Turkish women are very beautiful they have the kind of exotic beauty that can make men go crazy. Their complexion is a bit snowy and their bodies are simply stunning. Acting is a progressive career in Turkey and women are embracing it at a rising pace. Working as an actress in Turkey requires an attractive face and a charming personality that will be able to quickly draw people in to the character you are playing.

Most girls usually start out as models before venturing into acting. Turkey truly does have some gorgeous girls on its screens. Not only do they look good, they work hard too to entertain people on television shows and on films. Here are some of the most beautiful actresses in the beautiful country of Turkey in 2019.

10. Hande Dogandemir

Hottest Turkish Actresses

This beautiful actress is a Scorpio born in November in the year 1985. She is originally from Turkey. Apart from acting, Hande Dogandemir is also an astrologer and a television presenter. She definitely is everything beauty and brains. She has featured in movies and television shows alike. Some of the popular performances she has been involved in include acting in the popular Turkish series Kanal D and the film Bana Masal Antlatma. She is a also an award winner thanks to her brilliant performances in films.

9. Cansu Dere

Hottest Turkish Actresses

Cansu Dere is a Turkish actress with one of those charming smiles everyone loves. She was born in the year 1980 in October. The born structure on her face is simply amazing which makes her look beautiful in pictures and on video. She started her career in the year 2004. Since then she has appeared in a lot of movies. Her style of acting is very diverse as she can fit into comedic roles and also act in serious roles as well. On the side, she also does a bit of modeling.

8. Oyku Karayel

Hottest Turkish Actresses

Oyku Karayel has got gorgeous eyes and a stunning body frame. She was born in the year 1990 in the gorgeous city of Istanbul. The girl has flawless skin and a lovely personality to go with her beauty. She started acting in college, participating in the plays and then got her first official job as an actress in the movie Fine things her party. The role she played in that movie won her an award for Best Young Talent in the local film awards in her country.

7. Serenay Sarikaya

Hottest Turkish Actresses

This beautiful actress was born in the year 1991 in Turkey. She is effortlessly beautiful. Serenay also doubles up as a model thanks to her stunning body and unforgettable looks. She came in second place at the Mystic beauty pageant in the year 2010. Her role in the film known as Plaza won her fame and recognition because she portrayed an amazing performance. The GQ magazine in Turkey nominated her to be the woman of the year in 2014 because of her numerous achievements in her career.

6. Burcu Biricik

Hottest Turkish Actresses

The stunning actress was born in the year 1989 in the month of May. She has gorgeous blonde hair and a beautiful flawless skin tone. In the year 2006 she emerged the winner in the Mediterranean queen beauty pageant. She went to acting school and after completion she also started training other aspiring actors. She currently has a role in a television show known as Life song. The beautiful actress has also featured in many other movie roles.

5. Songul Oden

Hottest Turkish Actresses

This actress has silky soft lustrous dark brown hair which matches her brown eyes. She was born in the year 1977 in the month of February. She started her career in the year 1999 with her role in the television show Ferhunde Hanimlar. Apart from on screen films, Angul Oden also takes part in many plays on stage. This beautiful charming woman does a phenomenal job at acting and every role she plays is always memorable. In the year 2012 she won the award for best comedy actress in the local film awards in Turkey.

4. Seden Soyer

Hottest Turkish Actresses

This damsel has had the honor of representing the beauty and cultural heritage off Turkey globally. Born in the year 1986 in the auspicious month of December, she represents the raw beauty of Turkish girls. She won the Miss Turkey beauty pageant in the year 2007 and went on to represent her country in the Miss World beauty Pageant. Seden Soyer is considered as one of the most beautiful women in her country. Apart from acting she has featured in many of the movies and television shows playing different roles.

3. Berguzar Korel

Hottest Turkish Actresses

The beautiful girl was born in the year 1982 in the month of August. She has a perfectly beautiful face with lovely eyes and an infectious smile. It is true to say that she lights up any film and television show that she features in. After acting the movie Binbir Gece fans could not get enough of her. She rose to fame and won the hearts of audiences in Turkey and beyond. She has also featured In the television show known as Karadayi.

2. Hazal Kaya

Hottest Turkish Actresses

Hazal Kaya is a breath of fresh air. She was born in the year 1991 in the month of October. The gorgeous star started her professional acting career in the television series known as Genco playing the role of Ogze. After that her acting career blew up and she got many opportunities to feature in other films and television shows. Because of her successful acting career she is one of the highest paid actresses in Turkey. She continues to rise in fame not only locally but internationally as well.

1. Tuba Buyukustun

Hottest Turkish Actresses 2019

Tuba Buyukstan has got both charm and sexual appeal. The beautiful actress was born in 1982 in the month of July. She has a pretty doll face that is simply perfect. She started her acting career I the year 2003 starring in a famous television show known as Sultan Makami. Her captivating eyes are a sight to behold. The gorgeous woman has featured in films such as Yuregine Sor and the television show 20 Dakika. She did such an amazing job acting that she got nominated for an Emmy award for her role in the television series 20 Dakika. Tuba is one of the most beautiful women in Turkey.

The above ten women are some of the most stunning faces on television and film in Turkey right now. Women work really hard to ensure they deliver great performances on television shows and on films they star in. A witty and pretty woman always scores huge points both in her career and her social life as well.


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