Every nurse after completion of their education in the nursing school have to choose the speciality they want to major on professionally. In nursing profession their so many specialities to choose from and this confuses many prospective nurses who are on the verge of making very important career decision.

When making such decision nurses usually factor several key elements such as salary, number of years required to be a profession in that speciality, stress level of the job, demand and opportunities, demand for certification, work environment and so many other factors. But one key factor stands out and that is the salary which nearly 90% influences the decision taken by every nurse. For those who are looking and wondering which career direction they should follow, here is a list that will provide a good primer of the top 10 highest paying nursing specialities in 2019.

10. Neonatal Nurse $74,000

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties 2019

If you really love and you have that passion of small babies this is the rewarding field for you. The specialisation involves caring of small babies mostly newborn to a limit of 28 days. There has been an emergence of unhealthy babies being born mostly premature babies, or minor illness or complications that involve growth hence there is high demand for Neonatal nurses. The pay per hour is an average of $29 and for those who are in intensive care unit are paid more. For you to be a neonatal nurse extensive knowledge on critical infant care is needed hence you are required to have experience through learning as clinical nurse specialist or neonatal nurse practitioner.

9. Geriatric / Gerontological Nurse Practitioner $75000

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties

In the world today the aging population is increasing in number due to the improvement of health care and the advancement of technology especially in the field of medicine. The aged normally have their unique set of illnesses and require specialised health care. Geriatric nurses monitor the aged, check on their mental health, conduct routine checkups and screenings, pain management, give medication and focus on preventative care to them. Since the aging population is growing there will be more patients requiring long term care hence there will be high demand of these nurses. To get at this position you have to have a bachelor of science in nursing, pass your examination, take a master’s of science in nursing and get certified by relevant board.

8. Clinical Nurse Specialist $76000

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties

To become a CNS you must hold a master’s degree or a doctorate and you are also required to have a certification proving that you have an advanced understanding and clinical skills to a specific patient population or specialised field of nursing. Your duties as a clinical nurse specialists are not limited to helping patients to prevent or resolve illness but also it includes duties such as diagnosing and treating diseases, injuries or disabilities within the particular area of expertise. As a CNS you are also required to be a mentor to fellow nurses, take up advocacy roles in committees and policy making entities, as well as applying observations of direct patient care to research all in an effort to improve the delivery of health care.

7. General Nurse Practitioner $78000

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties

Nurse practitioners they are an advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) who have an advanced knowledge, complex decision making skills, and clinical training that normally is inexistent in RN. Their job descriptions revolves around specific areas of populations comprising mental health, chronic condition, adult medicine, pediatrics and geriatrics. If one is able to complete an advanced degree program which automatically will enable you to practice independently you will take roles similar to that of a doctor which will trigger higher earnings. The entry level in the field is a master’s degree.

6. Orthopedic Nurse $81000

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties

An orthopedic nurse is one of the major field in nursing that usually have very high potential of earning huge salary anywhere in the world. The job description of an orthopedic nurse revolves providing specialised care to a broad swath of patients struggling with mobility issues related to musculoskeletal diseases and disorders such as osteoporosis, genetic malformations, fractures, arthritis and joint replacement among others. When a surgery is inevitable the orthopedic nurse usually is there during the operation and also he or she provides preventative and precautionary measures knowledge to patients and also general public.to be an orthopedic nurse you are required to have a bachelor of science in nursing, pass your examinations, then pass your Orthopedic nurse certification exam and get certified nursing.

5. Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse $81000

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties

Working with children can be a very rewarding profession today. A pediatric nurse deals with helping children who are suffering from endocrine illnesses. Such a nurse will treat infants and children who are suffering from disorders such as delayed growth, diseases such as hypoglycemia, diabetes, adrenal, and thyroid. In most cases this nurse works with a pediatrician and since he or she is the expert in the field she has to educate children and parents on matters of healthy lifestyle choices. To qualify for this job you need a bachelor’s of science in nursing, pass your exams, Get significant experience in the field of internal medicine, pediatric nursing, diabetes management and education and endocrinology.

4. Certified Nurse Midwife $84000

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties

CNMs are primary care health providers whose work involve providing Medicare to women who are pregnant and also during postpartum period. They are also able to offer medical care to women in all stages of their life, track fetal development and deliver prenatal, postpartum and newborn care. they do as well provide information regarding sexual transmitted diseases and reproductive health.to qualify for this job you need a master’s of science in nursing, pass your exams, pass midwifery certification exams, get a license and your good to go.

3. Mental Health / psychiatric Nurse Practitioner $95000

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties

This is a field with nursing where psychiatric mental health nurse is trained to provide an advanced range of mental health services to patients and families in different kind of settings. They also act as therapist for patients who have depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Their work is to diagnose a patients need, conduct therapy and offer appropriate medication to all patients with psychiatric disorders, substance abuse difficulties and brain disorders.to qualify for this field of work you need a bachelor’s of science in nursing, pass your exams, get a master’s of science in nursing focusing on Psychiatry then get certification.

2. Nurse Researcher $95000

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties

The major reason medicine has improved so much in the recent times can be accredited to Pharmaceutical and medical research. A research nurse is a profession where one helps to create evaluate, perfect old medications and treatments for various medical problems with an objective of improve healthcare services. These nurses can be involved in working in all areas whether pharmaceutical or medical research. They usually work closely with other scientists in the field of nutrition, medicine, pharmacy and engineering to better come up with solutions to problems.to qualify for this work you need to have a bachelor’s of science in nursing, pass your exams, get your masters of science in nursing, then finally a doctor of philosophy in nursing is required too.

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) $135000

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties

In today booming health care industry being an Anesthetist your guarantee of earning the highest amount of cash reward for your service. Nurse anesthetists are critical to the health care workforce as they are the ones who provide patients with anesthetics in every procedure or operation regardless of its complexity and work closely with anesthesiologists, dentist’s, podiatrists and surgeons. This job requires you to have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse licensure, one year critical care experience and pass all your exams.

If you’re an aspiring nurse you already have an idea of the nursing credentials and skills required in your career path and this list should provide you with a motivation of working hard towards your dreams. These above specialities require you to pass a series of exams during your training so working hard is not an option but a requirement if you really want to be paid such a salary.


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