“Music is food for the soul” the famous saying goes. With the multitude of singers in the industry today, the variety of the music they produce varies greatly and appeals to different kinds of people. However, there are some among the wide majority whose music appeals across all irrespective of age, ethnicity or sex. These are the world’s best or rather the most popular. It is not uncommon to find a kid singing the music they produce or an elderly humming to the tune.

With each day, a new song hits the market. It is the lyrics, melody, beats and the voice of the singer are among the factors that appeal to the audience. Here is a list of 10 singers in 2019 with the best combination of these factors wand whose music continually rings bells in the ears of their fans.

10. Chris Brown

Most Popular Male Male Singers 2019A daring of women, Chris Brown is one among the worlds greatest singers. He is a talented genius with beautiful vocals. His beautiful voice appeals to all who listen to his music even those who never understand the language. More than the voice, he is great on stage presenting his fans with well-orchestrated performances spiced with incredible dancing moves. He is also among the list of top musicians who are never short of scandals that keeps pop up and unbelievably this adds to his popularity. He is a Grammy award holder for his unmatched performances.

9. Taio Cruz

Most Popular Male Male SingerA guru in the music industry, Taio Cruz is a better known for his in-depth knowledge of the music industry. He is a music writer, producer and a singer. His mastery of all these important fields in music puts him ahead with capacity to produce exactly what his fans need. Having started his career in 2008, it took him only 6 year to cut his own edge in the industry and gain recognition. Today he is among the celebrated producers, composers and performers across the globe. In his career spanning almost a decade, he is among the top musicians who have sold millions of albums and earned his position in the list of modern day celebrities.

8. Drake

Most Popular Male Male SingerA rapper of Canadian descent, Drake is among the high flying musician in the entertainment industry. Unlike most musicians who take years to get recognised, his unique rap styles and energy saw him recognised in only a few days into the industry. He also received a major boost by collaborating with top ranking musicians including Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Being a hit maker of modern times, Drake is one among the most promising musicians with potential to climb the ladder of success to even higher levels. It is evident that since he hit the studios, he has not lost any step and continues to move on higher.

7. Macklemore

Most Popular Male Male SingerSoul music has been in existence for decades. A few of modern singers try to venture in to the genre and they barely manage. Macklemore is a singer of his own caliber, within a short period of time, he has managed to venture into this industry and make a name for himself. Giving his fans simple, passionate and romantic music, he simply carries away all his fans. His music is highly regarded in the same manner soul was regarded in the 70s and 80s. To his music, it is souls reborn giving the new generation a new and modern feeling of the old times with a meaning and purpose.

6. Usher

Most Male SingerMusic is more than just the beautiful voice. It is in this understanding that Usher has carved his niche. A great performance on stage, he is simply regarded as Michael Jackson of the modern times. His fans say he is the new and reigning king of the stage with the demise of MJ. To spice his performance he brings along a strong falsetto voice that not only appeals to his fans but one women fans believe is sexy. His ability to combine singing and dancing is the factor that gives him a position among the best male musicians of 2019. His shows continue to thrill the fans and are among the most sought after around the globe.

5. Andrea Bocelli

Most Popular Male Male SingerConsidered to be the among the most versatile musicians of modern times, Andrea Bocelli is acclaimed for his outstanding talent. Unlike most who only manage to stick to one genre of music, he easily adapts to new genre and gives the best shot. This makes him an outstanding performance with ability to change and adapt to the needs of his fans at any time. Despite his blindness, he also possesses a wonderful voice that reaches to the soul. According to his fans, every word, every piece of his music gets right into the soul. His unmatched talent always leaves the fans seeking for more and this builds his popularity with the potential to remain high up the list of top performers for long.

4. Justin Bieber

Most Popular Male Male SingerHe hit the stage at an early age and instantly became a darling of his age mates. This was all that he needed to reap higher and maintain his position at the top. Both fans and critics agree that he was born with music in his veins. Each of his album is received with acclamation and never loses touch with the fans. Exposure to the entertainment world and the life of celebrities however had a blow on his life with a number of scandals to his name. Despite this, Justin is ever bold and turns every situation around to maintain his success. He promises his fans that more is coming and this time round it will be electrifying.

3. PitBull

Most Popular Male Male SingerOne among the high ranking rappers, PitBull continues to climb the ladder of fame since 2011. It was in this year that his music hit the stores and was widely accepted by the fans. In the few years of sailing in fame, he has managed to pull crowds attracting call from high ranking musicians for collaboration. His hit song that brought him to limelight was titled “Give me everything tonight” managed to score highly in various music charts. It also earned him a place in the Grammy award holders and this he continues to this moment.

2. Bruno Mars

Most Popular Male Male SingerA new name in the industry, Bruno Mars may not ring a bell in the minds of a few. However, everyone one who comes across his music becomes an instant fan. In a short span of time he has been in the industry, Bruno has created a name for himself as a great performer and was well one with potential and energy to make it even higher. Dwelling on romantic songs, Bruno has managed to capture a great following of fans who truly believe in music based on the worlds most sought after topic.

1. Justin Timberlake

Most Popular Male Male Singers 2019

Talk of Timberlake and every woman around will chip into the discussion. Reason, he is considered as the most charming guy in modern music. Having started his career as an actor, Justin has risen through the ladders to become the best male singer of the modern generation. Having hit the music industry with stage experience, he is always poised to give his fans exactly what they require. He knows how to groom to fit the occasion and this makes him the greatest and most sought after male performer. He has the ability and capacity to showcase his talent and skill to full satisfaction of his fans.

Great male performers continue to rise to the stage by each day. Some make appearance and disappear while others cling on to give the best of what the fans require. It is those who hang on, those who are determined and ready to walk the extra mile manage to give the fans the best of what they require.