France is considered as the nation of love and fashion. Over the years many beautiful and gorgeous French women have made their mark in the field of acting and modeling. France is the fashion capital of the world so the women here are classy and stylist. These women have enticed the entire world with their charm and talent. Here is the list of the top French actresses and models of 2019.

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10. Alizee

Hottest French Actresses and Models 2019

Alizee is one of the youngest women to join the entertainment industry at the age of 15. She started her career as a model and singer. Alizee is a very beautiful woman with a charming personality and she had been captivating her audience with her talent. She is considered as one of the most sought after style icon. In France, Alizee is a very popular singer with hit songs like Moi Lolita. Alizee has lots of body markings that she loves to show case to the world.

9. Laetizia Penmellen

Hottest French Actresses and Models

Laetizia Penmellen is one very beautiful French woman who has stunning green eyes which makes her look amazing. She is a renowned French model. In the year 2014, Laetizia became the second runner up in the Miss. Earth competition. This beauty is a serious fan of karate and jazz. Apart from modelling, she is a singer as well. Laetizia is smart, sexy and talented and these three qualities make her modelling career even more successful. This blond beauty is so charming and gorgeous that it is almost hard to resist her.

8. Laetitia Casta

Hottest French Actresses and Models

Another very hit and successful French woman in this list is Laetitia Costa. This woman is a classic French beauty with blue eyes and honey golden skin. Her looks are mind blowing and often people wonder how a person can be so beautiful like Laetitia. Being a fabulous model, Laetitia has represented some top brands like Guess and L’Oreal. Another crown to her modelling career was that she was part of Victoria’s secret campaign. Laetitia has also tried her hands in acting and she has done some French films as well.

7. Noemie Lenoir

Hottest French Actresses and Models

Noemie Lenoir is an olive skin raven French beauty who has a very good physical appearance which makes her stand out in a crowd. Noemie is a successful model and has been part of Victoria’s secret, Sports illustrated and Elle. She also has a good film career. Noemie has been part of films like Rush hour 3 where she has worked with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. She is a very talented model and a classic French beauty who has stolen many hearts.

6. Melanie Laurent

Hottest French Actresses and Models 2019

Melanie Laurent is another very popular and hot French model who is immensely talented. Apart from being a model, Melanie is an actress, film director and also a singer. In 2006, she started her acting career with a drama called Don’t worry, I’m fine. Later she also appeared in certain Hollywood films like Now you see me and Inglorious Bastard. Melanie is slowly and steadily making her mark as an actor and she has been offered roles with mega stars like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Melanie is a talented personality with the right looks so it is of no doubt that is successful in both acting and modelling.

5. Melissa Theuriau

Hottest French Actresses and Models

Beauty with brain is the perfect way to describe this French beauty. Melissa Theuriau before starting her modelling career was doing her major in journalism. Apart from working as a model, she is a journalist for Metropole 6. Melissa is a very sexy and beautiful French beauty who wants to continue her career as journalists. She is also an Internet sensation with millions of followers. People in France are so in love with her that they have nick named her as La Bombe Cathodique which means the television bomb. She is truly a diva and because of her watching news has reached a new level in the French arena.

4. Delphine Wespiser

Hottest French Actresses and Models

In 2012, Delphine Wespiser became the title holder of Miss. France. She is a beauty who has won millions of hearts and she has got the perfect looks to win that title. Delphine has gorgeous long hair that flows down her curvaceous body. Delphine Wespiser oozes class and sophistication. Delphine Wespiser has got the perfect amount of hotness blended with style quotient and talent to make it to this list.

3. Marine Lorphelin

Hottest French Actresses and Models

Marine Lorphelin is a French beauty who has made her mark in the acting industry and also in the modelling industry. She was the first runner up in the 2013’s Miss. World contest. In the same year she was crowned as the winner of Miss. World Europe. Marine is a medical student and she has proved that beauty with brain makes a woman more appealing. This sensual diva is specializing to be an obstetrician or a pediatrician. Marine is very glamorous and her career in the medical field adds more to her charm. France could not be more proud of her.

2. Marion Cotillard

Hottest French Actresses and Models

One of the successful French actress and model is Marion Cotillard. Not only that she is has a beautiful personality and immense talent. She can act, sing and also she speaks about environmental issues. She has been part of major films like Dark night rises, Midnight in Paris and Inception. Marion is a sophisticated and classic French beauty who has been part of many fashion campaigns as well. Marion Cotillard has graced the cover of almost 200 magazines. Her acting talent has been praised by many.

1. Eva Green

Hottest French Actresses and Models

Eva Green is undoubtedly the hottest French beauty who has made her mark in the Hollywood industry. Eva is very beautiful with her slender, hot body and smoky blue eyes. She has the power to entice every man in the planet. She has been part of many films like Sin city and 300 Rise of an Empire. Eva Green has also been starred in a Bond movie. It is really hard to beat her when it comes to the looks department. Eva Green is a deserving winner of this list.

This sums up the list of top 10 hottest French actress and models. Each one of them is popular and loved by their fans throughout the world for their good looks and work.


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