Tennis is a popular sport especially among women. The sport makes every other girl look beautiful because you get to wear super short skirts and cute tops to match. This definitely makes the players look sexy in a sporty kind of way. There are so many gorgeous tennis players and so coming up with a list is hard because there are so many beautiful faces and bodies to choose from but there are always the ones with a feature that makes them stand out of the crowd.

Success looks beautiful on any pretty face so that is one area that sets these beauties apart. A huge following and popularity is also another thing that sets them apart too. Here are the top ten most beautiful and hottest female tennis players of 2019 in the world.

10. Serena Williams

Most Female Tennis Players 2019

Serena Williams is one of the best female tennis players in the world. Her hot body makes her all the more attractive. She has perfect abs and a great physique to say the least. She is also involved in other business ventures such as fashion that make her even more successful as an individual. She was born in the year 1981 in the month of September in the United States. She is the proud winner of four gold medals in the Olympics and numerous championship titles in international tennis tournaments such as the Grand Slam and The French Open.

9. Elena Dementieva

Most Female Tennis Player

This beautiful girl is from Russia. Elena is one of the best tennis players globally. Though recently retired, this sexy blonde took the tennis world of sport by storm winning a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics and taking Silver in the Sydney Olympics. She started playing at the tender age of thirteen and since then has won many championships both locally and internationally. Both of her parents played tennis so she probably got it from them.

8. Maria Kirilenko

Most Female Tennis Player

Maria is a gorgeous girl from Russia who plays this sexy sport. She has a body to die for and charm for days on end. Maria has been on the cover of the Swimsuit edition looking hot as ever in the year 2009. Her abs are just perfect. The beauty has been in many fashion magazines most notably Vogue and Sports Illustrated which s no easy fit. She is a champion in the doubles title and she is quite the remarkable player in this category.

7. Tatiana Golovin

Most Female Tennis Player

This French beauty is twenty four years old. The sexy player has a memorable face and a charming personality that draws people towards her. This stunning tennis player has been in the popular sports magazine Sports Illustrated among many others. She is very good at playing tennis and she has a couple of championships under her belt including the French Open double title in the year 2001. The sportarium magazine named her as the top sexiest female tennis player of 2012.

6. Sania Mirza

Most Female Tennis Player

This beautiful Indian girl is twenty four years old. She is witty and stunning at the same time as she is sporty. This definitely makes for the perfect combination. She also plays well too. She is arguably the number one top Indian tennis player. The girl is wealthy as well making her the highest paid tennis player in India. She has won many titles including the Australian open doubles title in the year 2009 and the WTA tour title. Impressively she has also won the Grand Slam tournament title.

5. Dominika Cibulkova

Most Female Tennis Player

This beauty is from Czechoslovakia. She is a great tennis player and is currently among the top twenty best players in singles in the whole world. The beautiful blonde has gorgeous eyes and a hot sexy body. She has a tall slender frame as well that is very attractive. She has been named in many sporting websites and magazines in the top ten most beautiful tennis players and Maxim Magazine ranked her at top place for best female tennis players of the year 2012.

4. Ashley Harkleroad

Most Female Tennis Player

Ashley is from the United States. She has one of the most beautiful smiles. This sexy tennis player is the only WTA winner who has ever posed nude for the famous playboy magazine. Her sex appeal is on another level. She is definitely a favourite among the men owing to her huge following on her social media platforms. Her fashion sense is also always on point making sure that she keeps it sexy and appealing. Apart from the beauty she is also a very wealthy girl.

3. Ana Ivanovic

Most Female Tennis Player

This hot sexy tennis player is from Serbia. Impressive to note is that Ana has been named as the number one WTA tennis player. The brunette has a gorgeous face and heart shaped lips that are sure to send men drooling. Apart from being so stunning she is a great tennis player having won the Grand Slam and also the Roland Garros. Ana has also appeared on many sports magazine showing off her fit physique to the whole world.

2. Anna Kournikova

Most Female Tennis Player

This list would not be complete if we did not mention Anna Kournikova. She has such a kind and sweet face and lustrous blonde hair that would make any woman envious. Though the Russian beauty is retired she is one of the most beautiful tennis players of all times. She has got millions of followers on social media and men in particular lover her. The sexy player is known for her graceful way of playing as well as her great achievements in the sport. FHM magazine even voted her the sexiest woman in the world in 2002.

1. Maria Sharapova

Most Female Tennis Player

Maria is one of the most beautiful women in the sporting industry. She is from Russia and she is every bit of sexy and stunning wrapped into one. She is also a model on the side and she has appeared in the Sports Illustrated magazine a couple of times. She ranks at number three in the list for top female singles tennis players. She is the most popular female tennis player currently especially because the men cannot seem to get enough of her. She is smart, wealthy and drop dead gorgeous. It is always fun to watch her play tennis on the court.

The above ten women make up our list of the most stunning women playing tennis professionally in the world. The great thing about each one of them is that they are successful witty and sexy. Watching them playing the sport makes them even more attractive because they portray high levels of confidence and confidence is always a very attractive quality to possess.


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