The WWE is one of the most watched franchises in the world with a loyal and global fan base. It would be hard to deny that a lot of people have watched and enjoyed wrestling at some point. The question however is what makes the WWE this captivating, and the answer has to be the talents that fill the WWE Universe. Superstars and Divas have made it a marvel to watch with their signature personalities, constant feuds and marvellous skills in the ring.

Then you would have to wonder how much these superstars earn for being superstars. You don’t have to worry because this is a list of the top ten highest paid WWE wrestlers. The values account for earnings from the signed contract, pay per view earnings, merchandise royalties and residuals from past shows. Here are the top 10 highest paid wrestlers in the world 2018.

10. DEAN AMBROSE $1.1 Million

Most Successful Wrestler

Dean Ambrose was the face of WWE at some point but his ability to keep that position have been questioned of late due to issues with his physical health being raised a while before the Battleground pay per view. He has had some high profile feuds with the likes of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have earned him some really lucrative pay per view deals and also has had some great movie deals to go along with them. The Lunatic’s career is just but beginning and it will be a hell of a ride to watch him.

9. KANE $1.3 Million

Most Successful Wrestler

Kane is another WWE old dog who has been in the franchise for at least 20 years. His legacy promises him top dollar for the few performances he has in year and they revolve at around 1.3M.Kane participated in the 2016 Royal Rumble during which he got knocked out. He had a feud with the Wyatt Family and also had a slot in the Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32.Kane has changed his character of late from the demonic Kane to a more business like Kane. Perhaps his role in the movie ‘house of wax’ was the beginning of his successful acting career.

8. BIG SHOW $1.5 Million

Most Successful Wrestler

The Big Man has had a pretty steady career in the WWE for a long time. But lately he has been helping his former rival Roman Reigns in taking down the Wyatt Family. He also appeared in the WrestleMania Royal Rumble and confronted O Neal but was eliminated. He is expected of several other pay per views which will continue the cash flow for his yearly earnings. He is also an actor, with him taking up some pretty embarrassing and weird characters.

7. THE UNDERTAKER $2 Million

Most Successful Wrestler

The Legendary Undertaker is the old dog of the WWE for he has been in it since 1990.His appearances don’t happen very often nowadays but he is such a legendary figure that his few appearances still count a lot of money. Undertaker took on Shane McMahon at WrestleMania32 and there have been rumors of The Undertaker and John Cena fighting at WrestleMania 33.That will be an anticipated match indeed. The undertaker has a net worth of 16 Million, accumulated from wrestling and low profile movies. His ‘dead man walking’ and highly dramatized entrance theatrics will forever be remembered when e retires.

6. ROMAN REIGNS $2.1 Million

Most Successful Wrestler

When the Shield made their debut into the WWE, it was somewhat clear who the standout superstar would be when they break apart,(as all tag teams eventually do). His name is Roman Reigns. Roman is probably the only other superstar that is worthy of the title itself. Just like John Cena, Roman Reigns has become a household name among the WWE fans. Roman Reigns came into the scene as a member of The Shield. Although Roman suffered a suspension at the start of 2016 due to a failed drug test, he had a chance at some major pay per views when he came back. He is one of the most generous WWE superstars around, sponsoring multiple charities and foundations worldwide.

5. SETH ROLLINS $2.4 Million

Most Successful Wrestler

Seth Rollins is the star we all love to hate in the WWE. Rollins is full of surprises just like when he beat Roman Reigns on Wrestle Mania. Rollins is regarded as the most talented professional wrestler in the industry. Rollins has a lot of pay per view events and had held multiple titles both individually and on tag team. He gets around 2.4 M with WWE in terms of wages, royalties and merchandise sales.

4. RANDY ORTON $2.7 Million

Most Successful Wrestler

The Viper Randy Orton had to make the list since his latest joining with the Wyatt Family. Randy Orton has had the most high profile feuds within the WWE. Fans like him cause of his intensity and his heel and villain roles. He was the youngest star to hold the World Heavyweight title. Orton has also headlined many pay per view events such as the Wrestle Mania. He is still the youngest ever professional wrestler to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. His net worth is ranked at around 15 Million.

3. TRIPLE H $2.8 Million

Most Successful Wrestler

The 47 year old from New Hampshire actually has an office position in the WWE. Triple H is the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and creative for WWE. He is a member of the McMahon family by marriage to the daughter of Vince McMahon majority owner the franchise. He has an official salary of 1.5 Million and also has stocks in the value of 1.3 Million for WWE. Triple H also has had some pay per view matches which have brought in some money for him. He has a net worth of 25 Million dollars.

2. BROCK LESNAR $6 Million

Most Successful Wrestler

The amazing thing about the beast Brock Lesnar is that he has very few appearances in the current WWE action. He has been making appearances of UFC. Lesnar is mostly famed for ending the long reign of The Undertaker at WrestleMania. His events are so highly rated that they sell out more and this results in the high payout after few appearances. He has the most significant pay per view matches of the year. The huge guy has a net worth of 16 million. He really made a lot on the Summer Slam event in which he had a surprise guest.

1. JOHN CENA $9.5 Million USD

Most Successful Wrestler

Let’s talk about the face of the WWE which is none other but Cena himself. The 39 year old has to be the most valuable wrestler they have in terms of ticket sales and merchandise. He has the highest number of pay per view events among all the other wrestlers. John Cena has been starred in many of the WrestleMania events. His acting career also adds up to his salary which amounts to 9.5 Million and a net worth of 35 Million dollars.

With movies, reality TV shows and merchandise available the world over, the WWE is one sports entertainment franchise that has changed the world in one way or another. The WWE might be entertainment at its prime; the moves carefully practised and pulled off live on the weekly show and pay per view events. Billionaire and controversial owner Vince McMahon has been successful in maintaining and attracting more fans, and this year there is a whole bucket of mouthwatering events lined up. We will be sure to stay in touch with the WWE network as all the drama unfolds.


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