When we talk about actors one thing which allures us most towards them is their rocking attitude and killer looks. Asian actors are full of talent along with wonderful looks and this is the reason why people are crazy about them. While some Asian actors are known just for their acting skills some are known for having great features and most handsome look. If you also adore the Asian men then here we have listed the top 10 most handsome Asian actors of 2019.

These Asian actors have made a remarkable place in the industry due to their work and look both. So no matter what you prefer you are going to love them to the core. Check them out now and give your eyes a treat.

10. Diljit Dosanjh

Most Handsome Asian Actors 2019

When we talk about the most handsome Asian actors of the time the name of Diljit Dosanjh came within. It’s not that he is new to the film industry but the ways he has groomed himself in the recent past makes him one of the most handsome indeed. Worked in different Punjabi as well as Hindi movies he has won the hearts of many people and enlarges his fan base to a great extent as well.

9. Aaron Kwok

Most Handsome Asian Actors

The next name in the list of most Asian actors is Aaron Kwok who was born on 26th October 1965 and joined the film industry when he was only 20 years old. Since then he has not left any stone unturned to prove his worth in the field. Hailing from Hong Kong he is not just an actor but also a wonderful singer and dancer. Apart from his multiple talents, he is also known for being extremely good looking.

8. In-sung Jo

Most Handsome Asian Actors

Next to the list of most handsome Asian actors is Jo In-Sung who is known as one of the most impressive South Korean actors of the time. Not only his working is known as superb, his good looks and dashing personality make him extraordinary as well. Born on 28th July 1981 he has made a remarkable place in the industry and this led him getting a lot of fans and followers.

7. Prabhas

Most Handsome Asian Actors

One of the most talked Asian actor these days is Prabhas who is not only known for his latest movies but also his impactful personality and good looks. He was born on 23rd October 1979 and has won many awards and accolades for working superbly for different movies. His killer looks are enough to make anyone his fan forever.

6. Fawad Khan

Most Handsome Asian Actors

Next came Fawad Khan who is a Pakistani actor. Apart from acting he also works as model and singer and has also enacted in many Indian movies. Owing to his great looks and impressive person he is the heartthrob of millions of fans and followers most of which are females all around the world. With his charming personality and good looks, he is winning the heart of every viewer.

5. Jin-mo Ju

Most Handsome Asian Actors 2019

Working for South Korean movies Jin-mo Ju is the next Asian actor who is regarded as the most handsome of the time. He was born on 11th August 1974 and has appeared not only in movies but also in TV serials and stage shows. He has won many awards for performing superbly well in different movies. Apart from his talent of acting, he is also known for possessing alluring looks.

4. Ali Zafar

Most Handsome Asian Actors

Hailing from Pakistan the nest handsome Asian actor is Ali Mohammad Zafar who was born on 18th May 1980. He is not only an actor but also a wonderful singer, songwriter and model. Apart from this he also likes to paint. With his charming personality, he has won the heart of many people and his major fan base comprises of females. He also enacted in many Hindi movies.

3. Arjun Rampal

Most Handsome Asian Actors

Born on 26th November 1972, Arjun Rampal is the next handsome Asian actor who is the heartthrob of many people. Before starting his career in the film industry he also worked as a model and gained the much appreciation. He has won several awards and is indeed very smart and handsome man of the earth.

2. Salman Khan

Most Handsome Asian Actors

The next handsome Asian actor Salman Khan hails from India and is one of the most successful and good looking Indian actors if the time. Born on 27th December 1965 Salman Khan is not only an actor but also a successful producer, singer and fashion icon. With his 30 years of successful film career, he managed to win the hearts of people and is loved by all a lot. His major fan following are the females due to the charming personality he holds.

1. Rana Daggubati

Most Handsome Asian Actors

One of the most famous and handsome personality, when we talk about the Asian actors, is Rana Duggubati from South India. Born on 14th December 1984 he is very famous among the women of India. He has won a lot of awards and accolades in the recent past and with his charming personality manage to rule the heart of his female fans completely.

Coming from south to north, east to west these Asian actors are indeed the most handsome of the time that has made a notable place in the heart of their fans and followers. Once you see them, you would fall for them definitely and with their charm, they have managed to make a large fan base. We hope their good looks keep on becoming better with every passing day.


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