Chinese actors and actresses are known for having the most beautiful skin and great features. While their milky white and blemish free skin is enough to allure anyone their acting skills drag a lot of viewers towards them. Some Chinese actors are so handsome that you won’t be able to get your eyes off from them. This is the reason why they are the heartthrob of people and especially the women and girls all around the world.

If you are also fond of Chinese actors and want to know some of the most handsome Chinese actors of the time then the content below is meant only for you. Here we have enlisted the top ten most dashing and good looking Chinese actors of the year 2019. Check them out now!

10. Chen Xiao

Hottest Chinese Actors

Chinese actors are known for their acting skills and for having extra alluring looks and personality. Chen Xiao is one of those who didn’t take much time to make a remarkable place in the film industry. Born in 1987 he didn’t leave any stone unturned to prove him on the screen. The rest was done by his killer looks to impress the people manifolds.

9. Zheng Kai

Hottest Chinese Actors

Next is Zheng Kai who is born on 17th April 1986 and more popularly known as Ryan Zheng among his fans and followers. Due to his wonderful acting skills, he not only makes a notable place on the big screen but also in the television serials as well. He took training from Shanghai Theatre Academy Performance Institute in the year 2008 and after the first breakthrough he didn’t leave any chance to shine.

8. Li Yifeng

Hottest Chinese Actors

Li Yifeng is not only a wonderful Chinese actor but also a great singer. He has worked in different movies and managed to grab a lot of awards and accolades as well. Due to his wonderful performances and handsome personality, he becomes the apple of the eye especially of females and this is the reason why he got enlisted in the most handsome Chinese actors’ list.

7. Yang Yang

Hottest Chinese Actors

Born on 9th September 1991 Yang Yang has not only works in Chinese movies but also in many television series. From his debut in The Dream of Red Mansions in the year 2010, there was no looking back and he is till date the most allured Chinese actor of the time. While some of the credit goes to his acting skills some goes to his good looks and impressive personality.

6. Hu Ge

Hottest Chinese Actors

Born in Chine Hu Ge is one of the most good looking Chinese actors of the time. With his good looks, he managed to allure a lot of people and therefore has a large number of fan following. After getting trained from Shanghai Theater Academy he has not left any stone unturned to impress his fans. He has managed to win a lot of awards and the hearts of his fans and followers as well.

5. Huang Xiaoming

Hottest Chinese Actors

Next in the list of most handsome Chinese actors is Huang Xiaoming who is known as one of the most impressive Chinese actors of the time. Not only his working is known as superb, his good looks and dashing personality make him extraordinary as well. Born on 13th November 1977 he has made a remarkable place in the industry and this led him getting a lot of fans and followers.

4. Eddie Peng

Hottest Chinese Actors

Next came the name of Eddie Peng who was born in the year 24th March 1982 and is not only a great actor but also a wonderful singer, producer, and model as well. With his work, he has managed to impress a lot of people. Other than work his good looks and charming personality is enough to make him the heartthrob of all.

3. Andy Lau

Hottest Chinese Actors

Born on 27th September 1961 Andy Lau was born in Hong Kong and got engaged with acting when he was only 20 years old. He is not only a great actor but also a wonderful singer, film producer as well as lyricist. Apart from his good looks, he is also known among people for his dashing personality and alluring looks. His large fan base which mostly includes female is the proof that he is indeed one of the most handsome Chinese actors of the time.

2. Kris Wu

Hottest Chinese Actors

The next most handsome Chinese actor on the list is Kris Wu who was born on 6th November 1990 and originally names as Wu Yifan. He is not only a wonderful actor but also a great singer and model. Some of his blockbusters include Mr. Six and Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back which came in the year 2015 and 2017 respectively. With his Hollywood debut xXx: Return of Xander Cage he gains the attention of people to the next level.

1. Jackie Chan

Hottest Chinese Actors

Jackie Chan is one of those Chinese actors who has worked so wonderfully in the past that he has become a legend. Born on 7th April 1954 Jackie Chan is not only a wonderful actor but also a great martial artist who is known for showcasing his martial skills in various movies. He works perfectly in every role whether it is about comedy or villain. Apart from this his large fan base with females as the most prominent one is the proof that he is the most handsome and dashing Chinese actor of the time.

These are those Chinese actors who are known to be most wonderful looking and impressive ones of the time. With their handsome looks and magnetic personality, they manage to grab the attention of women all around the world and thus become the best of the time. we hope to see them in the upcoming movies and impress us even more with their impactful personalities.


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