Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are the queens of music having a combined net worth of nearly half a billion dollars. The male counterparts led by Justin Bieber and Drake are nowhere near the ladies. While successful musicians make Wall Street money when they clock 50, some make theirs in their 20’s. The average person will manage to clear their student loans at age 30, and probably not live to see their first million.

That said, musicians work hard, and they earn their money from their talent. They win Grammy’s and other high ranking awards; not because they are any special than the ones who do not make the red carpet. Be that as it may, the show must go on and money must be made, and the ones who have done that have made the list of the world’s top 10 richest musicians under 30 in 2019.

10. Ellie Goulding – net worth $25 million

Richest Musicians Under 30 in 2019The Briton started off her career when she met her current producer Starsmith. In 2010 she won the Critics’ Choice Award for her first studio album Lights. Her debut album made it to the top of UK Album Charts. She has made notable performances such as during the wedding reception of Prince William and Kate Middleton. She has also been nominated for a Grammy and has produced sound tracks for top grossing movies including 50 Shades of Grey.

9. Selena Gomez – net worth $45 million

Richest Musicians Under 30The actress cum singer started off as a child actor for Disney. Selena Gomez appeared in many television shows most notably was Disney’s Wizard of Waverly Place. Due to the success of the show she was able to land other roles with Disney including music collaborations. In 2011 she decided to start her solo music career and released her debut album Stars Dance in 2013. Two years later the 24 year old released her second studio album Revival which debuted as number 1 on the Billboard Top 200.

8. Avicii – net worth $54 million

Richest Musicians Under 30The 27 year old Swedish DJ has been categorized as one of the most successful DJs. He has been able to diversify his music hence gaining huge international support. He has released big hits such as Levels and Sunshine which led to him being nominated for 3 Grammy Awards. His debut album True which was launched in 2013 was successful in over 15 countries and topped in the US and UK. He has been third on DJ Mag twice.

7. Drake – net worth $101 million

Richest Musicians Under 30The 30 year old musician left acting in 2007 so as to pursue his rapping career. In 2009 after releasing a few discographies he signed for Young Money Entertainment. He later on released his debut album Thank Me later which not only debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Top 100 but was also certified platinum. He later on release two more albums Take Care and Nothing Was The Same before receiving his first ever Grammy for the Best Rapper. In 2016 his fourth album Views broke Billboard record by staying top for 10 nonconsecutive weeks.

6. Adele – net worth $125 million

Richest Musicians Under 30Adele is undoubtedly the most successful pop artist of her time. She began her career in 2006 after signing a recording contract. In 2008 she released her debut album 19 which was a success and she later won the Critics’ Choice Award. It was platinized and in 2009 she won her first two Grammys. In early 2011 she released he second album 21 which won her a record six Grammys in 2012. It was certified diamond after topping the charts for the longest time in US. After a 3 year off she returned to the music scene releasing her third album 25 which broke week selling records. She is also known for her original song Skyfall which was the theme song for the highly acclaimed James Bond movie. She has also been mentioned in the Guinness World Record books.

5. Miley Cyrus – net worth $150 million

Richest Musicians Under 30Miley Cyrus became a teen idol when she played the role of Miley Stewart in the highly acclaimed Disney television series Hannah Montana. She released her first album Breakout in 2008 and released two more in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Her explicit behaviour made her fourth album Bangerz a major controversy. Either way, she has had huge success on the billboard top 100 charts and has won numerous awards and nominations. She is one of the bestselling female artists.

4. Rihanna – net worth $160 million

Richest Musicians Under 30The Barbadian damsel is one of the best artists and performers of all time. She started her career in 2003 releasing singles such as Pon De Replay and SOS. In 2005 she was signed by Jay Z and went on to release 2 successful albums. Her hit song Umbrella won her first Grammy award in 2008. Her success has grown two folds over the years. She is currently the bestselling artist with over 200 million copies sold worldwide. She is also the youngest and fastest artist to make 14 number one singles on the Billboard Top 100. The 28 year old has won 8 Grammys and 12 American Music Awards.

3. Justin Bieber – net worth $200 million

Richest Musicians Under 30The 22 year old Canadian was discovered on YouTube. In 2010 he released his debut album My World which had the song Baby as its lead single. His song Baby is the most successful single ever to be released. After a few more albums his fourth album was a success. Purpose sold over 44 million copies worldwide. Justin Bieber has sold over 100 million copies worldwide making him one of the bestselling artists worldwide. With a wide fan base he is one of the most powerful celebrities in the world.

2. Taylor Swift – net worth $200 million

Richest Musicians Under 30She started off as a country music artist before changing to contemporary pop music. Her first album debuted at number 5 on the Billboard Top 100. Her second album Fearless won her 4 Grammys and became the youngest artist to single handedly write a number 1 song on the charts. Her fifth album 1989 made her the first act to have 3 albums sell over 1 million copies in the first week. Taylor Swift has appeared in Times Top 100 Most Influential People and also topped Forbes List of Celebrity 100.

1. Lady Gaga – net worth $273 million

Richest Musicians Under 30

She started her career in the theaters but later moved on to pursue a singing career. Her debut album The Fame was successful with singles such as Just Dance and Poker Face topping the chats. Her second album The fame Monster was also highly acknowledged with successful singles such as bad Romance, telephone and Alejandro. She has sold over 146 million copies worldwide and received a Golden Globe Award for her work in the television series American Horror Story. She is known for her philanthropic work and activism.

Most young musicians give in to the hype and fame, not living to see off their careers, but true professionals like the ones who made this list are continuing to show consistency with their art debuting number one on international charts. Rihanna is probably the underdog, having not been raised in either the US or Europe, but she goes to show that resilience pays off. Justin Bieber might have been a YouTube artist but he has broken all types of records in the video viewing website. We are rubbing our hands together in anticipation for next year, One Direction is leaking and so is Fifth Harmony. Will they weather the storm? Only time will tell.



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