Hip Hop revolution started in the late 80’s when female rappers began getting deserved recognition. The onset of female rappers changed the face of hip hop for the better.

Underground hip ho  slowly started to emerge as mixtapes and remixes made their way into radio. Without the female rappers it would have almost seen its sunset days but Missy Elliot and crew were already heavyweights, making way for upcoming rappers. The pioneers did the groundwork for the others and solidified their voices in the hip hop world. Here are the top 10 most beautiful and hottest female rappers in 2019.

10. Chanel West Coast

Hottest Female Rappers 2019

Chelsea Chanel Dudley gained recognition to the TV screens when she linked with MTV TV personality Rob Dyrdek as one of his guests through a mutual friend on his show Ridiculousness. She also got to appear on another of Rob’s shows Rob’s Dyrdek Fantasy Factory. Over the years she got to play a role on MTV television series The Hard Times of RJ Burger.

This was a debut for her acting career which then later got her a permanent spot on Ridiculousness as a panelist reviewing videos posted online. She began her music in 2009 working with vast amounts of artists. She was signed into the Young Money Label by Lil Wayne which was a boost for her career. She has confirmed that she is recording a new album which she is yet to release.

9. Dej Loaf

Hottest Female Rapper

Deja Trimble better known as by her stage name Dej Loaf began writing music at the age of 9. This was influenced by the genre of music she used to listen to such as the likes of 2pac. She began her musical career in 2011 as a hip hop artist. After releasing her first mix tape she got the attentions of fellow rappers which earned her a contract with record label IBGM (I Be Getting Money).

She gained her popularity after realizing her song ‘Try Me’ which caught attention over the radio-waves. She has done collaborations with artists such as Big Sean and Lil Durk doing exemplary work in the recording studio. She is yet to bang the industry with more of her hot raps.

8. Iggy Azalea

Hottest Female Rapper

Amethyst Amelia Kell gained popularity when she released YouTube music videos for her song “PU$$Y’ and “Two Times”. Her big breakthrough came when fellow rapper T.I signed her with Grand Hustle Records after the success of her debut mixtape “Ignorant Art”. Iggy’s debut studio album “The New Classic” was a success with its lead single “Fancy” topping the charts in various countries.

This made her the fourth female rapper to top the Billboard 100 Charts. In 2014 she won she won two American Music Awards in the Rap/Hip Hop categories. Iggy has also won one MTV Video Music Award and three Teen Choice Awards and in 2016 she was presented with the Woman of The Year award by GQ Australia. She is an ambassador of Australian underwear and clothing company Bonds.

7. Lil Kim

Hottest Female Rapper

Kimberly Denise Jones began her rapping career when she joined Junior M.A.F.I.A. They were able to produce two hit singles which topped the US Top 20 Charts. Her debut album “Hard Core” was such a success that it received double platinum status. Her next two albums “Notorious K.I.M and “La Bella Mafia” made her the only female alongside Miss Eliot to have three or more albums certified platinum. Unfortunately in 2005 she received a yearlong jail sentence for lying to a jury.

Lil Kim returned to the music industry in 2009 and did a few collaborations with other hip hop artists. Lil Kim is commonly referred to as the “Queen of Hip Hop” for her numerous accolades and huge success over the years. She won a Grammy Award in 2002 for her hit song “Lady Marmalade”. She is involved in numerous philanthropic works especially in fighting for LGBT rights.

6. Eve

Hottest Female Rapper

Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper entered the music industry when she signed for Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment. After having a nonproductive stint there she moved on to make collaboration with Hip hop big wigs such as BMX and The Roots. She appeared in some of their hit singles which gained her popularity.

She won her first and only Grammy in 2002 and bagged four Teen Choice Awards throughout her illustrious career. She is also well known for her acting career where she has appeared in big hit movies such as the Barber Shop movie franchise. She has also featured in the action movie XXX where she stars alongside Vin Diesel.

5. Angel Haze

Hottest Female Rapper

US born Raykeea Roes Wilson or as people would call her Angel Haze was raised among a religious neighbourhood where they were restricted from doing certain things. Haze lived among priests who would always despite secular music and when Angel was 16 she started falling into the world of secular. In the year 2012 she released a mixtape which would be sort of a nostalgic feeling for her as she recalled that she was abused sexually when she was still a child.

Despite that incident Haze continued to release mix tapes together with singles and as per 2013 she had been nominated for an award as Sound of 2013 poll. She faced an incident where her album was leaked out to the internet though it wasn’t due for release yet. In 2015 she released an album to the world saying that it was a project was just but a taste of what she was working on. She is working on an album which she is yet to release.

4. Missy Elliott

Hottest Female Rapper

Melissa Arnette “Missy” Elliott is an American rapper and dancer having growing up in a religious home. She was actively present in the church choir as she would perform during church services. She started a band called ‘sista’ in which her friends would be present in the band and a neighbour being recruited as their producer.

Apart from singing Missy Elliot made a name for her on the blockbuster screen acting on TV shows and movies as an extra means of earning money for her. She is known for releasing singles mainly among her five known albums.

3. Remy Ma

Hottest Female Rapper

Reminisce Smith gained international recognition when he linked up with fellow male rapper Fat Joe, and made the monster hit ‘’Lean Back’’. She released her debut album ‘’There’s Something About Remy: Based On A True Story’’ in 2006. This marked the start of a successful career getting a Grammy nomination.

She has won six awards including a BET award for Best Female Hip Hop. She was convicted in 2008 for shooting a fellow rapper over $30,000, and was released on parole in 2014. She is yet to make an international comeback but she is one of the hottest female rappers in the industry.

2. Trina

Hottest Female Rapper 2019

Katrina Laverne Taylor owes her career success to Trick Daddy who featured her in the album ‘’www.thug.com’’ and has been in the rap game ever since. Her debut album ‘Da Baddest Bitch’’ (2000) was moderately successful, XXL Magazine naming her ‘the most consistent female rapper of all time’. Billboard named her among 31 females who changed hip hop. She dated rapper Lil Wayne in 2007 in an on and off relationship.

Her most successful work has to be the collaborative single ‘’One Minute Man’’ that received five MTV Video Music Awards nominations. She has also been nominated ten times by BET between 2001 and 2015. She won a Billboard Music Award for the song ‘Take it to da House’ with Trick Daddy in 2001. She runs the Diamond Doll Foundation associated with assisting under-privileged girls.

1. Nicki Minaj

Hottest Female Rapper

Onika Tanya Maraj gained huge public popularity after releasing three mixtapes from 2007. Her big break came in 2009 when she signed for Young Money Entertainment. Since then Nikki Minaj has released successful albums. Her studio debut album “Pink Friday” and her second album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” topped the Billboard top album charts.

Her hit song “Anaconda” topped an all high of number 2 on the Billboard Top 100. Nicki Minaj is an accomplished rapper with six American Music Video awards, 10 BET awards, four Teen Choice awards and four Billboard Music Awards. Furthermore, she has ten Grammy Award nominations since 2009. She is definitely a force to reckon with in the Hip Hop industry.

Eve and Missy Elliot left clear enough footprints for the likes of Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and Dej Loaf to follow. Female rappers have a reputation of sticking together and working together in the unforgiving industry. Even though hip hop is primarily male dominated, not everything is left for them. the female rappers are also firing lyrics on all cylinders.