Some people are born beautiful and handsome and some groom with time to become one. While the world full of good-looking people, one of the most searchable thing on the internet in the recent past is the list of most handsome boys in the world. And obviously, it’s the girls who look for the handsome boys. If you are also want to get a detailed know-how of the handsome boys of the time then your search ends here.

We have enlisted here the top ten most handsome looking boys in the world in 2019. So check them out now.

10. Austin Butler

Most Handsome Boys in the World 2019

Born on 17th August 1991 Austin Butler has impressed a lot of people not only by his amazing singing and acting abilities but also by the handsome looks he comprises. More commonly known among his fans and followers as James “Wilke” Wilkerson from Switched at Birthhe is one of those who has a large fan base.

9. Douglas Booth

Hottest Boys in the World

Douglas Booth was born on 9th July 1992 and he is one of the most popular English actors of the time. While some of the credit of his popularity goes to his acting, some go to his great looks and smart personality. He gained maximum applause for BBC Two film Worried About the Boy that came in the year 2010 in which he performed as Boy Georgein.

8. Drew Roy

Hottest Boys in the World

Drew Roy started his career with the movie Curse of Pirate Death and Blink and since then there is no looking back for this wonderful actor. He was born on 16th may 1986 in Clanton, Alabama but later in order to pursue his career in acting and film industry, he moved to Los Angeles. He is a wonderful American actor with a killer personality and great looks.

7. Lucas Till

Hottest Boys in the World

Born on 10 August 1990 it didn’t take much time by Lucas to gain the popularity and become the heartthrob of millions of people around the world. It was his great acting skills which made him the person he is today. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that his good looks and handsomeness contributes to a great extent for his success.

6. Alex Pettyfer

Hottest Boys in the World

When we talk about the most handsome boys in the world, how we can forget Alex Pettyfer. Born on 10th April 1990 he is not only an English actor but also a wonderful and very successful model of the time. Since the time he has entered Hollywood he ruled the hearts of people as well. Most of his fan followings are female owing to the fact that he is very handsome and encompasses the most killer looks.

5. Godfrey Gao

Hottest Boys in the World

Godfrey Gao was born on 22nd September 1984 to Taiwanese father and a Malaysian mother. He is a successful Canadian model and actor with a great personality which could impress anyone. Although he was born in Taiwan, he moved to Canada for better education and career. Later due to his good looks, he managed to make a place in the modeling industry.

4. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Hottest Boys in the World

He is a well-known poet, model and actor born at Bagdad, Iraq on 23rd September 1989. The reason why he was kicked out of Saudi Arabia was his killer looks and extremely handsome personality and this made him popular all around the world. His fans and followers are from all around the world.

3. Robert Pattinson

Hottest Boys in the World

Born on 13th May 1986, Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson is not just an actor but also a great musician and producer who is known for having dashing personality and killer looks. Since the beginning of the time he has done a perfect job with his works and due to this, he managed to grab a lot of fans and followers. Apart from this, the good looks help him secure a good fan following.

2. Noah Mills

Hottest Boys in the World

Born on 26th April 1983 Noah Mills is known to be one of those models who didn’t take much time to grab the attention of people all around the world. His modeling career starts in the year 2003 and since then there was no looking back for him. He was born in Toronto and today he is a well-known model and actor of the country.

1. Chris Evans

Hottest Boys in the World 2019

Chris Evans was born on 13th June 1981 and started his career with a television series Opposite Sex. He gained the much-desired popularity with his role as a superhero as Captain America. Later a number of series came and he gained the popularity all around the world. Apart from his work, his good looks are enough to make anyone his fan.

These boys are indeed the heartthrob of millions of people all around the world among which more are girls and women. Since these boys are blessed with killer looks and influencing personality, they manage to grab the maximum eyeballs. And this is the reason why they are enlisted in our top ten list. So enjoy your time watching these handsome faces.


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