Hollywood is full of wonderful actors and actress who have made their remarkable place in the industry. Due to their hard work and determination, some of them even are the riches of the times as well. With their large fan base and fan following, they are indeed the most successful people of the time. While some Hollywood actors are known for their acting skills some are known for their killer looks and dashing personality. Some Hollywood actors are the real heartthrobs of the people all around the world.

Here we have enlisted the top ten most handsome Hollywood actors of 2019 which have won the heart of their fans and followers to the core. With their charm and great looks, they are going to remain in the hearts and minds of people throughout. So check them out now and give your eyes a treat.

10. Johnny Depp

Hottest Hollywood Actors 2019

One of the most impactful Hollywood actors of all time is Johnny Depp who has made a remarkable place in the film industry for being so awesome. Born on 9th June 1963 he is working not only as an actor but also a wonderful producer and musician. Winner of a number of awards and accolades he is indeed one of the most handsome Hollywood actors whose fan following is mostly females.

9. Orlando Bloom

Hottest Hollywood Actors

The next in the category of handsome Hollywood actors is Orlando Bloom who is known for having alluring looks and extraordinary charm to impress the people. Not only the actions of the Orlando Bloom is praised but his good looks are equally loved by the people. And this is the reason why he has a large fan following till date when there are newcomers every day. He was born on 13th January 1977 and won many awards and accolades.

8. Sterling Knight

Hottest Hollywood Actors

Sterling Knight was born on 5th March 1989 and is a successful American actor. Apart from acting he also works as a musician and singer. With his wonderful acting skills, he has won the heart of many people. Other than this his charming looks and dashing personality add to the worth of him manifolds. People have loved him so far and this can be seen in the number of his fans and followers.

7. James Maslow

Hottest Hollywood Actors

Next in the list of most handsome Hollywood actors is James Maslow who is known as one of the most impressive Hollywood actors of the time. Not only his working is known as superb, his good looks and dashing personality make him extraordinary as well. Born on 16th July 1990 he has made a remarkable place in the industry and this led him getting a lot of fans and followers.

6. Robert Pattinson

Hottest Hollywood Actors

Born on 13th May 1986, Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson is not just an actor but also a great musician and producer who is known for having dashing personality and killer looks. Since the beginning of the time he has done a perfect job with his works and due to this, he managed to grab a lot of fans and followers. Apart from this, the good looks help him secure a good fan following.

5. Logan Henderson

Hottest Hollywood Actors 2019

Logan Philip Henderson was born on 14th September 1989 and is one wonderful Hollywood actor. He is also a singer and known among the people for his great looks. He has won a lot of awards in his entire acting tenure and is continuing the same to date. But when it comes to the smartness and good look Logan deserves all the applause.

4. Leonardo Di Caprio

Hottest Hollywood Actors

Who doesn’t know Leonardo Di Caprio? Actor of one of the biggest hit movie Titanic he is one of the most loved and adored Hollywood actors of the time. From his superb acting skill to great looks, he is still the most dashing and handsome actor in the Hollywood. His large fan base which mostly includes female is the proof that is the best of the time.

3. Channing Tatum

Hottest Hollywood Actors

Channing Tatum is the next handsome Hollywood actor in our list who was born on 26th April 1980. This 37 years old actor has known for his charming and impressive personality apart from being very talented in the field of acting. He is one of the most successful Hollywood actors of the time who earns a hell lot of money.

2. Alex Pettyfer

Hottest Hollywood Actors

When we talk about the most handsome actors of Hollywood, how we can forget Alex Pettyfer. Born on 10th April 1990 he is not only an English actor but also a wonderful and very successful model of the time. Since the time he has entered Hollywood he ruled the hearts of people as well. Most of his fan followings are female owing to the fact that he is very handsome and encompasses the most killer looks.

1. Logan Lerman

Hottest Hollywood Actors

One of the most handsome Hollywood actor in today’s date is Logan Lerman. If once you see him no wonder you would fall for his killer looks and charming personality. Born on 19th January 1990 this 27 years old Hollywood actor is the heartthrob of today’s time and is, therefore, the most handsome as well.

These are some of those Hollywood actors which are not only known for their talent of acting but also for being smart, dashing and most handsome of the time. With the help of their impressive personality, they are known as the best of the time to look upon. We hope that in the coming days we will see them in the upcoming movies.


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