YouTube is one of the biggest platforms where you can showcase your talent to the world. Many Vbloggers have their own YouTube channel. Their Fans subscribe to these channels which in return helps them in earning. More subscription means more popularity and money. YouTube has given rise to many talented performers over the years. Jimmy Tatro is one such example. Here is the list of the biggest YouTube stars of 2019.

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10. Nigahiga founded by Ryan Higa

Biggest YouTube Stars 2019

The Nigahiga channel in YouTube was founded by Ryan Higa during the mid-2000s and since then this channel has entertained millions us with their goofy and funny how to do videos. The channel has now reached 19.8 million subscriptions thanks to Ryan’s hilarious antics. He has also collaborated with other YouTube stars which have added to the brand value of his channel. The most popular videos of this channel include the Nice guys finish last and the K-pop parody. Ryan Higa believes that to be on the top of the list of YouTube channels it is important to have new formats like interactive shows and comedic music. Having a global audience is also important.

9. Dude perfect founded by Tyler Toney

Biggest YouTube Stars

The Dude perfect channel was founded in 2009 by Tyler Toney and his fellow Texas A&M alums who first started the channel with a camera, a sandwich and a series of “I can do better than you “shots. This channel has been one of the topmost channels in YouTube with a subscription of 20.3 million followers. The channel has been successful in creating impacts on the lives of trick shots devotees. The most popular video of the Dude perfect channel is Ping Pong Trick Shots 2. The creators of this channel have been very thankful for getting such a big platform to showcase their talents.

8. JuegaGerman founded by German Garmendia

Biggest YouTube Stars

This is another YouTube channel which is very famous. The channel was founded by German Garmendia and it has a subscription of 20.4 million. Fans love this channel. This channel is not about mere video games since the owner himself says he is bad at it. The most basic thing that this 26 year old musician and comedian do is rife through day to day topics and also explores the internet apart from mashing his keyboard. The best video of this channel so far is There’s a Lunatic on the Loose. This channel is full of entertainment.

7. VanossGaming founded by Evan Fong

Biggest YouTube Stars

In the year 2011, the channel VanossGaming was founded by Vanoss aka Evan Fong and just like its name it is a gaming page where the Canadian You Tuber, Evan posts fun footages of him and his friends playing games like Garry’s Mod, Call of duty and Grand Theft Auto. This channel has a million subscription, 20.9 million to be exact and it has got a huge fan following. The most popular video is the Best GTA V moments. It is no doubt one of the biggest YouTube channels of all times with a unique concept.

6. Whinderssonnunes founded by Whindersson Nunes

Biggest YouTube Stars

One of the most loved and hot You Tuber, Whindersson Nunes is the founder of the channel and he keeps his followers hooked to his channel with vlogs that are rant-y. There are various pop parodies as well which include hits like Starboy by The Weeknd, Hello by Adele and also Love yourself by Justin Bieber. This channel is very popular and it has a subscription of 18.3 million followers. The most popular video of the channel is what’s the Wi-Fi password?

5. Fernanfloo founded by Luis Fernando Flores

Biggest YouTube Stars

The Fernanfloo channel was founded by Luis Fernando Flores. This channel has got a subscription of 22.5 million and the most hit video is the Fernanfloo Rap. The You Tuber is mainly famous for his wacky signature commentary and his love for Indie titles. He also loves to wear the green colour and doing the moonwalk.

4. Smosh founded by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla

Biggest YouTube Stars

The channel was founded in 2005 and since then it has been very popular with a subscription of 22.7 million. It mainly showcases celeb pranks and the most popular show is Ultimate Assassin’s creed 3 songs. It is an internet empire that has a website, a sci-fi flick that is feature length and a gaming arm.

3. ElrubiusOMG founded by Ruben Doblas Gundersen

Biggest YouTube Stars

This channel has a subscription of 24.8 million and the most popular video on the channel is Pikachu is God. The channel was founded by Ruben Doblas Gunderson which mainly streams game play.

2. HolaSoyGerman founded by Garmendia

Biggest YouTube Stars

The HolaSoyGerman channel is the 2nd most popular channel in YouTube with a subscription of 32.0 million. The most popular video of this channel is Brothers. Garmendia has earned two Diamond play buttons.

1. PewDiePie founded by Felix Kjellberg

Biggest YouTube Stars 2019

The PewDiePie channel was founded by Felix Kjellberg and it is considered to be the biggest YouTube channel till date with a huge subscription of 56.1 million followers. Felix is certainly the king of YouTube and his blogs generally consist of Monica versions of Clueless Gamer of Conan. One of the most famous videos of the channel is Funny Montage no. 2 which has got millions of likes. But lately this you tuber faced certain problem when he mishandled some Nazi jokes which caused Disney and YouTube to postpone his shows. Later he did issued an apology for his actions.

Conclusion – YouTube is a famous video sharing platform that was founded by Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen. It allows the users to upload, rate, view, comment, share, report, add to favourites and subscribe to other channels. This is considered to be one of the most popular media of showcasing your talent and it has given rise to many stars. Being a YouTube star generally guarantees huge fan following and a lot of earning as well. For being a hit You Tuber one should post innovative and unique videos that will attract the users to a large basis and will compel them to subscribe to your channel.


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