Every community has its own beauty. However, none is comparable to the Russians. They posses’ sexy bodies, admirable curves and other numerous features that always set them at the top of the table in every league when beauty is a matter of concern.

Their well nourished bodies and flaxen skin always leaves eyes turning in every corner they pass. With a long history in war related stories, Russian is among the known global giant bordering European and Russian countries. It is also among the hottest regions on the globe. Unknown to many it is home to a number of leading models who are highly ranked globally. Here is a list of top 10 hottest Russian actresses in 2019.

10. Alina Artz

Hottest Russian Actresses 2019With deep blue eye that seem to dig deep into any person in focus. A feature that seemingly defines her personality, she carries with her own charming looks and an open personality that makes it easy for her to get along with ease with persons of all walks of life. Her deep and perfect beauty has given her a huge following on social media. This is spiced further by her spanning career on TV and acting. These are alongside her music and great moves in her videos. She has the beauty and talent to land her in the list of top ten hottest chicks in Russia.

9. Lera Kudryavtseva

Hottest Russian ActressesA popular feature in movie world, Lera runs a successful and ever promising career as an actress. This is further spiced by her role in art where she is best defined by her talent and modelling capabilities. All these are covered in a soft cool face that appears in most brands making her a household name in Russia and across the globe. A compliment to her face and achievements is the perfect sexy body that is appealing to men from across the globe and which acts as a catalyst for her followers club. Other than acting, she has a hand in music where she never ceases to showcase her musical talent and awesome dancing skills. She is also a regular feature on television screen as a featured host.

8. Kristina Asmus

Hottest Russian ActressesAt one time the Maxim: a global magazine described Kristin as Russia’s sexiest woman. Gorgeous and beautiful she is one of the leading players in theatre industry. As a lead actor and owing to her contribution, she has under her belt a number of film awards. It is believed that it owes to her beauty that her shows receive massive attendance from fans of both sexes. In the Russian cinema industry, she has cut her niche not only as a leading actor but as a big contributor to the industry that includes nurturing new and existing talents for better performances and production

7. Evgenia Chirikova

Hottest Russian ActressesShe is believed to be everywhere, from theaters, to movies and televisions, her face is a common feature. She possesses a unique talent that enables her to combine both her beauty and artistry to give her audience the best at all times. This comes alongside holding the position of the most experienced Russian actress. She is important part of the industry giving guidance and mentorship through her shows that helps the upcoming stars effectively garner only that which is best for improvement of the industry. Industry players define her as a leader by example and her following is massive.

6. Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina

Hottest Russian ActressesShe is charming, attractive and her personality is defined as magnetic. Anna always seems to attract more followers. Known by her stage name Nyusha she gained her popularity through songwriting wand electrifying performance. She has strong and effective songwriting skill always producing what is considered above average at all times. Having featured in Russian cinema widely, she is among the promising prospects and the future of the film industry in the matters concerning artistry and beauty. Moe to being on film and music, she is a strong dramatic. A feature that is believed to be a big contributor to her following, she commands respect from all quarters of fans in all her performances.

5. Anfisa Chekhova

Hottest Russian ActressesHaving a beautiful face is not all that defines a hot chick. This is what Anfisa stands for, despite being crowned as among the hottest in Russia, she goes far above to prove she has more in store. She is a strong model who appears in different brands making her a household name. Other than modelling, she has a cult-style following on both her television appearances and her music and videos. A living definition of the hot Russian women in 2017, she is a big inspiration to her peers and those seeking to join the industry.

4. Elizaveta Golovanova

Hottest Russian ActressesYoung, educated and determined, Elizaveta is one who stands for the present and future of the modelling and acting industry in Russia. Despite holding a degree, her heart is in modelling and she is willing to ensure that she achieves at all cost. This is better displayed by the fact that she was one among the contestants of Miss Russia crown a coveted prize for the hottest, sharp and determined chicks in Russia. With her young age, education and heart in modelling, she carries much of the future in modelling. She is not around for some days but in the industry to stay and take it a notch higher.

3. Zoya Berber

Hottest Russian ActressesA popular and voted among the hottest women in Russia, Zoya always stands out in the crowds. Her beauty is unmatched. Maxim Magazine describes her as the face of beauty in Russia whose appearance is hot. With Maxim’s experience in selecting the hot models, picking Zoya for the position is undisputable choice. Her popular face on TV depict the most popular personalities in Russia who remain in minds of viewers for long and always calls for attention.

2. Maria Sharapova

Hottest Russian ActressesWith the perfect body, her name rings a bell in minds of not only Russians but the world at large. A common figure in entertainment circles and athletics, very few would need to be introduced to her. A high flying tennis player is better known for her performance taking advantage of her height in the court. This comes alongside holding her head high at all time a natural aspect that gets her notice at every corner. To this day, she is among the highest earning hot chick in Russia combining incomes from athletics, modelling and acting among others. Critics and admirers reckon she is a real force in the current and future of Russia’s hot chicks.

1. Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina

Hottest Russian Actresses

Holding the top position among the Russian hot chicks of 2019 is Anna Vladimirovna. Her beautiful and magnificent face appears on all corners of the globe from the modelling and branding campaigns she undertakes. Surprising, her photos and name are widely used on social media platform by people who admire her beauty and other who want to appear in her form on social media. Currently she is the top performing Russian singer commanding big following from all circles that include entertainment and the social media.

The list of Russia’ hottest actresses feature a few out of the wide majority that reigns in the region. The natural beauty enhanced with art, education and determination defines the current breed of hot chick in Russia. More upcoming chicks are hitting the platform by day a factor enhanced by technological advancement. However, the list above provides with actresses with capacity to withstand the test of time and remain relevant for long.


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