Indian men are the epitome of handsomeness. From their dark and vibrant skin tone to their charming looks, they have got everything that made people go crazy for them. While some handsome Indian men start working as a model some goes into the film industry and work as actors. But it takes a lot of efforts and extra endeavors to maintain the grace and personality for a long period of time.

If you are looking for the names of some of the most handsome Indian men of 2019 then the content below could help you to a great extent. Here we have enlisted some of those Indian men who are known for being the most dashing and impressive persons of the time. So let us take a sneak peek to them and give a treat to the eyes.

10. Prateek Jain

Most Handsome Indian men 2019

Born on 14th June Prateek Jain is one of the most handsome and good looking Indian men of the time. He works not only as a model but also as an actor. After winning a lot of trophies and accolades in different beauty competitions for men he grabbed the attention people all around the world. He was the winner of Provogue Mens XP Mister World India 2014.

9. Muzammil Ibrahim

Most Handsome Indian Actor

The next in the list of most handsome Indian men is Muzammil Ibrahim who was born on 1986 and became the supermodel at the age of 22. He was born on Kashmir and is known for the killer looks he encompasses. His wonderful personality and alluring looks makes him one of the most handsome men of the time with a large fan base.

8. Ranveer Singh

Most Handsome Indian Actor

The next handsome Indian man is Ranveer Singh who debuted with the movie Band Baja Barat in one of the Yash raj’s Film. Since then he has not looked back. He worked really hard to improve his acting as well as look with the result of which today he got enlisted in the most handsome Bollywood actors of the year. His large fan base which included mostly women is the proof that he is indeed the most dashing actor.

7. Hrithik Roshan

Most Handsome Indian Actor

The next name in the category of handsome Indian man is Hrithik Roshan who came from the filmy background. Born on 10th January 1974 Hrithik Roshan’s father was himself a renowned actor. He has the most dashing personality and is known worldwide for having extremely alluring looks. Owing to the fact, his maximum fan followers are female who are fond of his looks and muscular body making him one of the most handsome of the time.

6. Taher Ali

Most Handsome Indian Actor

Taher Ali is one of those Indian men who make a remarkable place in the country for being very handsome and comprising a super awesome personality. After winning the title of Mr. World in the year 2012 he became one of the most wanted models. Since then there was no looking back for Taher Ali.

5. Freddy Daruwala

Most Handsome Indian Actor 2019

Next is the name of Farhad Daruwala who is better known with the name Freddy Daruwala in his work field and among fans and followers. Hailing from Surat, Freddy is a wonderful model and actor who has the most charming looks. Due to his impressive personality and muscular body he grabbed a lot of fans and followers in very less time.

4. Nitin Chauhan

Most Handsome Indian Actor

Born on 11th November 1988 Nitin Chauhan is the next wonderful and very handsome television actor of the time. He is from New Delhi and also a winner of one of the reality show of the television. He also works as model and due to his charming personality it didn’t took him much time to become the heartthrob of everyone.

3. Salman Khan

Most Handsome Indian Actor

The next handsome Indian man Salman Khan hails from India and is one of the most successful and good looking Indian actor if the time. Born on 27th December 1965 Salman Khan is not only an actor but also a successful producer, singer and fashion icon. With his 30 years of successful film career he managed to win the hearts of people and is loved by all a lot. His major fan following are the females due to the charming personality he holds.

2. Ranbir Kapoor

Most Handsome Indian Men 2019

The next in the category of most handsome Indian man is Ranbir Kapoor who was born on 28th September 1982 and has got the most charming looks and killer personality. Being the son of an actor and actress only he entered in the film industry in the year 2005 and since then he has not left any stone unturned to prove his worth with his acting. This chocolate boy is the heartthrob of many women of the country.

1. Shahid Kapoor

Most Handsome Indian men

One of the most handsome Bollywood actor is Shahid Kapoor who has impressed people since the start of his career. In the initial days he was a lean and cute chocolate boy but today with proper grooming he has developed a muscular body and won the heart of people completely. He was enlisted as the sexiest Asian in the recent past and this is the reason why he is one of the most handsome Indian men of the time.

So these are some of those Indian men who have achieved all the name and fame due to their dashing personality and great looks. Due to their alluring persona, they have become the heartthrob of people all around the world. We hope that in the coming days we get to see them performing even more at different platforms.


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