Being a screen queen is no minor job; it requires a captivating voice and great physical features. At least one of your facial features has to be outstanding. It could be the smile, the eyes, the dimples or even just your flawless skin.

Charm is a requirement because everyone wants to look at someone who is easy to love. The technical stuff of course includes eloquence and a good personality to go with it. The ladies we list today possess all this and more.

They have managed to keep masses glued to their screens because of their beauty and charm. The women mentioned below do not only depend on their looks alone, they work extremely hard to ensure that they deliver great news shows. Let us take a look at the top ten most beautiful and hottest female television news anchors of 2019.

10. Melissa Theuriau

Most Beautiful Female News Anchors 2019

Melissa is a French beauty who anchors news for M6 which is a French news outlet. After studying journalism, Melissa jumped right into the career as a newscaster and through a lot of hard work and determination she finally became a successful news anchor.

Her easy going character and extra ordinary beauty only helped her climb up the professional ladder. The two qualities became her most important assets for the job she was plunging herself into. Melissa is one of the most beautiful women on the screen today.

9. Jackie Guerrido

Most Hottest Female News Anchor

The Puerto Rican beauty has a gorgeous innocent smile and a bubbly personality to go with it. Her character alone is enough to draw people to the screens. She is a weather forecast journalist at Univision. Before she started working there she used to work at HBC Radio Company as a radio presenter.

She had also tried her hand in other areas such as news reading. The beautiful career woman is also a mother but she still manages to stay fit and hot for the screen. Jackie is definitely a crowd puller; her curvy body is enough to draw attention. Above all else, she does an exemplary job as well on television.

8. Lara Logan

Most Beautiful Female News Anchor

She is the drop dead journalist from South Africa. Lara has worked in radio and television hosting various shows. The beautiful television presenter has long luscious golden locks that draw attention to her. She works as the lead correspondent for foreign affairs at CBN News.

She is known mostly as a war journalist because of her love for covering foreign affairs even in war torn areas of the world. She has risen to become one of the top correspondents in the journalism industry.

7. Pamela David

Most Beautiful Female News Anchor

Pamela David is a beautiful Argentinean screen siren. The rare beauty has silky black hair that swings beautifully on her shoulders. She is one of the sexiest news anchors in the industry. She has been on the cover of playboy magazine in Argentina just to show how much of a magnet she can be.

Her looks have been able to attract a huge following for her and all the networks she has worked for. She was on a reality T.V show in Argentina and that is how she rose to public recognition.

6. Maria Menounos

Most Beautiful Female News Anchor

She is no ordinary news anchor, apart from her strikingly beautiful looks; she is also a professional wrestler and a fitness junkie. She has participated in the WWE championships as well. She can only be described as an aggressive and ambitious girl after her dreams.

Maria anchors entertainment news for E News. She has been voted numerous times by magazines such as People in their top one hundred most beautiful women in the world.

5. Laurence Ferrari

Most Beautiful Female News Anchor

Laurence Ferrari is a gorgeous French journalist who anchors the news for TF1. She started her career in the year 1986 at a French News agency. The blonde beauty easily draws people to the screen with her great character.

She went to school at the French school of press to horn her journalism skills. Her talent has enabled her to become one of the top news anchors in France. She is naturally a beautiful woman with great physical features on her body.

4. Katie Derham

Most Beautiful Female News Anchor

Katie Derham has done a marvellous job in her career. She started off at the British Broadcasting Co-operation. She did well for herself and earned her first award in the industry, that of Best Finance broadcaster award at a young age.

Her bubbly persona is lovable and appealing to crowds all over the world. She has completely out done herself at a young age. She currently is a news correspondent on BBC along with hosting other radio shows. Katie has a pleasant personality and a contagious smile that is enviably beautiful.

3. Alisyn Camerota

Most Beautiful Female News Anchor

Alisyn Camerota is known for her illuminating confidence and exuberance when it comes to anchoring the news. Her interviews are always fact filled and straight forward. She works for CNN and hosts a show on CNN international known as New Day.

With her you are guaranteed a minty freshness to otherwise boring news. She is a natural on screen and it does not hurt that she is beautiful and charismatic. She has achieved a lot in her career and many at times she has been referred as one of the most prominent news anchor in America.

2. Ghida Fakhry

Most Beautiful Female News Anchor

Ghida Fakhry works for Aljazeera news as an English news anchor. Her beauty is both exotic and captivating. She is one of the most influential television personalities in the east. Her positive energy on set gets viewers love her even more. The brown eyed beauty is a graduate from the University of London with a degree in African studies and another Masters degree from Boston University in International relations.

1. Kiran Chetry

Most Beautiful Female News Anchor

Kiran Chetri was born in Nepal. She is a journalist and news anchor for Fox News. Her past work portfolio includes working for CNN. The screen siren has a gorgeous smile and an immaculate set of teeth. She has been voted a couple of times as the sexiest news anchor.

She started as a local channels news anchor then steadily rose to become one of the most watched faces on television. Kiran keeps herself physically fit and in tip top condition for her job.

There are a lot more other beauties in the Television industry but the above ten have managed to gunner serious points from viewers all around the world because of their mesmerising looks and great professionalism when it comes to delivery. Beauty coupled with brains is the most attractive quality ever and the women mentioned above are just that.


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