Almost every one of us watches news and get the updates daily. But what if these news is conveyed to us by some handsome looking anchor? The excitement to watch that one hour in the television doubles. Isn’t it? This is the reason why some channels prefer taking handsome news anchors in the television to increase their TRP. If you also want to watch the news by some attractive looking news anchor then this listicle is going to give you a great idea about them. Check them out.

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10. Nick Filipowski

Hottest News Anchors in the World 2019

Nick Filipowski is one of those news anchors or journalists who used to entertain his viewers by the funny ways of anchoring. He is not only a person with a great sense of humor but also has a highly impressive personality. From his way of talking and conversing with the viewers this news anchors didn’t took much time in the hearts of people. He is indeed one of the handsome news anchors of the time.

9. Matt Pellman

Hottest News Anchors in the World

Whether you call the intelligence of this great news anchor or the impressive personality he holds, he has become the heartthrob of millions of viewers who watch him resenting the news every day on the television. The way he communicate and converse made him very effectual and his lead his gain large number of fans and followers. The good looks contribute to a great extent to enlarging his fan base.

8. David Yeomans

Hottest News Anchors in the World

One of the most handsome news anchors who bring the weather forecast for his viewers is David Yeomans. He is so impressive by the personality that he didn’t take much time to grab the attention of people and this helped the channel to get a high TRP as well. From his conversing ways to the way he carry himself is worth commendable and this made him one of the handsome news anchors of the time.

7. Evaristo Costa

Hottest News Anchors in the World

Born on 30th September 1976 Evaristo Costa is a wonderful news anchor who has the talent to engaging his viewers for a long period of time by the ways he converse to them. Other than his great skills of presenting the news his impressive personality and killer looks are enough to make anyone his fan. A large fan base proves that he is great and handsome news anchor of the time.

6. Keith Jones

Hottest News Anchors in the World

Keith Jones was born on 8th November 1968 and used to play hockey. He was a great Canadian hockey player before taking anchoring as a career. Once he got retired from the profession of hockey he took up the career in news anchoring and shines there as well. He impressive ways of delivering the context shows how talented he is and how passionate he is about his work.

5. Rod Carter

Hottest News Anchors in the World 2019

Rod Carter is a former football player who used to play for Fitzory before taking anchoring as his career. He is great in endowing the news to the viewers which made him quite popular among the people. Other than this, muscular body and great sense of humor made people fan of him. All this made him quite popular.

4. Brian Taff

Hottest News Anchors in the World

Brian Taff is the next wonderful news anchor who is not only known for being extremely great in delivering the content but also for being a very handsome and dashing person of the time. His perfect ways to anchoring has already impressed a large number of people]. The killer looks are the next wonderful thing that along while listening to Brian Teff. A large fan base which mostly comprises women showcases how popular he is for his good looks.

3. Prabu Revolusi

Hottest News Anchors in the World

Born on 16th June 1980 at Bandung, Indonesia Prabu is one of the influential news anchors of the time who has managed to make the people follow him for endowing the great news in the most powerful ways. Apart from his great speaking and news delivering skills he has a great personality which made him the best of the time. A large fan base showcase that he is quite popular news anchor of the time.

2. Steve Kuzj

Hottest News Anchors in the World

Next handsome news anchor in the list is Steve Kuzj who is known for his muscular body and impressive looks. The way he used to deliver his news to the viewers and the way he communicate with them is impressive enough to make anyone his fan. He is indeed one of those news anchors which came in limelight not only for their speaking talent but also for his good looks and influential personality.

1. Morgan Chesky

Hottest News Anchors in the World

Morgan Cheksy is not only the news anchor who is handsome and grabbed the attention of people but also he is equally talented which made him gain the best journalist award of the time. His impressive looks make people go awe for him and this made him quite popular all around the world. He is always in news among his fans and flowers which mainly comprises females.

These handsome news anchors have won the hearts of their viewers not just because of their great speaking skills but also due to their attractive looks. Due to their presence, the channels’ TRP rises and they become the most watched news of the time by the people. Since you also get a detailed know-how of each one of them, stop looking every boring news coming on the TV and watch them speaking. No wonder you would also become their fan.


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