Korean pops also popular by the name of the k-pop are considered to be the most sensuous yet sexy women you can find across the globe. These women are not only known for attractive personality but their wonderful voices and unique dance moves is something that can make anyone falling for them. No doubt that Korean popular music has witnessed the best and the most sensuous female celebrities with appealing bodies. They are bold, unique and the best part is they have the knack to entertain the crowd with their lovely voice. Today, there are so many people fond of listening KPOP music of the top 10 shared K-pop idols. Here is the list of hottest K-POP idols of 2019 that you might also know already:

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10. IU

Hottest Female K-Pop Idols 2019

Not only known for her cute looks, but she is a famous yet talented personality who is also known as Korea’s ‘little sister’. She is the most popular KPOP girl and has become an icon after a huge hit she has given of the album called Good Day. Her most of the records have been on no.1 for many weeks. Out of which Gangnam Style is one of the names. Along with her career in music, she has also been handling the television and radio shows. Acting is of course the part of her field. She has also been a part of some television series and given her minor contribution in drama dream high. Series like Pretty Man or Lee soon-shin are something that is quite popular.

9. Uee (Kim Yu-jin)

Hottest Female K-Pop Idols

She is another most beautiful yet the hottest kPop idol of the year 2019. This singer is not only hot but a well known popular actress in South Korea. She has also been a member of After school which is the popular hot girls band. This girl if from 1988 and is known for her pleasing personality and youthfulness. She is popular by her stage name Uee and has been given breakthrough performances from the year 2009.

8. Jaekyung

Hottest Female K-Pop Idols

This popular actress belongs to the South Korean band of girls which is known by the name of rainbow. She has been carrying the color of Red as a part of her rainbow color. It was not only the band that made her popular but her pleasing personality was also something that gave her many options of career in future. She has been wearing multiple feathers in her hat as popular actresses, model and even the TV personality. Right from her sexy body till her cute looks she has been the centre of attraction and a heart snatcher of many young crowds.

7. Ga In

Hottest Female K-Pop Idols

This beautiful yet the hotel K pop idea has been a singer, entertaining and a popular actress and has been ruling the entertainment industry from quite a long time. She has been considered as one of the loveliest women who gained her fame after the popular girl band called “Brown Eyed Girls”. She has already won the hearts of many fans with her charm and sensious moves. But her amazing performance and sweet voice was something that gained her the best of the admirers.

6. Stellar Minhee

Hottest Female K-Pop Idols

Talking about the pretty faces of the Korean, Stellar’s Minhee is one of the popular one who has won hearts of many people with her charismatic charm. Her popular band Gayoung is though a sexualized but her stunning performances and sexy moves got more attention of the crowd.

5. Jun Hyoseong

Hottest Female K-Pop Idols

This hot singer is another popular K-pop idol who has been known as the popular actress across the world. She has also gained the name by Hyosung. She is the lead performer and also the main dancer of her band called the bad secret. It was this band of hers who made her the popular. After than she also gained the popularity when she becomes the finalist in the popular TV show called Mnet’s Battle Shinhwa. For the year 2019, she has been the attention in many concepts. Her fair hot body is the main attraction that got most of young crowd’s heart literally beating to death.

4. Krystal

Hottest Female K-Pop Idols 2019

This popular band performer is not only pretty but the lovely face that Korean entertainment industry must have ever got. She had made her debut in the year 2009 as a member of South Korean girl group. Furthermore, she had also participated in the project group called S.M. Entertainment’s other than her group activities. Her participation in shows like My Lovely Girl, High Kick 3 and The Heirs gave her extra fame because of which she is still ruling the entertaining industry. Her real name is Chrystal Soo Jung but she become popular with her Reel name called Krystal. Born in the year 1994, this young actress is from California. Talking about her personal life she has date Kai who was a member from the EXO group.

3. Hyeri

Hottest Female K-Pop Idols

This bold actress is one of the beautiful faces and the youngest member of the k-[pop industry. She was also announced as a member of the Girl’s Day in the year 2010. She had also entered the world of acting with the drama called tasty life. She gained more popularity in television drams for her role in reply 1988 and entertaining that got release in 2015 and 2016 respectively. She is also one of the highest paid model so far.

2. Nana (After School)

Hottest Female K-Pop Idols

Nana is another popular member of the girl group other than Uee, this girl has also gained her name because of her sexy thighs. She is considered to be the sexiest member and is also known for the perfect body figure. With good height and looks, no doubt that she has high chances of winning Miss. Korea if she appears.

1. Irene (Red Velvet)

Hottest Female K-Pop Idols

Born in the year 1991, this sub vocalist has gained popularity at a faster pace. She is a main rapper, a lead dancer and a performer for the group girl’s band called Red. Her first appearance was in MV happiness and since then she has been a shine among the entire member. It was not only her bold look but also her style and personality that made her the gorgeous idol of the year 2019.

No doubt that these popular KPOP girls are still ruling the town. So which one is your favorite? Haven’t found yet any or you don’t want to replace your favorite one?


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