British actors are known worldwide for being the most handsome and dashing. Due to their great looks, they are loved by all. Most of their fan following are the females of the world. No matter what age they are like they are loved and adored by women and girls around the world. While some people like them for their wonderful acting kills some prefer them for their looks and personality. They are successful and make a lot of money by doing a great job in every movie they perform.

If you are also fond of British actors and looking for the names of top ten most handsome British actors of the time then the listicle below would make you feel elated. Here we have jotted the most dashing British actors in 2019 who have the most killer looks to make you go crazy. Check them out!

10. Douglas Booth

Hottest British Actors

When we talk about the most handsome British actors of the year the name of Douglas John booth comes within. Born on 9th July 1993 he is an English actor and has won many awards and accolades for his performances. Due to his wonderful features and charming looks he is considered as one f the most handsome British actor of the time. he got the much-desired popularity with his film Worried About the Boy in the year 2010.

9. Callum Blue

Hottest British Actors

Next came Callum Blue who is again one of the most handsome British actors of the time. No matter whether you talk about his acting skills or the way he used to present himself on the screen, everything is just perfect making him the best and the most versatile actor of the time. a large fan base among which most are females is the proof that he has the most dashing personality to appreciate. He was born on 19th August 1977 and has worked in many super hit movies.

8. Alex Pettyfer

Hottest British Actors

When we talk about the most handsome actors of Hollywood, how we can forget Alex Pettyfer. Born on 10th April 1990 he is not only an English actor but also a wonderful and very successful model of the time. Since the time he has entered Hollywood he ruled the hearts of people as well. Most of his fan followings are female owing to the fact that he is very handsome and encompasses the most killer looks.

7. Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Hottest British Actors

The next in the category of most handsome British actors is Oliver Mansour Jackson Cohen. Born on 24th October 1986 he is not just an actor but a model as well. Born in London Oliver Jackson is one of the most charming and dashing personality who is famous among the fans for his good looks. Born with French heritage and his mother was a French Israeli he has a great French accent. He has a large fan base and most of them are female.

6. Aidan Turner

Hottest British Actors

Aidan Turner was born on 19th June 1983 and has won the heart of many people. He is an Irish actor and known for his killer looks. In every movie he has performed become a blockbuster. While some of the credit goes to his acting skills, some goes to his charming and impressive looks. Some of his performances can be seen in movies like Kill, the Clinic and one drama series Being Human.

5. Jim Sturgess

Hottest British Actors

Born on 16th May 1978 Jim Sturgess is the next handsome British actor who is ruling the hearts of many people and especially females. He is not only an English actor but a great songwriter and singer as well. he became popular with his film Across Universe and since then there was no looking back. Apart from his acting skills the way he used to impress his viewers by his killer looks is worth appreciating. And this is the reason why he gets enlisted in the top ten most handsome British actors of the time.

4. Bradley James

Hottest British Actors

The next is the Bradley James who was born on 11th October 1983 and has impressed people so far for his acting skills as well as good looks. The killer looks and the dashing personality of Bradley James make him got enlisted in the topmost handsome British actors of the year. While with his performances he won a lot of awards, with his alluring looks he won the hearts of millions of people.

3. Idris Elba

Hottest British Actors

Idris Elba is known not only for the superb acting skills but also for dashing personality and enthralling looks. Born on 6th September 1972 this English actor is also a producer, musician and work as a wonderful DJ as well. While some of his movies help him get a lot of awards his killer smile got him a lot of fans and followers among which most are females.

2. Christian Bale

Hottest British Actors

Born on 30th January 1974 Christian Bale is a well known English actor who has made his presence felt in every movie he enacted in. Due to his good looks it didn’t took much time for him to make a remarkable place in the film industry. He started working when he was just 13 years old and since then there was no looking back.

1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Hottest British Actors

The most handsome personality n the British film industry is Aaron Taylor who is known for his handsome personality, amazing looks and well versed outlook. He was born on 13th June 1990 and become popular from the movies like Kick-Ass and Avengers: Age of Ultron among the youth. A large fan following which mostly include females is the proof that he is doing exceptionally well.

These British actors have made a lot of money by doing great acting in their movies. Other than their great acting talent the other thing which makes them attractive are their killer looks. So now that you also knew the most handsome British actors of the time, go watch their movies and give a treat to your eyes.


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