Models take the lead in fashion. With their beauty and glamour, they set the pace for emerging styles mostly for the young generations. Commercials stylists and designers get to their target groups through models. They not only form part of a society that comes in hardy but sets the pace for the rest of the world. To gain popularity of the brand they represent, models require must have qualities that are not only appealing but outstanding from the rest of population.

UK is a developed country with advanced technology and massive riches and among the countries that highly engage models. Chosen models must possess qualities that include good health, sexy looks, and high integrity among others. The list of top 10 hottest UK models 2019 includes those who possess the above qualities and who can stand the test of time.

10. Jessica Jane Clement

Hottest UK Models 2019Born in 1985, Jessica started her career in modelling when she was barely 18 years. Over the years, she built her profile to be a TV presenter and great model of modern times. Her beautiful looks made her a daring of many who sought to have her photo in magazines and other branding materials.

She worked with world famous photographers including Bryon Newman and Bob Carlos. To add to her cup, she featured in a number of TV dramas, films and movies. She is today regarded as one of the high flying models not only in the UK but globally. Her success cannot be equalled and is considered to succeed in anything she ventures into.

9. Daisy Lowe

Hottest UK ModelBorn in 1989 to a famous song writer Daisy Lowe also features in the category of the hottest models in UK. She is among models who ventured into the industry at a tender age being only 12 when she landed her first modelling assignment. At the age of 15 years, she enrolled for modelling classes making her a top professional model.

She is appraised fro her passion for modelling and never shying away to go to any length to capture success. This was better showcased when she accepted to play a role in 2011 while topless. This appearance won her a position as the calendar model for her country alongside appearance in several music videos.

8. Danielle Lloyd

Hottest UK ModelMarried to Jamie O’Hara a famous footballer, Danielle is also among the high ranking models in UK. Starting her career from a humble background, she gained prominence after posing nude for the playboy magazine. During her career she was bagged a number of titles including Miss England and Miss Great Britain a contest she once posed nude.

A model at heart, she is claimed to have ventured into the industry with fame a character she has maintained all through. Since her entrance into the industry, she took her break at the time of marriage and was back before the dust settled to reclaim her position.

7. Karima Adebibe

Hottest UK ModelBorn of Irish roots, Karima is one of the most sought after models in UK. She is both a fashion designer and an actress careers that helps her shape her quest for modelling. Considered as one of the most successful models, she appears in a number of special brands that keeps her a notch higher among her competitors.

A model of the modern times she is also featured in a number of computer games a factor that gives her a wider reach to the young generations. As an actress, she has appeared in a number of leading films and continues to be the most sought after model by filmmakers and modelling agencies.

6. Gemma Atkinson

Hottest UK ModelBold, appealing and glamorous are some of the key pointers to Gemma’s personality. Born in 1984, she has risen to be one of the models sought after owing to her natural character. Her journey to success is evident by the fact that she is a coveted TV presenter working with major stations in the country.

Her appearance in famous TV dramas and commercials makes her appearance constant. Her beauty, cupped with cool personality and seductive outlook have given her an opportunity to rub shoulders with the high and mighty including a one time number one world best footballer Christian Ronaldo. Her beautiful face and gorgeous body saw her being chosen for appearance in computer games.

5. Rosie Jones

Hottest UK ModelVoted as the sexiest model in UK by the Nuts magazine, Rosie Jones to popularity through posing nude for magazines. Featured mostly in men’s magazines, they consider her a full time model. Her strength and agility are geared towards ensuring she remains relevant to the industry at all times.

Jones holds the world title for wearing and removing the highest number of bras in history. In 2008 aged only 18 years, she started her modelling career. A year later, she went a notch higher and started modelling nude the step that gave her the much needed popularity to enter into the list of top 10 hottest models in UK.

4. Lucy Pinder

Hottest UK ModelDiscovered by a famous photographer at the age of 10, Lucy Pinder is one among the models who ventured into the industry at a tender age. Born in 1993, she joins the list of hot babes in UK majority of whom are more that a decade older.

In her early years in the industry, she was too shy to appear nude in the photos and used to cover her most sensitive parts. With time, she grew out of the fear and posed for her first full nude photo shoot in 2007. Other that posing for nude photos in popular men magazines, she also writes a famous column for the nuts magazine titles “the truth about Women”.

3. Alice Goodwin

Hottest UK ModelAlice was born in 1985, she rose to carry the title of the hottest topless brunette in 1999. She bears a sexy and attractive body carrying the title of the model with the most topless photos ever published. Her relationship with Christian Ronaldo gave her more prominence as the woman with the most desired body in UK.

For a good six years, she has maintained her appearances on Babe channel 99 being on record by maintaining her sexy body and beautiful appearance. Popular men magazine in UK are said to be always by her side seeking to get her photos appear on their pages.

2. Keeley Hazell

Hottest UK ModelAt 17 years of age, Keeley Hazell made her first move to UK’s modelling industry. She rose to the top of the ladder working for men’s magazines in the UK. This came alongside venturing into screen writing and acting. Born in 1986, she is now a regular worker for zoo and nuts magazines. After landing roles in popular films, she is now said to be giving more concentration to her acting career than modelling. Her modest body and the quest to be among the reigning queens in the industry have seen her in the list of top actresses on the modern UK.

1. Kelly Brook

Hottest UK Model

The oldest in the list of hottest UK actresses, Kelly Brook caries with her experience and popularity gained through the years. Born in 1979, her grand entrance into the industry was at the age of 16 years after winning in a beauty contest. Today she is the hottest TV presenter and actress in the UK with her popularity going beyond borders to gain her a place in the list of the world’s sexist women.

Pace setters in the fashion industry, models are always among the most sought after across industries. They feature in branding and marketing of products alongside acting as product ambassadors. Contestants for this role must have the required skills, natural beauty and integrity to qualify. Handwork and strong will must be in place for one to qualify into the list of the hottest actresses.


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