Celebrity life is all about glitz, glamour, cameras and flashy lights. While gracing the red carpet is an enticing experience, nobody thinks of the flipside of celebrity life. They might be ever smiling and ever stunningly gorgeous, handsome and pretty, but some of them have tasted the bitter side of the fruit that is celebrity life.

We are not talking about a trip to the dentist, or the clinic, this is the long scary walk to the cardiologist or that MRI scan you have been putting off for a while now. In light of what celebrities go through, they have never seized to entertain us one way or another. The strength and courage that goes into living under the spotlight, plus the support and never-ending attention from fans are what keep these celebrities oiled up. Here are top 10 popular celebrities with serious diseases in 2019.

10. Cherilyn Sarkisian

terminally ill celebrities 2019Cherilyn, better known by her stage name Cher, was referred to as the ‘Goddess of Pop’ in the 1970s and the 1980s. The former singer cum actress was a force to reckon with in the music industry. Not only did she release popular hits but also set fashion statements. The 70-year-old celebrity does not seem to have aged a single bit. Cher is currently battling with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). This disease is also known as the chronic fatigue syndrome. It causes prolonged fatigue and is classified as a severe condition.

9. Paula Deen

Popular Celebrities With Serious DiseasesPaula is a famous American Celebrity Chef and also a former TV show host. Since she was a child Paula has been battling with depression and agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is the fear of crowded public spaces. However, these illnesses did not stop her from being who she is today. The 70-year-old is a famous culinary publisher and has huge success for she has hosted over 3 cooking TV shows. In 2007 she won an Emmy award for Best Outstanding Lifestyle Show.

8. Toni Braxton

Popular Celebrities With Serious DiseasesFamous pop icon Toni Braxton made her mark in the music industry in the 1990s and 2000s. The singer cum songwriter is said to have one of the greatest voices of this generation. Since she was a child Toni has been battling with Lupus and APS. This is an autoimmune blood disorder than narrows blood vessels and makes the blood sticky. This can cause more frequent blood clots and other heart-related conditions such as strokes. Luckily, the 49-year-old is very strong today and she has not let the condition pull her down.

7. Alec Baldwin

Popular Celebrities With Serious DiseasesHe is commonly referred to one of Hollywood’s royalty. Alec is an actor who has had huge success over the years. He has featured in hit blockbuster movies in Mission Impossible; Rogue Nation and Jack Donaghy. The 58-year-old star has been diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. This is an infectious disease caused by tick bites that in serious cases can cause immobility in moving face muscles, joint pains, severe headaches and heart palpitations. Although Baldwin is diagnosed with this disease he has had an outstanding acting career.

6. Catherine Zeta-Jones

terminally ill celebrities 2019Zeta is a Welsh actress who grew up in Swansea. Since she was a child she has always had a soft spot for the theater. After a short stint in musicals she later moved on to Hollywood where she made her mark in the 1990s. She featured in the highly acclaimed movie The Mask of Zorro and also in the heist film Entrapment. She has won Academy Awards for best-supporting actress due to her roles played in films such as Ocean’s Twelve and No Reservation. She has been battling with depression and bipolar II disorder for a very long time. The 47-year-old has been able to live a normal life despite this.

5. Kim Kardashian

Popular Celebrities With Serious DiseasesThe popular tv star became popular in 2003, and since then she has become a major star. She is married to rapper Kanye West and they have two children. In 2011 Kim was diagnosed with psoriasis. This is a serious skin condition that causes underlying cells to die and then reach the surface of the skin leaving red spots and white scales. This disease is not curable but various treatments can reduce its intensity. Kim Kardashian has not made this skin disease stop her from setting fashion trends. She is currently featuring on E’s reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

4. Jack Osbourne

Popular Celebrities With Serious DiseasesJack is a media personality who came to the limelight when he featured in his family’s reality show The Osbournes. His father is a legendary rock icon. Jack is a fitness and travel reporter. He has had numerous shows on the BBC channel and also on the History channel. In 2012 Jack was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. This condition damages parts of the nervous system that communicate mostly in the brain and the spinal cord. In extreme cases is can cause physical, mental and psychiatric problems.

3. Morgan Freeman

Popular Celebrities With Serious DiseasesThe legendary actor still has the strength of a young man. Despite his advanced age Morgan Freeman still seems to grace our television sets. He had appeared in many box office hit movies and is the 3rd highest paid box office movie star. His huge success has made him win many awards for his work. Due to his age the 79-year-old is currently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This condition causes chronic pain in the joints. Morgan Freeman has been an inspiration to many blacks in America and has used his status to help fight racism.

2. Lil Wayne

Popular Celebrities With Serious DiseasesThe popular rapper joined the music industry in 1991 when he was signed by cash Records. Since then Lil Wayne has taken the hip-hop industry by stop and is said to be among the best rappers in the world. The rapper is one of the best-selling rappers with over 15 million album copies being sold and over 37 million digital copies being sold. Lil Wayne is prone to seizures and has been diagnosed with epilepsy. He was once hospitalised when he had 3 consecutive seizures. Unlike most epileptic people the 34-year-old never gets symptoms or warning signs before he gets a seizure.

1. Sarah Hyland

terminally ill celebrities 2019

Sarah is an American actress. She is well known for her role in the television series Modern Family. Since she was a child she has been battling with kidney problems. She was born with an undeveloped kidney but in 2012 she underwent a kidney transplant. Sarah became famous when she appeared in the romantic comedy Blind Date. At only 26 years of age she has received numerous accolades and honours. She has four Screen Actors Guild Awards and has featured in other films such as Scary Movie 5 and Vampire Academy. She is among the most promising movie stars under 30 years.

No one promised that the future would be bright even if the stage is always very well lit. While these celebrities might be suffering from serious diseases, they more than make up for that weakness by giving their best when called upon. Almost every celebrity is involved with a charitable organisation or an activism engagement, and they are called celebrities for a reason. Behind their otherwise imperfect lives they still find time to help out others with similar life challenges to them. Hats off to these ten celebrities, they are heroes in one way or another.