The world is full of handsome men and beautiful women but when we talk about the handsome black men the list goes endless. Black is the color when it comes to men making look good. And this is the reason why “Tall, Dark and Handsome” quote has been discovered. Girls go crazy for the dark men and therefore the black actors have a long list of fans and followers form the opposite gender. If you ever look at the film industry you would come across many dark actors who are not only good looking but also talented to the core and works really well.

Here we have enlisted the top 10 most handsome black actors of the year 2019 who are loved and adored by the people to the most. They are judged not only for their looks but for the way they work as well. So without wasting any time further let us take a sneak peek to them and get enlightened.

10. Will Smith

Most Handsome Black Actors 2019

Born on 25th September 1968, this 49 years old actor is the heartthrob of people since a long time. From his acting skills to the killer looks he has won the hearts of people all around the world and is therefore one of the best actor of the time. A large fan base is the proof that people are hardcore fan of him since a long time.

9. Henry Simmons

Most Handsome Black Actors

Henry Oswald Simmons Jr. who is more commonly known by the name Henry Simmons among the fans and followers was born on 1st July 1097. He is an American actor and is well known for having the most alluring and attractive looks. He came in the eyes of people with this police drama NYPD Blue where he played his role really well. He won a lot of awards and accolades till date.

8. Mike Colter

Most Handsome Black Actors

Mike Randal Colter is one of those black actors who fall under the category of most handsome of the time. He was born on 26th August 1976 and is widely remembered for playing great roles in different Television series. While The Good Wife got a lot of appreciation, Ringer and Luke Cage help Mike get the desired popularity among the people.

7. Omari Hardwick

Most Handsome Black Actors

Next in the list is Omari Hardwick who is known for being extremely good looking. While he is an American actor he is famous all around the world for his acting skills and dashing looks. Some of his television series got so famous that he grabbed the eyeballs of everyone around. Some of his remarkable works can be seen in Saved, Dark Blue, The A-Team and Kick-Ass.

6. Isaiah Mustafa

Most Handsome Black Actors 2019

Born on 11th February 1974, Isaiah Amir Mustafa is the next extremely handsome black actor in the list. Before coming into acting he was an athlete and was NFL practice squad wide receiver. Once he started his career in acting there was no looking back as he works really hard. Apart from this is good looks were enough to make him super hit.

5. Laz Alonso

Most Handsome Black Actors

The next name in the category of most handsome black actors is Lazaro Alonso who is more commonly known with his pet name Laz. He was born on 25th March 1974 and worked in various television series and movies in the past decade. Some of his remarkable work can be seen in a fiction film Avatar, Fast & Furious, Jarhead and many more.

4. Gary Dourdan

Most Handsome Black Actors

Gary Gourdon is the next handsome black actor in the list who was born on 11th December 1966. He started working since the age of 22 and since then there was no looking back for him. His work can be seen in one television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation where he worked so well that grabbed the attention of people to a great extent and becomes their favorite as well.

3. Shemar Moore

Most Handsome Black Actors

Shemar Franklin Moore is yet another extremely handsome black actor of the time. Born on 20th April 1970, he has the most alluring looks and dashing personality. And this is the reason why his major fan following consists of women and girls. Some of his notable work can be seen in Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless as well as in hosting the Soul Train.

2. Idris Elba

Most Handsome Black Actors

Idris Elba is known not only for the superb acting skills but also for dashing personality and enthralling looks. Born on 6th September 1972 this English actor is also a producer, musician and work as a wonderful DJ as well. While some of his movies help him get a lot of awards his killer smile got him a lot of fans and followers among which most are females.

1. Boris Kodjoe

Most Handsome Black Actors

Next comes the name of Boris Kodjoe who was born on 8th March 1977 in Australia but has German and Ghanaian descent. Due to his extremely smart looks he is loved by all. In every movie he has performed till date he had managed to impress his viewers. This makes him one of the most admired actors of the time.

These handsome black actors have ruled the film industry in the past decade and are continuing to do so. Their looks are so killing that once you would see them you would fall for them instantly. The words of praise get short as they are absolutely stunning black actors of the year and I am sure you can’t agree more.


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