They say laughter is the best medicine. It holds true for most of the humans. If we cry, we cry alone but if we laugh the world laughs with us. Most of us at the end of a hectic day would love to relax and leave behind the frustration of our work place.

Anyone would prefer a relaxing activity be it scrolling through the funny memes or watching a 15 minutes’ stand-up comedy. The comic can be found in the most basic of stuff around us all one needs is some good observational skills and the ability to laugh at oneself and make others laugh. Stand-up comedians do the same, they tickle your funny bone with topics which might seem too neutral or serious to laugh at and show the audience how actually funny it is and how actually funny life can be if seen from a different perspective. So, here’s the list of the top 10 best and most popular stand-up comedians in India as of 2019 who are most watched:

10. Neeti Palta

Best Stand-up Comedians in India 2019

At the tenth position is Neeti Palta who was the first Indian to perform a Stand Up at the Melbourne Comedy festival and at the Oz fest was voted as the best stand-up comic. She has established Loony Goons which is the first and the utmost successful comedy outfits. In this she arranges shows for MNC’s, performs in pubs and also in private parties.
She has had over 150 shows across different cities. She is also known for her feminists jokes and energetic presence. Her subjects vary from daily nuisances to current concerns to Indian quirks.

9. Rohan Joshi

Best Stand-up Comedians in India

At the ninth position is the member of All India Bakchod Crew and the Comedian Rohan Joshi. He has been a part of many of the AIB comedy videos and has a great comic time and phenomenal performances. His skills do not limit to comedy. He is also known for his writing skills, his columns and sporadic screenwriter. His comic is more focused on the politics and political sarcasm is the core of his comics.

8. Atul Khatri

Best Stand-up Comedians in India

At the eighth position is Atul Khatri who is a famous YouTube personality and amongst the most successful Stand-up Comedians. He is half-Indian and half-Pakistani and is known for giving even the most serious subjects a comic twist. He was voted by the CNN-IBN amongst the top Indian comedians. He is the only Indian to have performed at the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival.

7. Aditi Mittal

Best Stand-up Comedians in India

At the seventh position in the list is Aditi Mittal. She is one of the first women to have done stand-up comedy in India. The Times of India has rated her amongst India’s top 10 stand-up comedians. She has been rated amongst the Top 30 Comedians to be followed on Twitter and was featured in Apart from being a stand-up comedian, she has written articles and columns for financial times, magazines and DNA.

6. Sorabh Pant

Best Stand-up Comedians in India

At the sixth position is Sorabh Pant who is known in the Indian comedian circuit as well is celebrated in the international circuit. He has performed with Rob Schneider and Wayne Brady and has over 350 shows in 7 different countries. The trademark of his show is the high-energy levels and the sexual content which he performs in his shows.

5. Daniel Fernandes

Best Stand-up Comedians in India

At the fifth position is Daniel Fernandes who is known to be amongst the best comedians in India. He is also well-known for speaking about the various social issues in his performances. He never dreads to talk about the controversial issues that take place around the world. Recently he is being talked about for the video on why he hates Fawad Khan. His hallmark is to give a comic twist to the most controversial societal issues that we see around.

4. Varun Thakur

Best Stand-up Comedians in India

In the list of the comedians of India at the fourth position is Varun Thakur. He is famous as a part of the SnG Comedy’s YouTube podcasts. The topics he focuses on are the daily struggles of mankind. From struggling actors to the scene in coffee shops he can make even a normal scenario into a comic plot. He is known for his videos on condoms, chemists, and contraceptives in India.

3. Biswa Kalyan Rath

Best Stand-up Comedians in India

At the third position is Biswa Kalyan Rath popularly known as Biswa went viral after the Pretentious Movie Reviews which he did along with Kanan. These were a series of videos that went viral on YouTube. He performed his first live show with Kanan Gill in the year 2014. The year 2015 is when Biswa was seen to be doing stand-up comedy. Biswa in your face was his first solo tour around different cities of India. He also hosted with the AIB a hunt for comedians and now he is being acclaimed for his current tour called Biswa Mast Admi.

2. Zakir Khan

Best Stand-up Comedians in India

At the second position is Zakir Khan who rose to fame when he won the competition which was conducted by Comedy Central and it was named the India’s Best Stand Up Comedian. He is also known for producing radio shows and has done co-writing. He was also highly praised for a television show which was aired on NDTV Prime called The Rising Stars of Comedy.

On Air with AIB a comedy show focusing on the current news in the country was co-hosted by Zakir. He was also part of the script writing. He has also performed with Vir Das and Papa CJ.

1. Kenny Sebastian

Best Stand-up Comedians in India

The Bangalore based stand-up comedian tops the list of the stand-up comedians in India. With the chocolate boy looks, impeccable comic timing and a singing voice he has become very popular amongst individuals from all the age groups. He is one of the lead members of Bangalore’s comedy group known as The Polished Bottoms. He has gained a lot of popularity with his Amazon Special- Don’t be That Guy. With the face that could melt hearts and the comic which can make the sternest face smirk this comedian has a huge female fan base and would tickle your funny bone.

There are many more stand-up comedians and comedians who are known for their impeccable comic timings and the topics they choose to showcase their comedy. In today’s world when comedy is considered as insulting another person without really understanding where to stop it is very difficult to not cross that line. India has only recently started exploring and accepting the area of stand-up comedy. Though comedy has always been a part of the movies impromptu comic acts or stand-up comedy have only recently started gaining some popularity. To find the funny angle in the day today aspects of life and in the events that go around in the world is indeed a difficult task but these comedians make sure that we see the world from a different angle and laugh our way through this so-called serious world.


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