Whenever you walk into the nightclubs or the parties, the only thing that surprises you the most is the song that is being played in the background. The song is known to define the party and its theme. The beats of the song are responsible for either energizing the mood or relaxing a person. The songs are enjoyed by each and every person present at the party. But most people are not aware of the person who is responsible for giving the party its life. It is the DJ or the Disc Jockey. The Disc Jockey dresses amazingly and looks very hot and stunning. They are responsible for changing the music in accordance with the mood of the people in the party. Listed below are the top 10 hottest female DJs in 2019 that you should know about.

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10. Juicy M or Marta Martus

Hottest Female DJs 2019

Marta Martus is known on the stage as Juicy M. She is a very popular and progressive house DJ. She has managed to gain a lot of fame and popularity for all her YouTube videos and the electro mixing multiple that she makes without making use of the headphones. Marta is from Ukraine and she has been blessed with a beautiful body and amazing looks. She started becoming popular for her music talent along with the hot personality that she has.

9. Keli Hart

Hottest Female DJs

Keli Hart is one of the famous DJs of Australia who is known for her good looks. Her features are strikingly good and cannot be ignored by anyone. She is known to have won a number of accolades which has taken the crowd by shock. She is well-known for the exceptional musical talent and the sensuous and beautiful features that she has. She attracts the attention of a large number of people when grooving in the nightclubs. She is famous for her brunette hair which makes her even more beautiful.

8. Claudia Cazau

Hottest Female DJs

Claudia Cazau was born in Romania and she had been in the newspapers for a long time because of her amazing looks and steaming hotness. She is known to have covered a number of places all around the globe. These places include Italy, Sweden, Portland, Vegas, etc., for making a living that she had been dreaming for years. She is exceptionally talented and hot and loved by a number of people.

7. Mari Ferrari

Hottest Female DJs

Mari Ferrari is considered to be amongst the most fashionable and talented female DJs. She plays for all the sophisticated and chic clubs that are present in the town. It is not only her music that allows her to stand out but she is also very famous for the bold looks and the skin tone that she has. She is very young but has managed to gain popularity and also built a career which is envied by the other people.

6. Niki Belucci

Hottest Female DJs

Many people have fallen in love with Niki Belucci right from the time they looked at her. Apart from her looks, she plays music which is sensual and erotic. She portrays the vibe, freedom and sexuality, which makes her different from all the other beautiful DJs. She is known to perform extremely well when she is under pressure. This is one of the main reasons as to why she is offered to play for the best clubs all across the world.

5. Lisa Kensington

Hottest Female DJs 2019

Lisa Kensington is considered to be an extremely talented lady who belongs to New York and has worked as a model and a disc jockey. She has received a lot of appreciation for the elegant and unique music style that she has. She is also capable of mixing up the vocals which help in accentuating the wonderful personality that she has. Her beauty is famous all over the world.

4. Tenashar

Hottest Female DJs

Tenashar has already achieved the title of the gorgeous DJ present on the earth. She is from Asia and can compete with the other female DJs both in terms of looks and talents. In comparison to all the other DJs, she definitely has a hold over all the others. Her face is very innocent but she is very hot which makes her extremely sensuous and amazing. It also elevates the style in which the music is played.

3. Ane Teri

Hottest Female DJs

Ane Teri is from Ukraine and she is very sexy and beautiful. She is known to get away with almost everything when she plays in the parties and the VIP clubs. She has an amazing body and beautiful features and is the third hottest female DJ in the entire world. She is not only known for her looks but she is very talented as well. She has managed to leave a mark in her career and is an aspiration for the aspiring DJs.

2. Tamara Sky

Hottest Female DJs

Tamara Sky is well-known for the perfect figure and the beautiful face that she has. She is the second most beautiful DJ all across the globe. She is famous for the attractive charm and she is capable of boosting the energy and the music at any party. She has a slim and perfect body which makes her very hot and has gained her the position of one of the most desirable DJs. She is not only a Disc Jockey but also a model. Many people love to sway and spin to her amazing tunes as well as her good looks.

1. Seherezade

Hottest Female DJs

Seherezade is known all over the world and she has a great reputation as one of the best Disc Jockeys. She has become famous not only for the glamorous and bold look that she has but she has also been a model who has done a number of photo shoots for the very famous FHM. She has an appealing and a great personality which mesmerizes everyone at a particular party. She can also boost the entire spirit of the party and make sure that each and everyone is on the dance floor. She is the hottest DJ who is extremely talented and beautiful.

These DJs are hot and talented and they are the reasons that you would go back to the nightclubs and the parties every time. They have a sound knowledge to keep the entertainment at the parties intact.


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