There are a lot of celebrities all around the world. Almost every country in today’s date comprises numerous people who are famous for their work and are known for being extremely handsome and dashing. But when we look closely around 60-70 celebrities managed to grab the attention for their looks. However, each one of them is known for being smartest, most handsome and extremely great in their looks.

If you want to know which are those top ten celebrities who are known for being most handsome in 2019 then here we have compiled a list for you. Here we have enlisted the most handsome people who are known in different countries for their killer looks and very impressive persona. So check them out now!

10. Félix Gómez

Most Handsome Celebrities in The World 2019

Spanish actor Feliciano Gómez Hernández who is more commonly known as Félix Gómez among his fans and followers is one of the most handsome celebrities on today’s date. Born on 5th September 1977 he didn’t take much time to make a remarkable place in the film industry and also in the hearts of his fans and followers. While some of the credit for it goes to his acting skills, the rest goes to his attractive looks and personality.

9. Channing Tatum

Most Handsome Actor in The World

Channing Tatum is the next handsome celebrity on our list who was born on 26th April 1980. This 37 years old actor has known for his charming and impressive personality apart from being very talented in the field of acting. He is one of the most successful Hollywood actors of the time who earns a hell lot of money.

8. J.J. Redick

Most Handsome Actor in The World

The next handsome celebrity is J J Redick who was born on 24th June 1984 and is a successful and also highest earning basketball player of the time. Being a member of NBA his playing skills are extremely wonderful. Due to his hard work and dedication, he won a lot of trophies for his team. His handsome personality is enough for anyone to fall for him.

7. Lionel Messi

Most Handsome Actor in The World

The next most handsome celebrity came from the ground of football and he is world famous Lionel Messi. Born on 24th June 18987 Messi is the heartthrob of all who follows football. His gaming skills and playing technique are one of its kind making him one of the most influential football players of the time. Due to his killer looks he has a large fan base with females.

6. Sterling Knight

Most Handsome Celebrities in The World 2019

Sterling Knight was born on 5th March 1989 and is a successful American actor. Apart from acting he also works as a musician and singer. With his wonderful acting skills, he has won the heart of many people. Other than this his charming looks and dashing personality add to the worth of him manifolds. People have loved him so far and this can be seen in the number of his fans and followers.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Most Handsome Actor in The World

Who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo? Born on 5th February 1985, this 32 years old Portuguese professional footballer is one of the most successful and earning football player of the time. He has won some of the most prestigious awards of the game and due to this, he is loved by every person who follows football. While his playing skills make him extraordinary, his smart and impressive personality gets him a lot of fans and followers instantly.

4. Leonardo Di Caprio

Most Handsome Actor in The World

Now who doesn’t know Leonardo Di Caprio? Actor of one of the biggest hit movie Titanic he is one of the most loved and adored Hollywood actors of the time. From his superb acting skill to great looks, he is still the most dashing and handsome actor in the Hollywood. His large fan base which mostly includes female is the proof that is the best of the time and one of the most handsome celebrity as well.

3. Boris Kodjoe

Most Handsome Actor in The World

Next comes the name of Boris Kodjoe who was born on 8th March 1977 in Australia but has German and Ghanaian descent. Due to his extremely smart looks, he is loved by all. In every movie, he has performed till date he had managed to impress his viewers. This makes him one of the most admired actors of the time.

2. Alex Pettyfer

Most Handsome Actor in The World

When we talk about the most handsome celebrities of the year, how we can forget Alex Pettyfer. Born on 10th April 1990 he is not only an English actor but also a wonderful and very successful model of the time. Since the time he has entered Hollywood he ruled the hearts of people as well. Most of his fan followings are female owing to the fact that he is very handsome and encompasses the most killer looks.

1. Alastair Cook

Most Handsome Actor in The World

Was the Christmas gift to his parents as he was born on 25th December 1984. Having a keen interest in different sports Alastair chose cricket as his professional game and become one of the most renowned players with time. He is a former captain of the English cricket team and is known for playing really well in the field. He has won a lot of awards and several times managed to win the matches as well. Apart from his great playing skills, he is also known for being the most handsome and impressive celebrities of the time.

So these are some of those celebrities who are known not only in their country for their work and good looks but all around the world. A large fan base which usually comprises more females than men is the proof that they are handsome and impress people easily. We hope to see them perform every now and then and wish them all the best for the future.


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