Music has evolved quite a lot over the last couple of decades and we can give credit to the new technology. Look at the time people used Vinyl, which translated to compact disc, sheet music to music notes, retailing to streaming music on iTunes and Spotify and other channels. The way we listen to music has also changed in relation to release of singles, to albums and the emergence of disc jockey popularly referred to as “DJ”. In the world today nearly every country has its own iconic DJs that are popularly known by the locals.

We have different types of DJs today such as club DJ, mobile DJ, music producer DJ, radio DJ and turntablist DJ. On this list we are going to look the statistics on who exactly is top of the DJ heap when it comes to salary earnings. Here is the list of top 10 highest paid DJ’s in 2019 who take home the biggest pay check.

10. Skrillex

Most Successful DJs 2019Sonny John Moore mostly popularly known as Skrillex is one of the best Dj we have on the planet, he is also a song writer, singer and an electronic dance music producer. His career started in 2004 as a lead singer with American post hardcore band and recorded two albums namely “Dear Diary” and “My Teen Angst Has a Body Count”. He later left the band in 2007 and did a couple of solos such as Gypsyhook EP in 2009, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP 2010, More Monsters and Sprites EP 2011 which have been commercially successful. Skrillex on his bag of accolades he has won a total of 8 Grammy awards and this has made him to hold the world record of being the only Electronic Dance Music artist to have won most Grammys. Skrillex earns an average of $20 million on annual basis.

9. Martin Garrix

Most Successful DJsMartijn Gerard Garritsen was born in was born in 1996 and today he is one of the best Dutch DJ,s the world has ever seen and in addition he is musician as well as a record producer. This young man was discovered by a popular and a legendary fellow Dj Tiesto . due to his prowess he was ranked in the DJ,s Mag top 100 DJ,s annual pool in position 1 in 2016 becoming the youngest ever recipient of the award .

some of his releases are “Error 404” in 2012, “Torrent” 2013” Wizard”2013, “Forbidden Voices”2015, “Don’t Look Down” 2015, and “Animals” 2013 which was commercialy successful and even made him to become the youngest person to be on the No. 1 spot on Beatspot. Today he has his own record label called STMPD RCRDS which has released one of his songs “Now that I’ve found you” and Lions in the Wild. Some of the notable awards won by Garritsen are “Best Electronic Act”, and “Best World Stage Performance” all in 2016.He currently earns an average of $16 million on annual basis.

8. Kaskade

Most Successful DJsOne of the most popular American DJ,s is Ryan Gary Raddon who is also a record producer and a remixer. His popularity was as a result of American progressive house along with his fellow DJ deadmau5. On several occasions he has been named America Best DJ in 2011, 2013 by Dj time and also named in the DJ mag in position 30.some of his releases are “what I say” 2001, It’s You, It’s Me 2003,In the Moment 2004, “Everything”, “Love mysterious album”2006, “Atmosphere” 2013, and Automatic album 2015.some of his tours are Automatic tour in 2015, Redux tour 2014, Atmosphere tour 2013 among others. His annual pay check amounts to an average of $19 million.

7. Zedd

Most Successful DJsAnton Zaslavski a protégé of Skrillex is a Russian born Germany musician, a record producer as well as a DJ. He is popular for producing music in electro house. Some of his popular and best known productions to date are “break free”, “True colors” and “Clarity”. He is also known to produce a wide variety of remixes that have won him awards such as “The Anthem”, “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, “Born this way” among others. Most his music is created using Cubase suite of music production application. Some of his famous tours and concerts are Moment of Clarity World Tour 2013 and True Colors Tour 2015.he is currently paid an average salary of $24 million on annual basis.

6. Diplo ( $15 million )

Most Successful DJsThomas Wesley Pentz professionally known as Diplo he is one of the world’s top DJ, as well as a rapper, songwriter and a record producer. He is the brains behind American electronic music Major lazer and also jack U. He is the founder and the manager of Mad Decent record company. Diplo rose to fame when he met M.I.A and together collaborated a mixtape Piracy Funds Terrorism, Paper planes and even he became the tour DJ on 2005 Arular tour. Working with M.I.A made Diplo a famous DJ which sparked his collaborations with artists such Shakira, Snoop Doggy, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Bi Sean, Beyoncé, Chris Brown among others. His annual salary is on average $15 million.

5. Afrojack

Most Successful DJsAmong the DJ,s who regularly feature in the top 10 list of DJ mag 10p 100 DJs is Nick Van de Wall professionally known as Afrojack. Apart from being a DJ he is a record producer and a remixer. His career started at a young age of 14 DJ’ing at a local pubs and clubs and as years went by he released his first single “in your Face”2007 but his song Take over control propelled him to an international heights. Some of the artists Afrojack has worked with are Beyoncé (run the world Girls), Pitbull (Give me everything) Neyo, David Guetta, Madonna, Mike Brown among others. His debut album “forget the world “was released in 2014 . He is the founder and the manager of Wall recordings label.

4. Steve Aoki

Most Successful DJsOne of the famous American DJ’s, record producer and an electro house musician is Steven Hiroyuki. He has been doing so well off late sparking Pollstar to name him as the highest grossing dance artist in North America. Some of his songs are “I’m in the house 2010”, his solo album “Wonderland 2012”, Neon Future I 2014, Neon Future II 2015, Neon Future III 2017. Apart from DJ’ing he is also an actor featuring in films such as 2013 “Arrow-The hunter returns”, 2014 “the distortion of sound”, 2016 “why him” among others. Steve take home a paycheck amounting to an average of $23 million on annual basis.

3. David Guetta

Most Successful DJsBorn 1967 the French DJ also a songwriter, remixer and a record producer is one of the best and highest paid DJ in the world today. His success came as a result of his album release in 2009 “one Love” which topped UK Singles Chart and many other countries globally. Some of his other albums are Just a Little More Love 2002, Guetta Blaster 2004, Pop Life 2007, Nothing but the Beat 2011 and listen 2014. This man has sold more than 10 million albums and more than 25 million singles globally and in the ranking amongst top 100 DJ’s by DJ mag he has been ranked position one in 2011 and always top ten in every year release. He currently earns an average of $28 million on annual basis.

2. Tiesto

Most Successful DJsTijs Michiel Verwest is another Dutch DJ who is also a record producer as well. He has been named by several magazines as the best DJ of the last two decades and the greatest DJ of all time by Mixmag and DJ Magazines among others. His first solo album was “In My Memory” 2001, second was “Just be 2004” third “Elements of life 2007, “Kaleidoscope” 2009, and finally “A Town Called Paradise”2014. Among the accolades he has received are a Grammy award for the best Remixed recording in the 57th annual Grammy awards for remixing John Legends “All of me”. He currently takes home an average salary of $38 million on annual basis.

1. Calvin Harris

Highest paid DJs 2019

The world’s highest paid DJ is none other than Adam Richard Wiles. He is professionally known as Calvin Harris and in addition to being a successful DJ he is also a singer, and a song writer as well. He first released his debut studio album in 2007 called “I created Disco and others such as “ready for the weekend 2009”, “18 months”2012 which made him rise in the international limelight. Current Harris is the holder of the record for the most top songs from one studio album on the UK single Chart exceeding the legend late Michael Jackson.

He has worked with several artist such as Kylie Minogue, Dizzee Rascal, Rihanna in songs such as “We Found Love”, “Where Have You Been” 2012, “This Is What You Came For” 2016.being the best DJ in the world attracts endorsement deals from international companies and Calvin has been a brand for such companies such as Coca Cola, Kia motors, Pepsi, Apple, Emporio Armani among others. He is currently the reigning champion in terms of salary paycheck as he takes home $63 million on annual basis.

Being a DJ is one of the best jobs in the world and as you can evaluate from these above DJ’s the career pays quite well. If you are an aspiring or an upcoming DJ just improve your skills and learn from the above successful DJ and you will soon find your way to the limelight.