WWE Women’s division traces its roots all the way back to 1983 when the WWF’S Fabulous Moolah sold the rights to her NWA World Women’s Championship to WWF, and effectively became the first ever WWF Women’s Champion.

The division has received a whole lot of revamp from the WWE over the years and has become a fully-fledged commercial division with its own TV Show ‘Total Divas’ and a total of 26 female wrestlers and other on-air personnel. These divas are not only popular, they are a commercial powerhouse, and most divas are also models with affiliation to Playboy, the WWE Clothing and Merchandise division, and other Men’s interests’ magazines. These ten women are the best in the business, and their annual salaries reflect that quite clearly. Below are the top 10 highest paid WWE divas in the world in 2019.

10. Summer Rae – annual salary $150,000

Highest Paid WWE Divas 2019

Summer Rae began her career as a footballer but later switched to wrestling, modelling and acting. She signed a WWE contract in 2011 and joined a developmental program in the company. Rae later on made her debut on Raw as a valet for stars such as Fandango and Rusev. She made her in ring debut match in a Hell in A Cell match where she won. Summer currently wrestles under the WWE stable Raw. She starred in the Movie The Marine 4: Moving Target (2015) alongside fellow WWE superstar The Miz.

9. Alicia Fox – annual salary $180,000

Highest Paid WWE Divas

Victoria Alicia Crawford is a professional model, actress and wrestler. She began her wrestling career in 2006 when she joined the WWE Ohio division. After 2 years of intense wrestling she joined the Smackdown main roster but began challenging for the WWE Divas Championship in 2010. In July she finally won the WWE Divas Championship becoming the first African American to win a major Women’s Championship. Her finishing moves include the Foxy Bomb, Foxy Buster, Officer Nasty and Watch Yo’ Face.

8. Sasha Banks – annual salary $180,000

Highest Paid WWE Divas

She is famously known as the boss lady. She kicked off her career as a wrestler in independent wrestling circuits most notably Chaotic Wrestling where she once held the Women’s Championship. She later left and signed for WWE where she began wrestling for the NXT Division. After winning the NXT Women’s Championship she joined Raw’s main roster. She later went on to win 3 WWE Divas Championship titles. She is also famously known for her beef with Rick Flair’s daughter Charlotte which landed her a Wrestlemania Paper View Match.

7. Tamina Snuka – annual salary $200,000

Highest Paid WWE Divas

She debuted for WWE alongside the Uso brothers. She gained a villainous status due to her on screen relationships with other superstars. She began her pursuit of the Divas Championship in 2011 when she left the Uso brothers. She failed to win the title after facing defeat a couple of times to the then champion Beth Pheonix. After an unsuccessful stint at Raw and Smackdown she returned to NXT but also failed to win a Women’s Championship title there. She currently wrestles under Raw.

6. Eva Marie – annual salary $200,000

Highest Paid WWE Divas

She is a professional wrestler, actress and fitness model. She signed for WWE in 2013 and made her debut that same year. She became friends with the Bella Twins and helped manage them. After a bad 2 years on the main roster she was dropped and joined the NXT Women’s Division where she discovered her winning ways once again. After an impressive season at NXT she was recalled back to Raw’s main roster in April 2016. She is currently the most stylish female superstar in WWE, with a pretty face and a huge social media presence of over 800,000 followers on Facebook 600,000 more on Twitter.

5. Rosa Mendes – annual salary $220,000

Highest Paid WWE Divas

The American born model, wrestler and wrestling manager started her career at WWE when she competed in a divas search. She later signed a development contract. She later became Beth Phoenix’s assistant and intern. She made her in-ring debut in 2009 during an 18 man tag team match where her team lost. She debuted in Wrestlemania during its 25th edition in a Royal Rumble match but was soon eliminated.

4. Charlotte Flair – annual salary $230,000

Highest Paid WWE Divas

The daughter of Hall of Famer Rick Flair is a force to reckon with. She joined WWE in 2012 where she showcased her abilities in the NXT division. After a successful 2 years and having won the NXT Women’s Championship title she joined the WWE main roster. Her promising talent got her the Rookie of the Year award by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. She later got her first Paper View match at Wrestlemania 32 where she won the final Divas Women Championship before clinching The WWE Women’s Championship.

3. Paige – annual salary $250,000

Highest Paid WWE Divas

The English wrestler currently wrestles under the WWE Raw brand. She began wrestling at the tender age of 13 where she debuted for a promotion that was ran by her family. After winning independent wrestling circuits in Europe she signed for WWE in 2011. She joined the NXT division where she became the champion of the inaugural NXT Women’s Championship. In 2014 she appeared on Raw’s main roster and went ahead to be the youngest woman to win the WWE Divas Championship at the age of 21. She is currently the first and only woman to hold the NXT Women’s Championship and WWE Divas Championship concurrently.

2. Natalya Neidhart – annual salary $300,000

Highest Paid WWE Divas

The Smackdown star started her wrestling career at a very young age. Being a member of the legendary Hart Family wrestling runs through her blood. After successful stints in England and Japan she was signed by WWE. She made her debut on the main roster in 2008 and won her first WWE Divas Championship title in 2010. She is the first third-generation wrestler to grace the WWE, she also features on WWE’s Total Divas reality show. She has appeared in eight WWE video games adding to her total annual salary of $300,000.

1. Nikki Bella – annual salary $310,000

Highest Paid WWE Divas

The other half of the tag team Bella Twins signed for WWE in 2007. In 2008 and eight she debuted for Smackdown but had to wait for four years before winning her first title. In 2014 she regained the WWE Divas Championship and went on to retain it for a record 307 days, the longest in the titles history. Nikki has won many accolades both in and out of the ring. She has won the Diva of the Year award twice and has also been ranked no. 1 on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female 50. With these successes the Bella Buster won’t stop soon.

By the year 2012, WWE had realized the value of the Women’s Division, and began filling up the roster. They are a commercial division with a market value of close to half a billion dollars. Led by the ever controversial Stephanie McMahon, the Women Superstars of the WWE might be new but be sure they are ‘’best for business’’. Since the introduction of the Women’s Championship during the 32nd WrestleMania event, the promotional term ‘’Diva’’ changed to be ‘’Women/Female Superstars. The WWE always welcomes annual applications for female wrestlers. To join the femme fatales of WWE, all you need is 3-5 years’ experience as a professional wrestler and a video presentation of your work.