With increasing economic troubles and political wrangles crippling the globe, there is need for people to exhale and release everyday pressures through laughter. The world presently needs a laugh industry that can help people cope with the worldwide challenges that include terrorism and dire news related to government. Now than ever before, we need comedians to make light of what is going on around us and enable us make sense of it without taking life very seriously.

Thus, this explains why we need outspoken comedians to help ease the burden of oppression and political instability around the world. We need to laugh out our stress and gain hope for a better tomorrow. Therefore, this article will provide a list of top ten comedians in the world in 2019 that will make your life a little better because laughter is the best medicine.

1. Matthew Broussard

Best Stand-Up Comedians 2019

Matthew is the King of standup comedian who has built a reputation for himself in Comedy Central. Matthew is aware of his outlook as he continually states that he is a “douche bag.” Thus, one look at him will make you running out of laughter because of his appearance. He is commonly known for his epic performance in Roast battle in Comedy central.

He told a musician known as Mayers that listening to his music made him become cocky and a douche bag. The line got him to make guest appearances in Conan, Adam Devine Party and Half Hour in Comedy central. He also uploads weekly pun on his personal website known as Monday Punday. Mathew stand up style is self-depreciating, jovial and witty. There are no words to describe how this guy will get you on the floor rolling with laughter.

2. James Davis

Best Stand-Up Comedian

James Davis is renowned social media comedian. He has made social media a place where individuals visit to have fun and take a break from the troubles of the day. Outside social media, people identify James with a comedy digital series known as Swag-A-Saurus. The comedy uses slang terms such as “sus” and “fetty” that leave people all cracked up.

The comedian does not stop there; he is presently developing a comedy that will air in prime time series dubbed as the Hood Adjacent. Nonetheless, you can find this hilarious man on weekly comedy shows on in Nerdist showroom, which is known as Urban dictionary. Davis comedy explores the mainstream comedy and urban comedy and identifies himself as the “token black friend”.

3. Michelle Buteau

Best Stand-Up Comedian

Michelle is a New Jersey born comedian who is recognised as a comedian with a big and lively personality. She is a comic who will leave a lasting impression to the audience because she has memorable appearances. She has featured in a category of shows including Key & Peele, Enlisted and VH1s Morning Buzz.

Nonetheless, she performs stand up in New York and world tours. She is a comedian that is not afraid to touch on the issue of race and politics on stage. Recently, she undertook a serious stand on Trump on her twitter handle. She acknowledged that Trump had created a comic job for her because she now spends more time writing Trump jokes.

4. Naomi Ekperigin

Best Stand-Up Comedian

Naomi is the mind behind Americans comedy shows, which include Difficult People seasons and Broad city. She also makes numerous appearances in Totally Biased and VH1. Her stand comic talks about political biases in a hysterical manner. Naomi Twitter handle is used to air her political beliefs whereby she balances humor and social message. For instance, when the year started she tweeted that she does not want to write comedy anymore, she wants to perform it and spread it to the universes. Thus, Naomi provided her fans an opportunity to see her often and relate with her jokes.

5. Kate Berlant

Best Stand-Up Comedian

Kate Berlant is an actor and comedian who appears in Netflix shows. She is also recognised for her comic acts with John Early whereby they establish a snarky rapport that leaves audience catching their breathe in laughter. The pair unveiled a five-episode video known as 555 that posts comic reliefs to the public. The pair has a charming and sometimes a cutting demeanor that is irresistible to watch. She also posts hilarious tweets such as one that she recently posted that she is taking her Trump Impeachment gown to the cleaners.

6. Joel Kim Booster

Best Stand-Up Comedian

Joel is a standup comedian who is widely known for having a strange face that does not match his voice. In most of his comedies, he explains that he was adopted from Korea by a loving Chicago couple. Nonetheless, he grew up and beat his odds and he is famously known for writing comedies such as Billy on the Street and Problematic. Joel is presently developing a comic series known as Birthright that portrays the experience of a gay man that is adopted by evangelical white parents. He gives a comic relief that is political and talks about societal ideologies such as punk music.

7. Josh gondelman

Best Stand-Up Comedian

Gondelman is a social media comic known for hosting a parody account on twitter. He asks comical questions on twitter such as “is Seinfeld still on air?” when Seinfeld was presenting. Gondelman comic enabled him win the Emmy Awards in 2016. He is a distinguished comedians with a stand up style that is self depreciating. Gondelman also tackles controversial topics on stage, which includes ghost life, childhood wisdom and aging. He has an outrageous demeanor on stage that makes one feel good about themselves.

8. Joe Pera

Best Stand-Up Comedian

Joseph Pera lives in New York and hosts a standup show in Brooklyn. He is also a performer in Late Night and Fox 2 Detroit. He uses comedy to discuss the importance of remarkable events such as Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. The comedian has a charming personality whereby he is sensible and applies his nerdy nature on stage. He performs regularly in United States counties and this make it easier for his fan to see him.

9. Eddie Murphy

Best Stand-Up Comedian

Eddie is the king of African American comedy and he has accumulated experience to perform a standup comedy. Eddie is very funny and he delivers a delirious and raw comedy. He is an all time favourite and his jokes relates to individuals of all ages because he touches on subjects across the nations. Eddie has been going strong for more than twenty years and he has shaped American comedy by bringing it to a complete new level. He will make you laugh on how he criticises family barbecues, clown African accents and imitate singers. He is a great comedian who defines the term comedy.

10. Chris rock

Best Stand-Up Comedian

Chris is the funniest guy an individual will ever encounter. He sets the comedy bar to another level through the way he makes fun of everyone without discriminating people with their race and age. Chris is very smart as he produces sarcastic and hilarious jokes that will educate his audience. For instance, he talks about money with black people and offers a great explanation on the difference between wealth and rich. His witty jokes makes the audience fall in love with him as he also talks about easy topics that everyone can follow. Chris performance is a laugh out loud session as one can stop laughing throughout the entire performance.

In conclusion, comedy is a necessary need to the present society because of the immense trouble people are going through in the socialisation process. It is imperative that people take some time off to listen to some good comedies to help ease the pressures of the daily lives. The list above provides the best comedians in the world that are worth listening to when someone is going through troubles. They are hilarious comedians who will keep you laughing throughout the entire performance.