary across the united kingdom in all occupations is around is £34,000 but some occupations pay five times this salary.

Thus when the thoughts such a do you retrain? Come through your mind when you compare what you get and what they get. The list below is data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) which reveals salaries in all occupations. It’s worth noting that the list has excluded celebrities, and self-employed people since they are not classified in the list of PAYE. Here is the list of top 10 highest paid jobs in UK for 2019.

10. Financial /insurance institution managers and directors: £75,169

Highest Paid-Successful Jobs in UK 2019These are the people responsible for provision of guidance, manage operations and productivity of their institutions. They both try to minimize financial losses, identify and mitigate risks, develop strategies and plan long term financial goals. They also assist the executive management of the company to make the best decisions for the organisation, analyze market trends and competitors to find opportunities, supervise staff, develop external relationships, liaise with auditors to ensure there is monitoring, research on factors affecting business and providing solutions among other responsibilities. The entry requirement for such high ranking position is a bachelor’s degree in business related course depending on the job, a master’s degree in the field, certifications and 5+ years of experience.

9. IT and telecommunications directors Average pay before tax: £78,071

Highest Paid-Successful Jobs in UKThe director of information and technology has the responsibility of ensuring the development and implementation and application of technology in the company and works with every staff to ensure that the user needs are met. Communication director also referred in some organisations as public relations directors are liable for the strategic planning and design of company’s telecommunications system. The director of communication in general has the responsibility to control and handle company public image. The entry requirements in these positions is a degree in computer science, programming, public relations, and other relevant field, a master’s degree in related field and some years of experience.

8. Medical practitioners Average pay before tax: £78,386

Highest Paid-Successful Jobs in UKA medical practitioner role is to diagnose mental and physical illnesses, injuries and disorders and prescribe the best treatment and medication that a patient requires in order to restore health. The entry requirements in this field varies depending on the speciality but a general medical bachelor’s degree is a requirement then depending on the speciality of the job other requirements come into play. This category includes pediatricians, radiologists, surgeons, anesthetists among others.

7. Air traffic controllers Average pay before tax: £81,132

Highest Paid-Successful Jobs in UKAlso referred as air traffic control officers (ATCOs) they are entrusted with the duty of maintaining safe and well-ordered flow of air traffic in the global air traffic control system. These people manage an aircraft through all phases of the flight in other words you will take the responsibility of ensuring it lands and take off safely. This position takes requires a A degree or HND, and other special training that may be required depending on the speciality.

6. In-house lawyers Average pay before tax: £80,210

Highest Paid-Successful Jobs in UKAlso referred as corporate counsel, these are lawyers who are hired by business, organisations or corporations. Their work is to give counsel to employees and business on various legal matters that they may be facing. There work is to negotiate and agree on contracts on behalf of their employer business, give advice on various issues, evaluating companies marketing strategy to assess if there is any legal handle, and other responsibilities related to law. The entry requirement to this profession is a law degree and a completion of legal practice course training.

5. Financial managers and directors Average pay before tax: £84,675

Highest Paid-Successful Jobs in UKFinancial managers have the responsibility of making sure their organizations or business are financially stable or rather healthy. Much of their responsibility in any business is to review financial reports and try applying cost reduction methodologies, supervise the budget and approval, make financial statements and reports, assist in the decision making process, scrutinize market trends among other responsibilities. To be factored in such a position you need to be a holder of a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, business administration, have a master’s degree in relevant field and a number of years in experience.

4. Aircraft pilots / flight engineers Average pay before tax: £86,915

Highest Paid-Successful Jobs in UKFlight engineers and aircrafts pilots are one of the highest paid individuals in the airline industry in this country. A flight engineer work is to make sure every component of that plane is functioning properly. They also assists pilots on navigation and it’s their duty to make repairs if they arise. A pilot on the other hand Is responsible for flying an airliner and monitor aircraft systems. For you to qualify in this position you require a bachelor’s degree, Airline Transport Pilot’s License (ATPL) among others as per the job description.

3. Marketing & sales directors Average pay before tax: £87,890

Highest Paid-Successful Jobs in UKIn UK one of the best careers that will see you get a fat salary check on your account is being a sales and a marketing director. The holders of this position are responsible for planning and implementing , marketing and developing strategies that will work towards the business a marketing manager you are required to be aware with current trends, oversee and evaluate market research, develop and manage marketing budget, set performance goals, direct product research and development among other responsibilities. You need a degree in marketing, sales, business administration and a number of years of experience.

2. Chief executives Average pay before tax: £123,577

Highest Paid-Successful Jobs in UKMany people don’t really understand what a CEO does but they too have roles to play in a company or organisation. The ceo job in general concentrates in meeting the overall needs of investors, stakeholders, clients and employees. They are responsible for setting strategy and direction, building and delegating the executive, formulate policies, establish long range goals, among other responsibilities. You need a bachelor’s degree a Master’s degree, long experience of about 10 years in the field and a track record of success.

1. Brokers Average pay before tax: £133,868

Highest Paid-Successful Jobs in UK

Brokers mostly are employed by banks, consultancy outfits, financial institutions and other companies. There work entails managing financial portfolio of their clients. They usually deal with monitoring of clients investment, research financial markets, and get new clients among other roles. This job has no specification on the education field required but normally a bachelor’s degree in accounting finance and banking is a requirement and training usually takes place in house.

These above jobs are the highest paying jobs today in the United Kingdom. Most of them require advanced level of education and if you so wish to occupy one of these positions please review the requirements and work your way up the ladder.


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